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2023 World Render Published


Oct 26, 2013
After three years of anticipation, we are excited to unveil the 2023 version of our world map, featuring the latest rendition of Zero and Theta worlds. Despite the challenges faced during the rendering process, including 74 hours of rendering time and a liquid cooling failure that nearly fried my CPU, we got there in the end.

To optimize the rendering process, I had to make some adjustments. The image quality was reduced by half and only levels 30-320 in Theta and levels 30-255 in Zero were rendered. Originally I wanted to include Delta world renders, but due to minimal builds and expansive world borders, I decided against doing so (that would have been a lot of time just rendering terrain).

Both world renders were scaled back approx 2000 blocks from the world border to speed up the rendering process. I understand that this may have affected some builds, and apologize in advance if your build is not visible on the map. Rendering times multiply drastically the larger the world gets.

In addition to the challenges mentioned, the world height update presented an obstacle during the rendering process. Many of the chunks in the Zero world were not properly loaded as they had not been visited after the height limit update. This required the use of third-party software and an increased amount of processing time to ensure all chunks were properly loaded. Given this, I strongly encourage Greens+ to explore Zero world as much as possible so that the next world render does not require this additional step.

Thanks for your patience and hope you enjoy seeing all your wonderful creations on Minecraft's best time capsule challenge server