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Oct 26, 2013
Welcome to one of the oldest server communities in minecraft. We pride ourselves on being the oldest challenge servers in Minecraft. Our map and community is 10 years old with our creation date being the 22 October 2010.

Zero.minr.org is not whitelisting and we are strongly against pay to play features, thus we do not accept donations from players. Our server is all about fun and well.... rage.

is a public server. You are free to join and play any time. Our membership system is one of a kind. You will only receive build rights and become a full member if you escape our hardcore maze / parkour system. No exceptions. Once you escape you will be able to play and build on a 10 year old map hosted on a dedicated server with more than 400 levels of mazes, parkour & puzzles which have been created by our very own members.

  • 10 year old map and community (Oldest minecraft server) Creation date 22/10/2010
  • Over 400 challenges for you to choose from, (our challenges will keep you occupied for months).
  • Custom built Checkpoint system.
  • Respectable members, mods and ops.
  • The best parkour, maze and challenge server you will find.
  • Amazing and intuitive builds.

Connect to us using Zero.minr.org
Version 1.16.3

Not open for further replies.