Add a Looking For Group/LFG Text Channel on the Discord

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IGN: Reppern
Mar 1, 2019
Hey all,

As there have been several new difficult maps that have been added to the server recently, I have found it frustrating to try to complete them all, especially since looking for someone to do it with has been inconsistent. The current way used is usually by asking players in chat or messaging them, which can prove to be tedious if most of the players online are either uninterested or are currently far into maps. Adding a Discord text channel for this, in my opinion, would make finding players a lot more convenient and less bothersome. An example of this situation could be:

You have finally decided to play Enigma, but realize that it takes an excruciating amount of mapping in order to complete. This thus causes you to look for someone to play it with in order to make it easier upon yourself. You're not a well-known player, and it's unlikely that someone would drop what they are doing to play with you at that moment. So instead of trying to pressure players in the chat to play with you, you go onto the Discord and post a message under #lfg, something such as this:

"Looking for players to play Enigma with me, message me if you're interested!"

After some time, someone messages you showing interest, as they have not completed the map either. The both of you set up a time to play it, and once you have either given up, made progress in, or completed the map, you would delete/edit the #lfg Discord message.

Benefits of having this channel would be as follows:
- Less chat spam of players asking for someone to play a map with them
- More map completions
- A convenient channel where all players that need teammates could go to
- Better coordination with said teammates (communication through Discord rather than through the server itself)

Please let me know if any of you have thoughts or concerns on this idea. Thank you for reading.


Jul 30, 2020
This would be amazing to see. As a group was already made by tons of players who wanted to work together on mazes, there is clear interest in co-opping maps. This would just make it easier to organize it.

Also, what kind of person would be able to complete every map alone?
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