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    Server IP: zero.minr.org 

    Who are we?

    We are one of Minecraft's oldest servers. Our map dates back over 12+ years and our server has had an uptime of 99%. We have over 600 challenges that will keep you occupied for months. All of our challenges have been developed tested and curated by our membership base who have completed our Hardcore set of challenges.

    We are strongly against pay-to-win features and have been a privately funded server for the entirety of our existence, amounting to over a decade of free and fair play for our community.

    You yourself could one day be creating a challenge for our server that will remain for years to come.

    For more information about zero.minr.org click here...

Welcome to Minr.org

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Oct 26, 2013
Welcome to one of Minecraft's oldest server communities, established on 22nd October 2010, our world map and community date back over a decade old providing first-class tailored challenges and entertainment.

Zero.minr.org is strongly against pay-to-play features and has been entirely privately funded since our creation (Over a decade ago!). We truly harness and promote a free and fair community. Our server is all about fun, a good attitude and a strong community vibe.

is a public server. You are free to join and play any time. Our membership system is unparalleled. Players earn achievements and ranks based on their dedication and skill to complete the challenges provided.

To earn build rights on the server.

  • Players must earn Blue rank by earning 100 map completion points (aka 100 Free for All points) and completing a minimum of 5 moderate of harder maps

  • Blue players automatically gain access to our Hardcore set of challenges. These are a set of maps that are designed to push you to your limit.

  • Upon completing and escaping hardcore, you will submit your application for Green Rank. Staff will meticulously review your server logs for any foul play. We take great pride in ensuring a fair and honest community.

  • Once you have achieved Green rank the world of minr truly opens up, you will have access to..
    • Multiple worlds - Zero world our historical semi-vanilla world - Theta our creative map-building world - Delta our pure survival vanilla world which is reset after every major update.
    • A variety of additional commands
    • A top-class community of like-minded players and builders.
    • An whole inventory of map building tools are at your disposal including -
    Minr Scripts our own developed script block framework. A tool that really makes our maps unique​
    Access to a test server for testing your theories and scripts.​
    Access to your own region flags​
    Armorstand Editor​
    Head database plugin​
    Debug stick access​
    and much more.​

We are a world class server with a unique community of likeminded individuals. Some of the great benefits of our server include.
  • Over a decade old map and community - Creation date 22/10/2010
  • Over 600 challenges for you to choose from, (our challenges will keep you occupied for months).
  • A custom-built Checkpoint system.
  • Respectable members, mods and ops.
  • The best parkour, maze and challenge server you will ever find.
  • Amazing and intuitive builds.

Connect to us using Zero.minr.org
Version 1.19

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