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Upgrade The Coke Can Lock

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May 13, 2015
The Coke Can is a great maze with an interesting memory test at the end, one that catches many off guard. But I think that we can all agree that redstone for the lock is horrendously slow by today's standards and breaks very easily and often. There are much faster and better ways to do exactly what the current lock does (a cycling of blocks) with command blocks, scripts, and simply better redstone--all ones that don't break. One method could be the way the first puzzle in The Varied 11 works--changing command blocks with a fast-button replace that makes it quick. Of course there are other ways as well, but in my opinion, if we're to go through with this, we should overhaul the lock entirely to make a new, much faster one.
Some might say that the slowness of the lock is part of the map, to which I say that it simply isn't, and that the lock was probably made under the limitations of the current version of MC, and perhaps skyerzz's lack of knowledge for a better way at the time. This won't affect speedruns either, because the door is preemptively opened before most runs.

@skyerzz are you okay with this change to Coke Can?


Chicken eater
Nov 2, 2013
I believe at the time this was probably the most optimal way to do it. I have an idea to remake it and increase the speed of the contraptions although it would be a lot less compact so I suggest we wait for 1.13 so we can do this with scripts? (people who know scripts, can you confirm this is possible?)
I don't think skyerzz checks these forums anymore, last time I contacted him was through the hypixel forums.

EDIT: sky did see this, he's fixing it right now


Nov 2, 2013
Back in the day, this was an amazing solution because it was tileable, which made it look way better than a combination lock!

Unfortunately, the emphasis is on "back in the day" which should be close to 3 years ago now...

I've ripped out the entire system and replaced it with ~400 command blocks which makes the entire lock super fast now :)
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