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Resolved Wipeout Pistons Need to be Fixed (NOT RAGE)


Feb 24, 2019
The Wipeout pistons are actually broken. This isn't me getting mad because I spent hours trying to do them, they are actually broken to the point of being insanely difficult. Take this video from 2017
rebplane's speedrun of wipeout shows the pistons working as intended (equal time in and out)

Now i'm too lazy to record what they are like now, but go yourself to the map and push the button to see.

They spend almost all their time out and then go in for about half a second - not enough time to run past - before popping out again.
This makes completing this in the intended way impossible. The only method I have found is to use 1.14 jank to crouch under the left side of the pistons. This section is in desperate need of fixing.

If for whatever reason this cannot be fixed I would suggest removing this map from FFA for the time being, as the only way to complete it is unintended janky strategies.


Happy French Creepah
Oct 28, 2013
Made a fix, tested with 10IQ & Rebplane

if anyone want to double check, upgrade go on :p