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After reading this I lost all hope for humanity...


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Oct 26, 2013
Calm down, she's a 12 year old American. Just a little over-the-top childish behavior from one child shouldn't be so devastating.

Hell, I remember that when my dad took away my ball-and-cup, I tried to chop him up with an axe. It didn't work and he forced me to chop wood for the next week so we could keep our house warm in the winter of 1854. It was an uphill struggle both ways back then.


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
As Chef Ramsy has said to peoPle before, "Are you blaming the tools?"

The problem is not the technology, it's the way the person is using it. Personally, I see no reason for a 12 year old to need a smart phone. Hell, I didn't have my own cell phone until I was in high school and part of the marching band. The main difference between then and now is the disappearance of pay phones.

To put it more clearly, I am of the opinion that a child does not have a need for their own cell phone until they have commitments that require extra time. Additionally, they don't need a phone that serves as anything more than a phone.

As to poisoning: that tells me more about the parent than the kid. So often anymore, you will see parents who think that putting a piece of tech in their kid's hands is enough in the way of attention and walk away. Fire the electronic babysitter and pay attention to the kids, or else you end up with spoiled brats like this.


May 10, 2014
My 14yo still with out a cell phone and will not get one untill he can take full responsibility for it. Both be able to sign up for it by himself and pay for it.

I'm not going to let him become one of the mindless zombies I see roaming around the mall and bumping into poles then calling the pole stupid for being in their way.


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
Considering I am an atheist, I am going to assume your exorcism chant is another way of saying you don't have an actual reasoning for your disagreement


Jan 19, 2015
Hey guys!
So after a long break, back to normal Minr updating

My veiw of the subject: Children are a lot more "needs-satisfied" nowadays than the previous generation. Back in 1990's, you didn't hear the Apple iOS 0.5 or things like technology much for that matter. Stuff like Tetris and PAC-MAN was all the rave. Parents I feel are too lenient towards kids when it comes to this type of stuff. You got friends and lived that way. Also, I agree with the fact that kids shouldn't need a piece of equipment until they can handle it. Parents of kids like the 12-year old bleach poisoner just shows how much kids are given nowadays. There's tons of stories about these things. For example:
There was an actual physiological study that shows phones distracted kids during school at age 7 (Obvious, but still).
There's countless adverts in the US about texting while driving.
A study shows 66% of people have fear of being without their phone.
This is just another example of how people are clinging too much to technology. And like Srentiln said; "it's not the technology, it's the way the person is using it."

Side note, how do you "rate" someone? (Give them a like/dislike, cookies, the Godfather, etc.)


Nov 18, 2013
Answering your question: Under a post there should be a set of pictures, each standing for a certain rating, if you click it, it rates. Or somehow whities cannot rate, that would be weird.