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What are your top five favorite maps?


Swimming around
Feb 28, 2015
Since we have hit over 400 maps, I thought it would be good to showcase some of our player's favorite picks :)

Here's my top four (in no order) cause I can't remember my fifth:
relik- It's hard to describe what makes a maze great without giving away something about it, but the leadup to the glass maze and the glass maze itself are some of the most fun I've had on minr. The glass maze is like a boss fight, in a way.

Outpost- Maybe I love maps with really cool endings, this one being the first triple neo on the server and introducing a lot of us to high-level parkour for the first time. People had argued over the rising difficulty in maps, but I don't think anyone expected to have as smooth a transition as this map made for the server. This was the first map where completing it felt like I had gone through an entire journey, as it took me around 3 days.

Funkytown- this is one of the first times I remember having a 'surreal' experience in a game. Funkytown's colors, dialogue, and characters all are trippy to go through, along with the weird design of the map (which led to many escapes). Dr. Buzz is my favorite part of the map- having him not show up until the final building makes you feel like you've gone through 8 worlds to reach Bowser or something. It was cool to have a map with a storyline in the middle of HC too; beating Dr. Buzz felt like a landmark in it.

Elusion- This was the second surreal experience of mine on minr. There is something so fun about exploring all of Elusion's hallways. It feels like a place full of lore when in reality there is hardly a connection between anything. There is one part where there is a choice between two drops, a spot that Sir Pineapples and I stood at for 10 minutes before picking between in HC. I haven't finished Elur yet, but it feels like a great upgrade for it.


Bird Enthusiast
Mar 2, 2019
5: Invictus
Invictus gives off a feeling of intimidation and grandeur like no other. The maze is incredibly imposing, and that's what makes it so fun to run through.

4: Trenches / Woodlands (Tie)
This map is short and sweet. Autre is great at creating believable landscapes and scenes and I think Trenches and Woodlands are his best examples of this.

3: Duat
Duat is simply incredible. Its aesthetics are gorgeous, it's fun to play through, and it requires thought to solve. Everything you'd want in a maze, really.

2: Wolly Mammoth
This is the original "Maze of Mazes." I believe Wolly's enjoyment factor has aged really well, as the whole thing is one big labyrinth of unique rooms and halls. It's incredibly fun to explore, and I love it for that.

1: To Be Kind
This is the most immersive map on the server. It's hard to call To Be Kind a maze, really. It's so well made that it feels like you're exploring three unique areas rather than running through a labyrinth. It was my favorite map on Minr when I first played it soooo long ago, and it remains my favorite to this day.

EDIT: I forgot Aether. Aether is my favorite adventure map on Minr. I was able to complete it before it went into HC, and I fell in love with it immediately. The mazes are incredible, the parkour is simple, and the puzzles are nice without being too challenging.
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Nov 5, 2013
unnecessary essay about the maps that have influenced me over the years time! these maps are stuff that I've enjoyed for years, or new stuff that I think is fresh and necessary.

This map isn't really all that popular anymore, and I can kind of understand why. But this map, along with Wolly Mammoth (which isn't in this list, but also holds a special place in my heart) was the first time I was showed that a maze doesn't necessarily have to be a bunch of straight or narrow hallways leading up until an end. It can be confetti, random jibberish blocks in an order, or really just a build that's confusing to go through.

I've drawn from Sssnake so much over the years, with To Be Kind, Halls of Vibrance, relikviya... I think it really shows how far a maze having a "quirk" can take you, even if it's not the most aesthetically pleasing thing on the planet.

The Congo

The Congo is like a 7 year old lecture on what the "perfect map" looks like. It's absolutely required study material for everyone trying to make an adventure map, since it's one of the first proper ones we've had on the server. It takes a simple story, explains all of the important aspects of it, resolves everything necessary by the end, and is pretty fun to play.

It never gets too grandiose, never lingers on something for too long, never becomes unnecessarily difficult. "Adventure" is the key word, the entire map feels like you're playing as Indiana Jones.

A favorite from my HC days, Sanitarium is one of the best in my opinion "condensed" maps. If you look at the map from bird's eye view (or spectator, since it's underground), you realize that the map itself isn't very big at all. It uses all the space well though, because you always feel confused in the map and it's got its own charm in that. I pay homage to Sanitarium in my segment of the upcoming Halloween map (soontm).

I admittedly haven't replayed this in a bit but it was one of the first things I thought of when I read this thread. Every section feels like a fresh take on the maze-puzzle genre and playing it reminds me of playing Viemort, but even better and it sucks you even deeper into its own world. I also really like consistently themed palettes in general, so the black and white sections of this are really great.

Birds of Paradise
My favorite from Puzzlecomp 1 is also one of my favorite maps in general. It has a really nice atmosphere of a laid-back resort, the puzzles aren't too tricky and it feels more like a vacation than something you have to work for. Lovely map.

other really strong contenders: Anubis, Blight, 7 Days of Dreaming, Moving Mazes


Well-Known Player
Oct 26, 2017
5. Dragon Soul Maelstrom: This maps aesthetic quality is 14/10 and the gameplay is just as solid, the map creators went above and beyond to make an enjoyable experience for us.

4. The Gwishin: The amount of lore and pain and suffering that went into solving this map was crazy and overall was such a great experience to search through. Definitely one of the best maps ever made on Minr, no one can convince me otherwise.

3. Chaoskampf: The story and aesthetics are nothing short of a masterpiece, I dont think too much needs to be said here.

2. Grid Hopper: The was one of the first red maps I did and a very memorable one, Playing this out with friends was a blast and a great memory that I had on the server.

1. Outpost: This was the first black map I beat and has possibly the best aesthetics and gameplay I've seen on the server. Its been extremely enjoyable all 21 times ive beaten it.

This is my list


Theta Explorer
Mar 11, 2021
1 - Invictus II: This map holds a special place in my heart, it is what gave me green rank in the first place. And I have spent so much time within that maze that it became a Stockholm Syndrome scenario for me. In all seriousness I LOVE this map.
2 - Outpost/Ice Age: These two maps were tied for me because they both accomplish the same thing. They are two amazingly designed maps with fun but not too toxic parkour. Fun to spend mindless time in and just enjoy.
3 - Breaking Free 2: I mean come on, this map is amazing. What minty accomplished in this space is crazy, the story, the visuals, the gameplay are all tied together to make a great experience to play through.
4 - Scorned Lands: This map comes from my hardcore experience. The gameplay here shines brightest in my opinion, all aspects of search, puzzle etc were done perfectly and was one of/if not my favorite hardcore map.
5 - Elusion: Elusion caused me a lot of pain through my run, but looking back the style of this map is just awesome. I enjoy the search aspect and the seemingly randomness to it.

Note: Blight and Chaoskampf would be on this list but for the fact I cannot beat either of them.

Edit: Im sure I forgot some that will come to me soon , and I will adjust accordingly.


Active Player
Jul 30, 2020
#5 Relikviya
Aesthetically a really pleasing maze, glass maze is a lot more fun than people make it out to be :(

#4 The Scorned Lands
Even though scorned stopped my momentum in grinding HC, the map just has something unique about it, it's an adventure but you have access to basically the whole playable area right away which I don't see in many maps, also the whole map is just beautiful to look at and the suffering in HC somehow made me appreciate it more

#3 Iron door
Nostalgia from HC, being a parkour player the other map types scared me but iron door was a very fun experience and basically the first dose of puzzles I had on Minr, stayed as my favorite puzzle until #1 was released :)

#2 Invictus II
Doing this with a huge group was super fun and just the whole concept of these 3D mazes built around a simple shape still amazes me, still waiting for vic3 though :eyes:

#1 Blight
It's hard to compare my favorite puzzle to my favorite maze, but the puzzles were so fun and creative (even if I wouldn't have been able to do it without a group) and the way Blight used the intro and outro to make the story really easy to digest was super cool

Honorable mention: World Tour 3, a friend was trying out parkour servers he found online and dragged us to Minr, I got really interested in the map and went on to beat it after the others left, not in my current top 5 but I probably wouldn't be playing the server if it wasn't for wt3


Still Alive
Mar 26, 2016
Oh boy, this is hard, and I don’t think I can necessarily split 5 maps into the same (internal) definition of favorite, so instead, I have 5 categories:

Most satisfying:
Sssnake: so, while it may seem like I’ve only been active for a year or so, i actually joined this server in 2015, and was pretty active then! At the time, Sssnake was in HC, as the 3rd map of HC 7. And I was stuck. Stuck for weeks, on the darn 3rd maze. Around mid 2016, I stopped Minecraft altogether, and so Sssnake was the HC map that I was still stuck on when I stopped.

Come late 2020, and a friend of mine asked if I wanted to play Minecraft; finding my old account info, I said yes, and immediately remembered, and rejoined, this server, still a blue. Soon after, I found Sssnake in FFA+, and I decided to try it again. And that darn 3rd maze still prevented me from completing it. Over the next few months, I practiced and grinded, and even became green, but still, I couldn’t finish the map. Until one day, when I played the map on and off for hours, until finally, FINALLY, I got to the end sign. When I clicked it, I felt satisfaction in a way that even Jigas didn’t give me, and I fist pumped for the next 10 minutes. I had beaten Sssnake.

Most beautiful:
Breaking free 2: Ok, I’ll admit, there are maps even more visually epic, with better stories, than BF2! Unforutnately, those maps are all harddddd. BF2 was the perfect intersection for me, with beautiful builds, a well written story, and moderate level parkour. The relative ease of the jumps allowed my brain to more easily take in the rest of the map, and appreciate it, and I think that’s beautiful.

Most relaxing:
Spawn head hunt: hey, this is a map that counts towards /c completed, so I’m counting it! There are times where I want to stay on the server, and on minecraft, but have no energy towards doing and regular map. That’s where the head hunt comes in. I get to run around frozen spawn, discover tiny little secrets and Easter eggs! That’s my form of relaxation! And the more heads I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized the point of creating the head hunt was not to put another secret map on our plates; it was to get people to appreciate all the parts of the current spawn, and the work it into it.

Most crying:
Pixel parkour: So, you’re probably wondering what the hell would make me cry in this map. It’s sofa‘s mansion - that’s what makes me cry. I did not know sofa, and never interacted with him on my first time on the server in 2015-16. But I can tell, from the signage in the map, and the signage at the mansion, that he meant a lot to a lot of people. And that many, many people on here were devastated when they learned the news. And to me, that speaks to the community this server has; so many people on here became close friends because of this server, and the community reacted like they lost a close friend, because they did lose a close friend. And that makes me cry.

Most creative:
Broadway: This is a concept that I still believe can only have been done once, and Autre made sure it was executed perfectly. I really don't know what else to say.

Anyways, that was really long oops


Apr 30, 2017
Zarklin Ruins - This is the map I have the most nostalgia for, as it was my HC-6. This map took me weeks to beat and it really felt like a proper adventure, definitely the most engaging and challenging one I'd completed in Minecraft. It gave me the feeling that I got from watching old YouTube adventure map playthroughs, and no other map has really given me that feeling before or since. It's a great map regardless of my nostalgia too, and immensely impressive that it was all built in survival.

Vil Bo - Vil Bo is one of the maps that influenced my build style the most, and again my love of the map comes down to nostalgia quite a lot. Vil Bo is the first 'hard' map I beat as a blue before trying HC and the experience is one that's attached to a lot of fond memories from 2017. Even to this day the map is really engaging to play and aesthetically it's still one of my favourites.

Serene - Similarly to Zarklin, this is one of the best 'adventures' I've had in Minecraft. Playing through this as a blue was a great experience and the lore and design inspired me a lot in my own maps. The aesthetics still hold up really well and the map just has a great atmosphere.

Gwishin - Gwishin is the most fun I've had in any modern puzzle map. It's engaging from start to finish and the logic puzzle is so satisfying to complete.

Rapture - I've yet to see another map that integrates its gameplay so well into its aesthetics, the two are almost seamless. The way the maze weaves in and out of itself is absolutely genius and it remains incredibly impressive and a huge influence on me.

Honourable mentions: BF2, Viemort, Duat, 4 Corners Dojo, Cosmic Core, Invictus II
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Sep 8, 2016
#5 The Great Snake
This map pulls off what hardly any other maps do, long corridors where you don't have to do anything but continue walking and reflecting on the mysteries of the incredible storyline. It is also an abnormally long map which makes it stand out from the rest.
All in all, its distinctiveness earns it a place in the top 5 in my mind.

#4 Block Bubbles
This is a map that in my opinion is severely underrated. Throughout the map you parkour between a whole bunch of "block bubbles" where each one has its own little challenge, and at some places it lets you pick multiple paths to proceed. I wont spoil the ending, but it reflects back on the map beautifully in a way.
This was definitely one of the most fun and worthwhile maps to play through.

#3 Burglary
It is rare that I play through a map and am truly filled with joy at every wrong turn and every passing story sign.
This map is, however, an exeption.
I do not think I have laughed as hard at any minr map more than I have at burglary. This map is simply incredible.

#2 Andrevo's Maze 2
This map starts off as a search in natural terrain, similar to troll kingdom.
It continues with some intimidating tunnels and a few scary jumps.
The map might not be for everyone but I really love this exact style of maps and it has a special place in my heart.

#1 Jeopardy

This map.
It is beautiful.
It has everything that I have ever wanted.

Comedic signs. Headhitters. Random trivia about the creator. Backwalled 3+1 jumps.
Unusual build styles. Random leftover storage chests. Unnecessarily long ladders.
Mazes with killholes around every corner. Quizzes with hidden caveats. Nostalgia.

This map truly brings out everything you could ever want in a valley map, and it does so incredibly well, too.
Speedrunning this map was really the point that made me realize the true value of valley maps.

Deep in the valley.
Huge-ass amount of money.

Wacky adventure.


It's all good
Apr 10, 2016
1 - Invictus 2: I will never forget my first time levitating and seeing what I was about to play. It truly was one of the coolest moments I've had on the server. Amazing design and the final part of the map is so cool.
2 - Outpost: I just love the design and the looks. It was also one of my earliest black maps I beat so I was very proud when I was finally able to do it. It was also the first time I had landed a triple so that was neat.
3 - Chaoskampf: Such a fun experience. It is such a journey and the maze and chimney are iconic.
4 - Rapture: The maze of Rapture is one of my favorite on the server. I also love the looks of the map and the final 5 jumps overlooking it all is super cool.
5 - Happy Thoughts: I love the all wool design and the effect parkour was an absolute blast. The final jump is the most satisfied I've ever felt completing a jump
Honorable mentions: The E series, Koi, ember island


Why are you looking at my name?
Jan 22, 2021
#5 Dragon Soul : Maelstrom
Wow. This map is so beautiful, and at the same time the parkour is so fun. Parkour is by far my least favorite map type on this server, but that map still manages to be in my Top 5 without any hesitation

#4 Elusion : Remastered
This map is unique. It's defenitely the most satisfying map to complete (especially in hardcore), and I'm just amazed at how every single part of the map is perfect gameplay-wise.

#3 Eisengeist
While completing hardcore (Before reaching Elur lol). Viemort was by far my favorite map on the server. The originality of the puzzles and the fact that none of them were far-fetched had always amazes me. When Eisengeist came out, I played it not knowing what to expect. That map is literally Viemort II. Same satisfaction when finding the answers, always original puzzles, just a pure good map.

#2 Blight
Do I really need to justify this? Amazing puzzles, but more importantly, amazing aesthetics. I didn't feel like I was playing minecraft anymore, Blight could be a full on video game by itself and I'd buy it without any hesitation.

#1 Invictus II
Ok, Invictus II. What can I say, the whole map is just genius. The maze is perfectly design to be extremely intimidating, but also fun to solve. That map is a masterpiece and just the most incredible thing I've ever seen on Minecraft ever.

Honorable mentions (Ik there's a lot, but I couldn't choose, they're all extremely good) : 154, Viemort, BF2, Relikviya, Woolly Mammoth, the world Tour series, Minr's Millions, Framed, 4 corners Dojo, the psp series, the Legacy, Time Lab, Transmute, Vil Bo, Where on Earth


Aug 15, 2020
#5 - Blight
Now would a list be complete without including Blight? The absurd size of the dome this map sits within is breathtaking. I remember the moment I stepped out of the house after the really cool intro and being blown away one (or team) would put this much effort into a map. There was a seemingly endless supply of puzzles that were all occupied by amazing aesthetics. Yet, the two things that stand out the most to me as making this map special and worth being on this list, are the unique aspects of it; the mana system and the cutscenes. The mana system is a great way to guide players to the puzzles the creators want to be done first in a way that is non-intrusive to the open-world feel of the map (a feel that makes some of my favorite videogames what they are), and I can't go without mentioning the cutscenes. Sure, Dragon Soul and Nightmare come to mind as using cutscenes, but no map portrays so much story in such a meaningful way as Blight does through these means, or any, really, for that matter.
#4 - Moving Mazes
This one sits in a special place in my nostalgic head, reminding me of a board game I used to play when I was young called "Labyrinth." The idea of moving maze tiles to create your own path, rather than wandering and remembering until you stumble to the exit is one that is really appealing to me. I stand by my word that this is more of a puzzle than a maze, but regardless of what it is classified as; it is an amazing map.
#3 - World Tour 3
Each map in the World Tour series has represented a step in my parkour journey (being one of the yellows I beat to obtain blue, my first red pk, and my first black pk) and this map is the peak of the series. The great humor sprinkled throughout the map, combined with the worlds that were both well built and well-thought-out makes this a given on this list. (Also any map that can make my hands shake like doing the invisible parkour after Everest deserves a mention.
#2 - The Pit
This one really comes down to its unique gameplay. Its primary map type of being a dropper is already in low supply on Minr, and this map really showed how much you can do with one Pit for the player to drop into. Each drop giving the player more hearts for additional drops to become possible is a fantastic first-time addition to this server. This map also has great aesthetics, although the gameplay is the main focus on this map in my opinion.
#1 - Breakout
Just like the previous map, this map is here purely because I had more fun with this map's gameplay than any other map's on this server. Sure, the aesthetics don't compare In beauty or grandeur to other maps, but thematically, they fit the map amazingly with the unfinished, exploitable puzzle room vibes that remind me of Portal. Looking for "Beta Breaks" in this map gives the thrill of skip finding, without the time spent in futile only to realize that there is no skip.

(Edit: I'm currently doing Gwishen and that map would probably make it on this list if I had finished it; and I feel as if I should at least mention Warped)


New Fish
Jun 21, 2021
1. Breaking Free (2?): This was probably the first difficult map I played, and it did frustrate me to where I didn't play for awhile. This is the first map that completing made me beyond proud. Great storyline, really just is what I originally associated the server with.
2. Blight: Did I complete Blight? No, the Graveyard still upsets me deeply. However, I love puzzles and cannot ignore how beautifully crafted this map is. The build style is amazing and one of these days I will beat it.
3. World Tour One: Another one of those that when I finally beat it I was happy. Just think it's cool.
4. Alphabet: Ayo I like riddles.
5. Sea Patterns: Took me a bit shockingly, but I like the concept and the puzzles were unique in my opinion.

Honorable Mention: FAQ Quiz... great map would play again.


Found Paddle
Nov 22, 2020
5. Cataclysm: The parkour is unique and fun, the aesthetics are incredible, and it was nice to have a longer map to play through.
4.Chaoskampf: A masterpiece of a map that well deserves it's map of the year designation. Any time I bring someone on the server I immediately show them this map to display how amazing this server truly is.
3.Happy Thoughts: You basically get to re-learn how to play parkour again. While you can apply your old strategies to effect parkour it was still so much fun to learn some new ones as well.
2.Ice Age: This holds a little spot in my heart as the first solid black parkour I beat. The parkour is fun and inventive, so much so that sometimes you forget how painful it is. Aesthetically it is incredible, I wish everyone could see the whole of this map.
1.Scorned Lands: It was my favorite map as a blue and it still stands to today. No map I've ever played has had the effect on me that this one did. The experience of exploring the map and slowly piecing together the story line is one I wish I could have again.

Honorable Mentions: Invictus I and II, Time Labs, The World Tour Saga

There's so many maps I want to put on this list but just don't have room for. You all are truly incredible at what you do. Thank you for making this server amazing.