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Challenge Issues, Updates, and New Ideas (Needs updated)

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Oct 26, 2017
Hello all, This is AverageIPA and I play this server (4-8) hours a day, odd flex I know right. Whilest ive gotten to about 90% completion ive been challenge grinding for quite a bit and I can't help but notice that quite a few of them could use updates. In the list below I will explain why I think that they need updated. Most of these updates are due to some maps in these challenges have been removed for hardcore purposes. Other challenges need updated because they fit a certain theme and some maps that would and should be in there are excluded due to lack of updates. Below I will include all I think need tweaked.

Maps included: Hell parkour (Yellow)
Modifiers: Soul Link, 1 life modifier
Current Award: 70 Challenge Points
Reason for change or update: Ok! So we all know hell parkour and that it is very easy to get through without dying, this challenge also used to include
Nether Lab (Yellow)
and Hell 2 Heaven (Orange) and I must say that with those maps that this was worthy of 70 challenge points. However with those maps moved to valley they got removed from the challenge and this challenge lacks the difficulty it used to. My suggestion is add two more maps to the pack or lower the pack point value. I suggest that a yellow and an orange map be added to the pack to accomodate for the missing orange and yellow parkours. My suggestion for the maps to be added are as followed:
Demonic (Yellow) and Skylands (Orange) your opinions might be a tad different than mine as far as which maps to add but I wanted to get the discussion started because this challenge needing fixed is a must.

Maps included: Rush (Yellow), A Whittle Story (Orange)
Modifiers: None
Current Award: 40 challenge points
Reason for change or update: This challenge isn't entirely necessary for an update although I do think 40 challenge points is a bit much for an easy yellow map and an easy orange map. The reason I think this needs changed is because Beginner parkour pack, hard parkour pack and insane parkour pack all carry more than 2 maps and this one feels more like a duo than an actual pack. Before HC 9.0 it included 2 other maps which I forget the names of, but I feel like there should be more beef to this challenge so to speak. My recommendation is again as follows, either lower the point value for the challenge or add maps. If maps were to be added I have some suggestions:

Miners Nightmare (Yellow), Canvas (Yellow) I feel adding these maps could hugely benefit in giving it the feel of being a pack. Out of all the ones im asking you to update/fix this one is the least essential.

Maps included: The Return (Yellow), The Prestige (Yellow)
Modifiers: None
Current Award: 60 challenge points
Reason for change or update: This challenge pack is hindered for the same reason that the intermediate parkour challenge pack is hindered, in the aspect that it lacks the amount of maps and or difficulty to be worth 60 challenge points. Don't get me wrong both of the maps included are fantastic puzzle maps but 14 FFA points in my mind doesn't nearly equate to 60 challenge points. Im like 90% sure
Zurdite (Yellow) used to be in the challenge correct me if im wrong. My suggestion is again as follows either lower the point value for this challenge or add more maps. My suggestion if you take the path to add maps is to add 1 green and 2 yellow puzzle maps. I suggest:
Paradox (Green), Block Party (Yellow), Birds of Paradise (Yellow) if these three were added I believe it would closer fit the points awarded for the challenge and be a higher dificulty challenge.

Maps included: DOOM-ED (Blue), Kave Quest (Blue), Minr Airlines (Blue), My 1st Survival (Blue), Blitz (Blue), Fire & Ice Maze (Blue), Leaf Maze (Blue), Tulip Among Grass (Blue), Tulip Among Tulip (Blue), ANHUR (Blue), A Dwarven Playground (Blue), Athenai (Blue), Wonderful x2 (Blue), Evil Chicken (Blue), Funhouse (Blue), Roller Mirrors (Blue), Pixi's Carnival Games (Blue), Blazeville (Blue).
Modifiers: None
Current Point Award: 60 challenge points
Reason for change: This one isn't at all the points issue or the difficulty issue its more a theme/preference issue. This challenge revolves around being every blue map on the server, it wasn't updated after the creation of blazeville and a bunch of maps that are now if FFA are blue. If you are to update this challenge I recommend the following maps be added: I Suggest

The Void (Blue), Sea of Redstone (Blue), Summer Springs (Blue), TULIP TULIP TULIP (Blue), Greene Mansion (Blue), Carpe Diem (Blue) if I forgot any at all please remind me as I am not perfect.

Maps Included: The Prestige (Yellow), Viae (Orange)
Modifiers: None
Current Award: 100 Challenge points
Reason for change or update: This one by far needs the most work out of all of them and that really isn't a debate. 100 challenge points for a 19 point FFA value. At the very least I recommend lowering the point value Im not aware as what was in this challenge pack but since its 2017 I can't really tinker and throw maps in there because these maps are special and are apart of a puzzle comp. Due to that factor the only fix I can really ask for is a point drop. Possibly to 50 points.

Maps included: Agni (Red), Aquarium (Red), Cake Quake (Red), CodSimulator20XX (Red), Minas Tirith (Red), Planets (Red), Shri Tra Savern (Red), The Portal (Red), Trek (Red), World Two-ur (Red), 1010 (Red), Grid Hopper (Red), Invictus (Red), P.I.T.M.O.N (Red), Retrograde (Red), Telepads (Red), The great cake (Red), World Domination (Red), Frostbite (Red), E (Red)
Modifiers: None
Current Award: 650 challenge points
Reason for change or update: This one has no issue with the point value and certainly no issue with the difficulty, the reason im asking for an update is for several maps that need added to the challenge to fit the "Every red map theme": It goes as follows

Vares Sert (Red), Perspective (Red), Incendium (Red), Cave Collapse (Red) (Miners Millions whenever it gets fixed) Pardon if I forgot any but im pretty sure that that sums up this one.
ADDITIONAL SUGGESTION: As path of heroes and hexa you beat them and aqquire custom titles I truly believe that this pack is worthy of a title: Suggestions
Ruby-Red title
Expert Hiker title
Pro title

This about sums up everything that I wanted to put across if you come across challenge lists and find anything you think should be added then please add to this thread. Updating challenges should be higher of a priority than it currently is, I am so very sorry to whichever admin gets put on challenge fixing duty if this actually is agreed upon.

I have already posted in another thread about this one but I feel like its lowkey a good idea, as not everyone on this server is accustomed to pure parkour and challenge parkour, I feel its only fair to make a challenge pack that benefits the maze runners or puzzlers.

Proposal: Challenge Title: The MazeRunner
Every pure maze FFA map on the server, upon completion it awards you X value of points and the title Pathfinder (Title)
Proposal: Challenge Title: The Mentalist
Every Pure puzzle map on the server, upon completion it rewards you with X amount of points and the the title:
Special Operative (Title)

Alright! You have just made it all the way through this thread WOO! Thank you so very much for taking the time out of your day to read all this, I understand that I am quite passionate and if you don't agree upon this you can let me know in the comments below. I just wanted to get the discussion started, hopefully we can get to fixing!

Thanks all



May 13, 2015
I have asked for a a few of these changes quite a few times (or at the very least for a couple of these challenges to be changed), but no one has bothered to implement them. There are quite a few others that also need changes, ones that I may list out later. Hopefully they can be carried out now as a formal forum request, but I feel like challenges in general are a mess, and barely worth keeping up with. Challenges that need constant updating (Rivers, Oceans, etc) usually take an extremely long time between updates, and their times have to be wiped with every addition if someone got a fast time, destroying any incentive to speedrun them. This is not just true of continually growing challenges, but every single one in general, especially short ones--when a map is added to the challenge or is changed, a wipe is usually necessary. This makes challenges being timed pointless in most cases. Even if the updating and wiping weren't a problem, having a high place on challenges bears no reward, unlike with FFA maps. If a map is taken out of FFA briefly then placed back in, that map is not placed back into the challenges it was in, which led to some extreme breakages in Path of Heroes with Outpost unknowingly out of it for a long time. If a map that was in one or more challenges breaks and is taken out of FFA, it is not replaced with a new map even if repeatedly asked for, until a thread like this is made. We of course all know how bad HC rotating is for challenges, but that's at least to be expected. I understand that challenges are a minor inconvenience to update if you don't know the mapcodes (that's if the change is already agreed upon, in quite a few cases it isn't), and a better and easier way to change them is supposedly coming, but I doubt it will fix these issues.
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