Update the "Recommended Starting Mazes" at spawn


Bird Enthusiast
Mar 2, 2019
The current 3 mazes listed are Blitz, Leaf Maze, and The Void. I think this selection of three maps is a little outdated. So I've compiled three maps that I feel would suit better.

Trenches is arguably our highest quality blue maze. It is very easy and would serve as a great first impression of maps on our server.

Minr Maze
I may be biased, but I think Minr Maze would be an excellent addition to the "Starting Mazes" board, as it is perhaps our easiest maze, and shows many examples of the great maps our server has to offer.

Zoom is another excellent blue maze. It is another maze on the lower end of blue, and is quite fun to explore.

Please at least remove Leaf Maze from the board. That map is NOT the level of quality that we want to display to our new members.


Aug 15, 2020
I would have to agree with Big here. These maps haven't been changed since I have started playing on the server and are no longer indicative of the quality that is offered. While The Void is a good map, Leaf Maze is not to the quality of being inside spawn (Blitz is escaping me right now).
Big has suggested some good maps to replace them with.
Trenches is indeed a very high-quality blue, and easy, not too much else to say here other than I agree with Big.
Minr Maze is one of my personal favorite mazes on the server and a fantastic fit for new players to immediately see. This map can serve as a kind-of mini-tour around the server for new players, and it ending in Jiga's is a really nice touch. Overall, a really nicely made map that is easy enough for new players and looks great but also serves another purpose. (A white map that needs to be in FFA+ imo)
Zoom took me a frustratingly long time, but there is no denying the visuals are fantastic. This maze is also very fun to explore and I never got agitated or bored while going through this maze. (until I realized the length of time I had been on a blue map, although I was also playing GeoGuessr BR with my friends so I wasn't totally fouced)