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1.8 Has arrived!


Nov 18, 2013
It's here!
It took a while, and a lot of manpower, and a lot of rage, debugging, testing, doing basic stuff, replacing itemframes, and more, but it's here. 1.8 has finally, after 9 months and 4 days, arrived. The leave of c_dric, having to get a server back up, and then also bukkit shutting down, greatly complicated the updating process. For the past week I've been trying to get most of it running, and today we've tried to fine-tune the last pieces, including lag.

With the update, we've also updated some of our own plugins. With this came a set of new features including:
-Speedrunning and timers. (Currently only enabled in FFA Pure Parkour)
-Better /checkpoint FFA layout
-UUID support on all plugins
-HC and FFA checkpoint split (Will happen on the HC update)

For blues:
When the new HC goes live, the /checkpoint HC command will be useful. All [checkpointHC] signs save to your HC checkpoint, and [checkpoint] signs save to your FFA checkpoint. using /checkpoint HC you can toggle between your HC and FFA checkpoint, and therefore you will either spawn at your HC checkpoint or your FFA checkpoint.

For greens, mods and admins:
Not much has changed, however if you're a green, mod and admins, please do no longer rocket in maps, as that will cause you to have an invalid timer. If you do, please do not click the end sign.
Oh, of course. All the new 1.8 features can now be used in your maps, builds and homes. The Resource Parkour will be updated later in the course of the weeks to supply for the new rare resources.

For admins:
There's a few new commands:
-/checkpoint check Checks whether a checkpoint code is already in use or not
-/checkpoint map <map-code> <pointcount> <fullname> Maps data into a human-readable /checkpoint ffa format.

Use this when publishing maps.
-/checkpoint timer start / stop / list <map-code> Starts, stops or lists a timer for a certain map code, usage for scriptblocks in a map for speedrunning
-/checkpoint create Checkpoint create can now create a checkpoint on your coords.

Known bugs:
-Possible lag as the 1.8 update requires more RAM. (Almost doubling our RAM expenses)
-A few items have changed ID's or are no longer obtainable, so Resource Parkour may have some malfunctioning buttons.
-Pistons pushing into another region do not work.
-NCP spam at some times.

There might be errors or downtime in the upcoming weeks, so please bare with us while we try to filter out the bugs. Please report if you find any bugs or broken maps!

Happy minr-ing in the 1.8 version :)

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minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
Great work ricky! Very glad we have someone who knows enough of this stuff to be able to do this for us :D


Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
An additional resource parkour maze has been constructed by @yeroc424 containing the two components for prismarine blocks.

Thank you very much :)

I found both of them in under 5 minutes. Don't panic guys
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