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    Welcome to one of the oldest Minecraft servers and communities in the world! Zero.minr.org dates back over 13 years and has been consistently providing endless hours of fun and excitement for players from all over the globe. With an uptime of 99%, you can count on us to be here for you whenever you're in the mood for some challenging minecraft parkour, puzzles and mazes.

    Our server is home to over 600+ challenges, each designed to keep you engaged and entertained for months on end. These challenges have been created, tested and curated by our green membership community, who are true experts in all things challenges! Our community is made up of some of the most dedicated and skilled players, who have completed our Hardcore set of challenges and continue to create new and innovative experiences for our server.

    At our core, we are strongly committed to fair play and against any form of pay-to-win features. We have been privately funded since our inception, which has allowed us to provide a level playing field for all our players, free of any hidden advantages. This dedication to fair play has resulted in a thriving community where everyone has a chance to excel and showcase their skills.

    So why not join us and become a part of something truly special? Who knows, you may even have what it takes to create a challenge that will remain on our server for years to come. Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer to the game, we look forward to welcoming you to our server.

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  1. O

    [SUGGESTIONS] Campaigns - the Improved Challenges

    First, note that I do not suggest removing challenges entirely, and instead a remake some very popular challenges into campaigns instead. So, what are challenges now? Basically "map playlists", where you basically need to beat all maps in a set order. Cool, I guess, but it can be a lot better...
  2. AverageIPA

    New Halloween Themed Challenge

    Hello All, This is AverageIPA. I come to you today offering a new challenge idea. Challenge map list: The Pumpkin Lord (12pts) Spooky Minr (12 pts) Nightmare Fuel (12 pts) Challenge map point total: 36 pts Challenge modifers: 5 lives I think that these 3 maps together paired with a very...
  3. K

    Challenge Idea- Monthly Challenge Rotations

    I noticed that there is a daily, weekly, and yearly challenge, but no monthly. I would like to propose that the monthly challenge pack would include 21 to 28 maps, obviously all random. With this implemented, I feel like that would encourage more people to attempt to push their Challenge Rank...
  4. AverageIPA

    Challenge Issues, Updates, and New Ideas (Needs updated)

    Hello all, This is AverageIPA and I play this server (4-8) hours a day, odd flex I know right. Whilest ive gotten to about 90% completion ive been challenge grinding for quite a bit and I can't help but notice that quite a few of them could use updates. In the list below I will explain why I...
  5. Fire

    Complete Chronological Map List (2018-Present)

    Welp, the list was so long in the other thread that it exceeded the character limit. This is mostly thanks to the color formatting taking so many characters in the BB code (almost 40 just for one!), but it looks too good to remove, and even doing so would only delay the inevitable. So I've split...
  6. Fire

    Standard Challenge Ideas

    Here’s a small list of Standard Challenges I (and a couple from MarstaVidar) have come up with. For those who don’t know, “Standard” means that the challenge has one or more modifiers that change the gameplay in some way, and is not simply playing maps back-to-back with no added obstacles. A lot...
  7. Hex

    Challenge Ideas

    The other day I figured out that the DOOR! challenge exists. I must be blind or something. Anyways, I feel like that sort of challenge where that isn't trying to be impossible (like literally half of the challenges) and is just trying to group maps that are thematically similar are pretty sweet...
  8. rmanimal

    Achievement Suggestion Thread

    Post your achievement Specific suggestions here!: In case you have no idea what to post, here's that long list I made a long time ago: Map Specific 1. Get to a certain area. To help with mods/ops not accidentally triggering these, make a requirement to hit start sign for challenge. 2. Time...
  9. rmanimal

    A-Points Part 2

    Alright, so the plan Robisgreat10 and I designed uses a great way to raise server popularity while still rewarding the player without using maze points. Simple: People can vote on Minecraft Server List or any website, honestly, and the reward for voting will be 1 A-Points (Achievement Point)...