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What do you think is the most difficult and most iconic section of each of the black maps?


Active Player
May 18, 2020
I'm curious as to what everyone thinks is the most difficult and the most iconic section or jump of maps, or specifically things you found iconic and things you personally struggle the most with. I think many of these may overlap, and some may even be iconic because they are difficult, even if there is a section some people consider more difficult. I enjoy thinking about the black maps, and what makes them so hard, and also finding out where people struggled.
Most difficult, most iconic:
Rapture: The final wall, the final wall, you all know it.
Ice Age: cp2 as a whole caused me pain, but most iconic to me is the giant leap to start it off that leaves you with half a heart
Rsr: the trapdoor or the repeater is hardest to me, but the series of double neos and 4 blocks to get to the repeater is most iconic imo
Chaoskampf: The fucking timed pk in the chimney, and the chimney as a whole is iconic
Survivor: Hardest to me is the first long section in cp5, but most iconic is probably the final ascent or the jungle
Heartless: Hardest to me is the cp2 gap 3+1, but most iconic is probably the dropper, because that's as far as most whities ever get
Crmp: probably the first 2 sections of cp2, and I would say lava room is iconic.
In Rainbows: Second blue room, too many weird and annoying jumps, I'm gonna say verdant is most iconic because its so unique
Outpost: Probably the castle or the cocoa bean tree for me, not certain. Obviously the birds are outpost's icon
Wt3: I'd say everest as a whole, since you need to 1 shot it. The barriers at the end making you shit your pants are what I think of when I think of wt3 tho.
Happy Thoughts: Crystal Caves. Aesthetically I'd say the dragon is iconic, but I thought the final jump being incredibly hard and yet an awesome combo of all the buffs really establishes how cool the parkour in the map is for me.

Thanks for listening, I'd love to hear other people's thoughts and lists.


Well-Known Player
Oct 26, 2017
Here we go.
In Rainbows: Probably the most memorable section for me is the Azure, which I believe is the speed 2 section. The section that had me the most nervous was the transition to Cardinal. If you fail you actually get reset several sections and its really scary.
Ice Age: Idk if im allowed to comment since I built this map but Ill have to agree with you that Cp2 probably is what got most people stuck. I think when you get to Cp6 clouds its a great view and I think thats one of the best parts of the map aswell.
Outpost: I think outposts birds is by far the most iconic section on this map, not in terms of difficulty but in terms of how much it means. If you fail you reset the whole cp1 and its so scary. The whole map is visually stunning so its really hard to pick the best points. I think in terms of difficult sections the cp2 trees rank at the top on this map.
Redstone Ready: I think the most memorable and or iconic section on this map for me is the Redstone Repeater, upon first playthrough I remember thinking how I might actually never beat this. The repeater holds the most mechanically difficult jumps in the map and has a lot of variety. I think repeater definitely holds the title for most iconic and most difficult section in RSR.
World Tour 3: For me the most iconic section in this map is definitely Alexandria, I feel like this section was the "Make or Break" section for most people and definitely held the most mechanical jumps in the map. I also feel like one of the best parts of this map was the final victory lap on the barriers. An absolutely iconic map series coming to an end the only way I could see fit. Parkouring above all 8 worlds was quite the test and definitely raised my heart rate quite a bit.
Happy Thoughts: I think that the most iconic part of the map for me is the entrance into the dragon room, The sleeping dragon is one of the best organics that ive seen made on the server and the sheer size of the room is extremely intimidating. The most difficult section of this map for me was definitely the crystal room, in terms of mechanical difficulty.
Rapture: I think the most iconic section in this map for me was definitely the maze. Im not sure if people will agree with me on that, but the first playthrough of this map it took me and my friend several hours to navigate through this monster of a maze. It made me realize that this difficult parkour was also paired with an equally difficult maze and gave the map alot more depth for me. The most difficult section of the map in general for me was the whole cp4 stretch.
Survivor: I think the most memorable section and or iconic section of this map was definitely the volcano, between the burning magma and varying colors this made for the most memorable section in this map for me. The most difficult section of this map was the cp1 ice room that had the wierd head hitter thingy, hopefully you all know what im talking about. I think this room was the most mechanically difficult on the map.
Heartless: I think that the most iconic section in this map was definitely the final 2 cps of the map, way up in the air with the birds and balloons I think these sections are alot of fun. I think that the most difficult section of the map is definitely cp6 lava/ice room, this section easily took me 200 lives and gave the me the most overall suffering.
Crimson Planet: I think the most iconic section of this map is easily lava room, claiming the most lives out of all of the rooms and causing everyone to practice alot of difficult jumps. I think that in terms of iconic views in this map, all of the sections right next to the alien look amazing and really make the map a whole lot of fun. A think the most iconic section and the most difficult section of this map are probably one in the same.
Invictus II: I think that the most iconic section of this map is probably the parkour around the outside, its definitely scary and im sure alot of people failed this.
Chaoskampf: I think for the most icon ic section in this map id definitely have to agree with the chimney. I do also believe chimney is the most mechanically difficult.
I think this concludes my list.
Thanks if you read :D
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Bird Enthusiast
Mar 2, 2019
From my perspective:


Definitely the birds. This may only be due to bias (since I have quite the obsession with birbs) but the life and death aspect, as explained above, makes the parkour really nerve wracking. I may or may not have fallen off of these birds once...

World Tour 3

Everest. No question. This section is not only the most beautiful part of the map, but the gameplay flows the best and is really an experience to play through. Though the parkour of most of the map is around average, Everest really left me satisfied.

And I fell off the barriers twice so I had to beat it several times...

In Rainbows

Am I allowed to claim the whole column is the most iconic part of the map? In Rainbows’ original name was Column of Color, after all.

For the most iconic individual section, I’d have to follow the crowd and go with Azure. The speed parkour is gruesome and perhaps the hardest part of the map, and I got stuck there for quite a while.


Id have the say the most iconic part of Rapture is the maze. This incredible labyrinth spans half the map, and was really a blast to play through, even if it did take me over an hour to beat.

I also think running along the top of the wall surrounding the city was an iconic experience. I got to see the entire city from a birb’s eye view, which was amazing.

Redstone Ready

For me, the most iconic part of this map is the very beginning, in which I had to perform 2 neos and 2 double neos in a row. It really prepared me for what was to come (I’m looking at the triplet of doubles and quads in cp3).


Apr 30, 2017
In Rainbows: The hardest section for me is Azure, and the most iconic would probably be the column itself as it displays the entire map and your progress.

Ice Age: Hardest section is all of cp2, starting with the big drop. I agree with others that the drop is the most iconic section.

Outpost: The hardest section is the trees, especially the tree with the long ladder jump. The most iconic is the birds.

Redstone Ready: Rsr's most difficult section is the checkpoint leading up to and including the repeater, with some tough neos and corner jumps. In terms of being iconic, definitely the trapdoor.

World Tour 3: The hardest (and most iconic) section for me would be Everest. It looks extremely imposing and it's a huge endurance test.

Happy Thoughts: The section that took me the longest was the slow fall room, but the crystal room is probably the hardest. The entire area with the dragon (the last three CPs) is definitely the most iconic.

Rapture: The hardest and most iconic part of Rapture is the maze. Fantastically designed and it looks great, it's integrated so well into the environment. One of my favourite mazes on the server.

Survivor: The hardest parkour in Survivor for me is the dungeon parkour after the jungle and CP5 at the start of the volcano. The maze, however, is definitely the most iconic for me. It's huge and imposing and is definitely what I remember the most from the map.

Heartless: The hardest section for me is CP6, but CP2 is a close second (the jungle). The jungle is very iconic as it's a place where many people get stuck for a long time and it's the first major hurdle in the map.

Crimson Planet: The most difficult section is the final outside parkour after the lava room, however, the most iconic section is without a doubt the lava room and the parkour that precedes it.

Invictus II:
It's a maze, so there isn't really a hardest 'section', just figuring the thing out itself is really hard. The most iconic part would have to be the initial ascent into the sphere, it blew my mind the first time and every time I see it it's amazing.

Chaoskampf: The hardest section in ckf for me would be the water cave (as the last jump is really tough), but I would agree with others that the most iconic section is the final ascent up the chimney in CP3.
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