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Back from Holidays...


Oct 26, 2013
Back from my Holidays, over the next weekend i'll been looking to add new moderators to the ban lists and remove forum snow as spring is on its way.... Well at least for you western peeps. Currently back soaking up the sun in Aussieland.


Killer of Very Large Horses
Oct 27, 2013
You missed the hot weather, think one day was 46 degrees Celsius in Melbourne


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
Aye, there are four major scales of temperature, Fahrenheit, Celsius, Rankine, and Kelvin (Kelvin being the most scientifically used). There was another R one at one time that fell out of use very quickly...can never remember the name of it though.

Also, did you know that there is a lot more diversity in seasons between the northern and southern hemispheres beyond what part of the year is which season? Not only is the axis of the Earth tilted ever so slightly, but it also "wobbles" in a circle. The severity of the wobble is actually kept in check by the moon. If I remember correctly, it is the lunar tidal forces that prevent the wobble from becoming extreme. At the same time, though, our moon is inching further away with each orbit.


all this out of me because of a thread in which chill let's us know his plans lol