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Suggestion Achievement Suggestion Thread


Elite parkourist / MOTW coordinator
Jan 19, 2015
Post your achievement Specific suggestions here!:

In case you have no idea what to post, here's that long list I made a long time ago:

Map Specific
1. Get to a certain area. To help with mods/ops not accidentally triggering these, make a requirement to hit start sign for challenge.
2. Time trial *
3. Maximum jumps *
4. Don't Touch The Block(s). Self-explanatory, but you must beat the map without stepping on a list of blocks or just 1 certain block.
5. Special types: Ones you can't normally apply to most maps. For example:
I: Monkey Trumpets HardCore
II: Doom-ed! Non-item run *
III: etc.
Map Series
1. Time Trial
2. No Checkpoint
3. Maximum jumps
4. Don't Touch the Blocks
5. Combo Challenge; e.g. Time Trial + Don't Touch the Blocks *
6. Effect Challenges
7. No Food Runner *
8. Life Preserver: Two types:
I: Daredevil -only have 1/2 a heart to beat the map string with *
II: Conserver -Unable to regenerate normally
9. Special types, such as:
I: Minty Secret Madness (find all of minty's secrets in his mapset)
II: Giant Hunt -Kill only the giant mob at the end of Doom-ed!, Solstice, and The Congo in a row.
III: Etc.
10. No requirement. Remember, sometimes just beating a map set in a row is amazing enough
Non-map Specific
1. Beat a # maps, a few different approaches to this:
I. Beat just a # of maps
II. Beat a # of orange, red, etc. maps
2. Get a # of points.
3. Get ranked by a certain # of points. E.g. get ranked 50th or more in points
4. Get ranked by A-points
5. Beat all maps. Nolifes requirement to complete *
6. Get a map time under 10 seconds. No joke possible to do legit in 2 maps so far. *
7. Get a map time over 7 days.
8. Walk 1,000 Kilometers on the server
9. Jump over 100,000 times *
Scoreboard Times Specific
1. Get a scoreboard time of at least 3rd
2. Get a time of at least 2nd
3. Get a 1st place time
4. Get 10 scoreboard times
5. Get 10 1st scoreboard times *
Mini-Game Specific
1. Win Spleef
2. Win Spleef a # of times
3. Win by breaking no blocks in spleef *
4. Break 10,000 blocks in spleef
5. Win CTF
6. Capture a flag
7. Be the only teammate to capture the flag and win. *
8. Win CTF with the other team at 0 points *
9. Don't die once in CTF
10. Get 12 stacks of sand in a sandbox round
11. Get a treasure chest
12. Get 7 treasures in 1 round.
13. Have Fun! *

* Achievements with potential to be difficult

Example of a suggestion:

1. Wool Endless no checkpoint run


Elite parkourist / MOTW coordinator
Jan 19, 2015
~Old Level 2~
1. Beat in 1:30
2. Do the map in 42 jumps or less
3. NoSprint run + Conserver
4. Daredevil Run

5. Orb Challenge: Something like the Purple Coin Event, you click the orb in the map.
6. Pretty sure Luma mentioned this before, but Endurance (Beat all maps in a row)
7. Ultra-Endurance: Only allowed to set 10 checkpoints while beating all maps in a row.


Freelance Teenage Exorcist
Jun 8, 2015
Jump 1million times,
Die 1k times
Beat all blue/yellow/green/orange/red maps


A Very Blobby Blob, That Happens To Be Called Bob.
Feb 1, 2014
So beat all maps?
Never mind i understood what you meant.


Cute Cat Nya
Feb 7, 2016
So i got some:

Teamwork! - Beat the map Brother Therapy in less than 6 minutes.

Daily completionist - Complete a daily challenge
Triple Daily - Complete 3 daily challenges
Double up! - Complete 2 consecutive daily challenges
Triple up! - Complete 3 consecutive daily challenges

Explorer - Find your way into FFA+ without clicking the FFA+ sign (secret place under ffa ship)

Faster than light - Beat any map in under 15 seconds

Snail - Beat any map in over 24 hours

Hacker - Get banned (k this one's a joke)

Challenger - Complete any Challenge (/ch random)

Blue completer - Complete all blue maps

Green completer - Complete all green maps

you get it...

Nostalgia overload - Find you way into the secret Nostalgia room.

A-maze-ing - complete 5 mazes

Parkourer - Complete 5 parkour maps

Puzzled - Complete 5 puzzle maps

Quick death - complete Departure in under 8 minutes

Yea i have no ideas at all.