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Unhide Secret Items in Resource Parkour Secret (RESOLVED)

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IGN: Reppern
Mar 1, 2019
Hey all,

I am sure we all are aware of how frustrating RPKS, or Resource Parkour Secret, can be, especially since it likely does not meet normal FFA standards. One of these frustrations that I have with the secret is that there are 6 secret items that are hidden from the lists (this isn't really secretive knowledge, one would easily find this out upon finding all hidden areas), and it seems completely arbitrary and impertinent for them to be hidden. Some of these items are not even necessarily difficult to find, which makes them being hidden seem unreasonable. I have been missing 1 single secret item for four days, and thoroughly searching through every single area without knowing where the last item doesn't really add to the difficulty, but rather just causes players to waste time. If you find every single secret area in the map, you should not still have to look for the rest of the secret items, because finding those secret items were painful enough. I have already clocked in several hours into this secret map, and not being able to narrow down where the last item may be has proven to be infuriating. Even with this change, the map is still easily black difficulty. I believe this change would make the secret a more bearable map, as players would at least know where to go when looking for these final items. Thank you for considering.


Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
Functionally, finding the secret items and finding the secret areas is identical. The only difference is the presentation in the book. All of the secret items could have their own secret areas (which they had at one point), but mechanically there would be no difference.

The distinction between secret and non-secret isn't arbitrary, it's my best attempt to infer the intent behind the resource and how it's presented to the player. There's one that could possibly be labelled as non-secret, but the rest are fine. It's not difficult to find either way, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue. The one you are missing is probably the most deserving of secret status.

Finding the one last thing in a search after you've found everything else can be a bit frustrating, but that's inherent in a search (across games as a whole). I wish you luck with the last item :)
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