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A-Points Part 2

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Jan 19, 2015
Alright, so the plan Robisgreat10 and I designed uses a great way to raise server popularity while still rewarding the player without using maze points. Simple: People can vote on Minecraft Server List or any website, honestly, and the reward for voting will be 1 A-Points (Achievement Point).

Wouldn't this ruin the point of challenges?
-No. Firstly, we haven't even converged on how many A-points the actual challenges will be. As a duel kicker, we already have an infinitly going suply of A-points: Daily Challenges. All we need to do is figure out how much we feel a challenge equates to in days of 2 A-points. E.g:
1. Zath Pack: 50 A-points (=25 days)
2. The Slow Race: 60 A-points (Seriously, Mineco is fulled with 2-ups) (=30 days)
3. Original Hardcore: 50 A-points (=25 days)
4. Vurture City: 50 A-points (=25 days)
5. Welcome to Hell: 1,000,000,000 A-points (We need it be unable to reach number, so 1 billion should work) (=500,000,000 days)

The effects:
A. Firstly, this server will be getting way more votes than currently is going for it.
B. Planned longterm effect to increase players on this server (It obviously won't happen instantly)
C. More community to vote, so cycle continues.

Voting link -> http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/0minrorg---the-premier-parkour-puzzle-and-maze-server/vote/

Also, you saw this coming:
CHALLENGES LIST DLC #2 (Also some emphasis on already suggested topics)
1. 10 votes -> 10 A-points 10 days
2. 25 votes -> 30 A-points 25 days +20
3. 50 votes -> 90 A-points 50 days * +60
4. 75 votes -> 270 A-points 75 days * +180
5. 100 votes -> 810 A-points 100 days * +540
Achievements (MC ones):
1. Complete up to Beaconator -> 100 A-points *
2. Complete On a Rail -> 100 A-points *
3. Complete Adventuring Time -> 100 A-points *
Point Amount Achievements:
1. Get 20 points -> 10 A-points
2. Get 50 points -> 30 A-points +20
3. Get 100 points -> 65 A-points * +35
4. Get 200 points -> 140 A-points * +75
5. Get 400 points -> 270 A-points * +130
6. Get 600 points -> 550 A-points * +150
Maps amount beaten:
-Good idea to scrap this one, considering point amount achievement already takes care of this

* -Has potential to be difficult
As well as that, a few things I haven't taken into account here-
1. The overall amount of A-points earned. For example, I don't honestly want people getting over 1,100 A-points for just voting 100 days. The plus symbols represent how many A-points are earned in progressive achievements. E.g. they earn 550 A-points overall in point amount achievements, but progressively get more every tier they come across.
2. Rewards for A-points. While beating achievements is great and all, we've never talked about what you can reward for A-points. We could: (These lists are becoming boring to bullet-point >.>)
I. Have an unlocked map once we hit a certain A-point counter. *
II. An unlocked head for green survival (Considering our low stash of them currently)
III. Give a Title. This is only for if we truly need to. Titles would literally confuse new players even further than the uniqueness of the server.
IV. A resource. Again, only if needed. Honestly, we want new players to have a point in getting these.
V. A cape/armor. Permanently (toggle-able on/off) give the player an armor item for bragging rights. This is obviously leaned towards the whites + blues. *
VI. A scoreboard "rank position" displayed underneath nametag. What I mean by this is things like "Hoarder of the points" or "Achievement aficionado" *
VII. Inventory item displaying their skill status in achievements (9th hotbar slot, with an item)

* -Recommended strategy
And finally, which is the main issue I'm having trouble with: Achievement overkilling. The issue is clear as day- If you put in enough achievements, there will be so many it starts becoming confusing. But at the same time, having enough achievements is key to keeping people hooked onto doing them. Keeping a balance between these is essential.


To summarize the hell load of info I've just stated, here is a summany in COLOR:
1. Voting per day = 1 A-point
2. Raise server awareness
3. Voting link above
4. Challenges list/edits #2
5. A-point rewards
6. Summary

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Jan 19, 2015
Edit #1: Changed voting site, will leave on impossible challenge for now
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