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What counting base do you think is the best? (decimal, duodecimal, hexadecimal, binary. etc.)


Prima Luce
Sep 5, 2021
I watched a video called "a better way to count" and it was seximal. But I like decimal because it doesn't give me a headache.


Berdst Friend
Mar 7, 2020
Whichever one you first learn.

This is a really fun topic though. Aside from really small bases that are hard to read and really large bases with tons of symbols to memorize, I've never really been convinced by any arguments that one base system is better than another. Sure base-12 has some cool mental math tricks, but it's also a lot more multiplication for kids to learn in school. I don't think anyone advocates for actually switching systems though.

We could have a base-infinity system where every number is represented by one digit. It'd be kinda fun coming up with endless amounts of symbols.

Or who says our bases need to be integers. I won't try to wrap my head around a base-sqrt(2) or base-pi system though. Or maybe a negative base system. I think base-negative2 might function similarly to two's complement, but I have enough trouble trying to wrap my head around it to confirm.

Deleted member 4181

Depends on application, but in general and in the majority of cases I prefer base10, simply because I'm a native English speaker and the language, as well as society, was structured around base10 so it's naturally most comfortable for me. Otherwise base 2, 8, and 16 are nice for working with computers and other bases are cool as curiosities, but I haven't worked with others much for functional reasons.


Redstone Resolve.
Nov 22, 2021
This is for the ideal counting system, and I would agree that senary would be fairly decent because it has factors of 2 and 3, the closest primes to e, but one must also achieve a balance between lower bases (more and more digits for the same value) and higher bases (more and more different symbols to represent each number). This and the fact that 2 is an extremely common base and used in electronics as well makes me lean more towards duodecimal.
However, we all use base 10 already, so switching bases would cause more confusion than it would fix. Though, a counterpoint to BTJ: many schools already require memorization up to 12 anyways.


Oh good lawd he boggled
May 12, 2022
I've never thought about using non-integer bases before. That then brings up the question of how bases of say pi would work - would you then need irrational parts of each power of pi in order to represent certain numbers? That's very very cool I'm doing some research into this now LMAO