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Write me a Limerick

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always in a Gouda mood
Oct 28, 2013
I would like to see the creative side of some of you, so why not write some poems?

The rules are simple: Your poem must be a limerick with the rhyme scheme A A B B A. In addition to that, the first word of your poem must be the last word in the previous poster's poem. For example if bob's post ended with the word "ever", that would be the word which I start my poem with.

Here is my contribution:

A flame set alight at the sill,
but yet through my skin was a chill.
what witchcraft is this?
I heard my dog hiss,
oh christ i've forgotten my pills.


The 28th Doctor.
Oct 27, 2013
"Pills Here!", exclaimed Louis loudly.
"Such beautiful thrills!", he shouted proudly.
But what lurked in the night,
gave him such a big fright.
It was a tank! Standing tall and stoutly.

I like this game. Stoutly: Bulky in figure; thickest or corpulent; Fat.


Nov 5, 2013
Stoutly Stan drove all night in his van,
until he stumbled upon a mysterious masked man.
"Why are you here?" - he asked.
Then the man came up to him and unmasked.
And so the daylight never came for Stoutly Stan.

( really nice game piece +1 )


May 25, 2016
Stan was a man,
but not one who made plans.
This came to bite him in the arse,
When he found out his marriage was a farce.
Because his wife was a man named dan.

(not sure if i did this right)


Omnipotent Bat Overlord
Jun 20, 2014
Dan realized that he had enough time
To not have to care when committing a crime
So the dasturdly fellow chose to rob a store
Of it's delicious and scrumptious blueberry smore.
But instead he was caught and now living in grime

I feel like my lines are a bit long but at least hey rhyme ;)


Boring Turtle
Jan 5, 2014
Might I ask you a question
To see your expression
"Will you marry me?" I ask
Are you up to the task?
To my horror, you respond with aggression


Nov 5, 2013
Aggression, what a terrible emotion,
often leading to a clouded notion.
From an aggressive man you should run,
and you really shouldn't give him a gun.
Look! There's an aggressive man, so step into motion.

That was weird I know.
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