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Suggestion Challenge Suggestion: The Mentalist


Active Player
Oct 26, 2017
Hello all, This AverageIPA

I discussed this challenge idea In a previous thread, however it was very vague and I didn't specify what maps should be in the map pack so here is where ill discuss what I think this challenge could be and what would be in it.

The Mentalist: Puzzle Pack Challenge
This challenge is essentially a pack that is comprised of all the puzzle maps on the server (In the puzzle section at spawn), it doesn't function quite as PoH does however it provides a doable challenge for those who maybe arent so apt at parkour. The maps that I propose are in the challenge are:

Isle of Redstone (White) = 1
Obfusco (White) = 1
The Eye (White) = 1

Sea of Redstone (Blue) = 2
Blackbox (Blue) = 2
Carpe Diem (Blue) = 2
Orvilles Bucket (Blue) = 2
Tulip Tulip Tulip (Blue) = 2
Tulip Among Grass (Blue) = 2
Tulip Among Tulip (Blue) = 2

Amalgam (Green) = 4
Divergence (Green) = 4
Paradox (Green) = 4
Festival (Green)= 4
Minr Golf (Green) = 4
Departure (Green) = 4

Detention (Yellow) = 7
Meanie Greenie (Yellow) = 7
Nightmare Button (Yellow) = 7
Trapapalooza (Yellow) = 7
City Commute (Yellow) = 7
Frozenishing (Yellow) = 7
The Prestige (Yellow) = 7
The Return (Yellow) = 7
Troll Kingdom (Yellow) = 7
Pocketz Stadium (Yellow) = 7
Heist (Yellow) = 7
Birds of Paradise (Yellow) = 7

Button Button (Orange) = 12
Torsion (Orange) = 12
Viae (Orange) = 12
Viemort (Orange) = 12
Minecorp (Orange) = 12

Perspective (Red) = 18
Vares Sert (Red) = 18

This is all of the maps that I would include in this challenge pack, to add a little extra challenge to the pack, Id say make the life count 20.
With departure and heist that means that you only have 3 extra lives to make it through the challenge. (If this is too little we can discuss upping)

So the way ill determine the point value of this challenge is by taking

Real Point Value x 1.5 + (Life Count x 2) Rounded to an even number.

Real Point Value = 221
Life count = 20

Real Point Value (221 x 1.5) + Life Count (20 x 2) = 371.5
ROUNDED Point Value =

I think that this could be a good challenge.
I think as an extra incentive to do this challenge it could come with the
RARE tag: Special Ops
I Encourage all greens to let me know if they think that this could be a good challenge, also if you see any issues with this challenge or think its a weak idea please feel free to let me know in the comments.

Thank you all.

Until Next time -


Minr Historian
May 13, 2015
I'm not really a fan of these kinds of challenges simply because puzzles are kind of redundant to have in challenges. Some of these have a little bit of replay value and maintain some of their challenge on subsequent playthroughs (such as Vares or any with parkour in them), but once you have done a puzzle map and have the answers for it written down, going through it again is a breeze, unlike parkour and somewhat unlike mazes. Outside of the easy, intermediate, and hard puzzle packs, I think having all-puzzle challenges isn't the best idea because they're way too easy to go back through on repeat playthroughs, making their challenge point value imbalanced when scaled the same way as maps of other types. There's a reason almost all challenges are primarily parkour or maze, and that's because they're usually still challenging even if you've played through them already (unless you have the maze mapped of course, but that takes far more effort than simply writing down puzzle answers). One thing that would make this interesting is a time limit feature, but that's sadly impossible as far as I know.