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A Guide to 1.9

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CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015
1.9 is HERE!!!
After waiting about 2 years the new update is here, and it is sick. So i am taking hours to write a guide on how to use, and have fun with minecraft 1.9: THE COMBAT UPDATE!
I'm breaking this up into many parts of the udate so don't worry.

Combat is the main part of this update that they have changed.

The first major thing is the new attack, attacks are no longer spamming your mouse, with each tool, you must wait to stricke again, the longer you wait, the more damage the attack will do. The axe does MORE damage then the sword, however it takes much longer for the axe swing to recharge, so in this way you could use both axe and sword in PVP to max out your damage.

The next this is sheilds:
Shields take the place of a sword blocking, when blocking with a the sheild in your off hand (or the dual weilding hand) you take no damage, but in place, your sheild does. So you block, then hit. There is no more sword blocking in the game.

Arrows have been drastically changed in minecraft. There is 1 new arrow for each potion in minecraft. you cannot use infinity with the arrows!! There is no quiver in vanilla, however it is in the game files. The Spectre arrow allows you to see the figure you shot from behind walls by their outline. Basically it give the player or mob you shot a white outline that is visible through walls. There is also a water arrow? no idea to be honest.

The main blocks that have been added to 1.9 are the new END blocks called purpur, as well as the choruse fruit and end stone changes.

PurPur is like quartz for the end, it is a purpul block that can be crafted into pillars, stairs and ect. The way you craft it is with the new chorus. OR you can get it from a naturaly spawning end temple. There are also end rods, these look similar to singular panes, but they glow like a sea lantern

End stone can now be crafted into endstone bricks.

Dragon heads are obtained at the end ships in the new end biome, with redstone power, or putting them on and walking, the mouth moves up and down.

Glass panes and iron bars now have different hitboxes. when alone they are a 2x2x16 pixel block.

Hay Bales now make you only take 20% regular fall damage, so you can drop 100 blocks without armor and have 1/2 heart when dropped on hay bales.

ELYTRA!!! These are wings in minecraft, they are pretty much hang-gliders in minecraft and they don't work with NCP atm so that's sad.

Brewing stands now require some blaze powder to function properly.

A lot of other blocks have been changed, but most are only technical. Go to the wiki for more info on blocks. Link: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/1.9

These are the changes that don't fit in with any specific catagory of minecraft 1.9.

Bosses: The ender dragon boss fight was inmproved, it is now harder to kill and he is able to respawn in vanilla survival. The XP from the dragon no longer goes away when you jump into the portal back home.

Esc menu: No more super secret settings or twitch streaming intagration.

Pick Block: When clicking the scroll button you can now choose items not in your hotbar.

These are the changes that will effect your game play of the game.

Trading has new trades and is slightly improved.

Rain has a new sound.

Different tools have differnt values of attack.

Status effect is now shown in the top right hand portion of your screen this way, you can see what you have as a status effect at all times.

Mobs have changed in minecraft 1.9, excluding the major boss changes, we will go over what is different with mobs.

AI has improved in all mobs.

Skeletons how hold their bows to the side and down like a player does. Their AI is now changed and improved as well.

There is now such spawners in the survival world of zombie villager spawners. Zombie villager and baby zombie villagers now have their corresponding outfit of a villager.

NEW MOB: The SHULKER (short for "Shell Lurker") this mob looks like a block, but when it opens it is a white cubiod with eyes, it shoots projectiles that cause 2 hearts of damage and give you a levatation effect. With NCP, this is very annoying and the levetation doesn't work with it.

These have been the most notable changes. If you want the technical how-to's including:

And etc, please tell me and I will make it!



Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
This guide seems to be lacking commands blocks (my favourite thing) so I will give a brief explanation on the many changes. Give me a shout if I got anything wrong.

Command Blocks

This one is your standard command block that most of you will be familiar with.
It is activated via a redstone current, and will only activate once. The block must not be receiving any current before it can be activated again.

Chain Command Blocks are the most interesting (and most difficult to explain).
This allows you to "chain" commands without using repeaters, dust, etc.
If you have another command block pointing at the chain block, when it attempts execution (execute means to perform a command), the chain block will attempt to execute as well.

As long as this block is powered, it will attempt to execute its command every tick. That means it runs at 20 times per second.
This means that you can have a very fast clock with little impact on CPU and framerate (it isn't setting blocks 20 times a second).

Command Blocks Settings

[ Needs Redstone / Always Active ]

This defines whether the command block needs to be powered in order to attempt to execute or whether it will attempt every tick regardless of powered state.

Recommended Settings:

  • Impulse - Needs Redstone
  • Chain - Always Active
  • Repeating - Needs Redstone*
*Allows for a toggleable clock

[ Conditional / Unconditional ]

This defines whether the command block directly behind (opposite direction of the arrow) is required to be successful in order for this command block to attempt execution.

Recommended Setting:

[ O / X ]

This tells the command block whether you want the output to be stored. Helpful to have it on when troubleshooting, but it is better to have it off if you a lot of them. (reduces memory needed).