Challenges - Suggestion and Update Thread


Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020
The Official Challenge Suggestion and Update Thread

Suggesting a Challenge:

To suggest a challenge, reply to this thread using the following format:

Name of Challenge:

Challenge Code:

Suggested Challenge Points:

Maps in the Challenge, sequentially:


- Life Limit
- No Checkpoint
- No Damage
- No Food
- No Regeneration
- No Sprint
- Soul Link

Take the point values of the standard maps and add them all together. Then, multiply by either 1.5, 2, or 2.5 depending on the difficulty of the modifier. If there is no modifier, do not multiply.

Best 2.5x Modifiers - No Damage, No Checkpoints + Long, Death Potential Maps, Low Life Limit + Long, Death Potential Maps, Multiple Modifiers.

Best 2x Modifiers - No Checkpoints, Low Life Limit, Soul Linked.

Best 1.5x Modifiers - No Food, No Sprint, No Regen, High Life Limit.

For example, let’s make a challenge with Glacier, Checkmate, and Ace with No Checkpoints.

We would have the standard points add up to 12, three 4-point maps. Then, we multiply by 2 to get 24 C-Points. Then, we would round the C-Points up to an appropriate value. Which means this challenge would be about 30 C-Points.

Another great thing to do is compare your challenge to already published challenges to get a good idea of the C-Point value.

To clarify difficulties versus point values, white is 5-15, blue is 20-25, green is 30-40, yellow is 45-60, orange is 65-95, red is 100-145, and black is 150+.

Approving a Challenge:

This will act similarly to past challenge suggestion threads. For a challenge to be considered, all it needs is positive engagement from the community, seen in reactions, thumbs-ups and/or responses to the challenge. Similarly, if you strongly believe a challenge should not be added, you can react negatively or post the reason why you have concerns about the challenge. If any op believes the challenge has received enough support, or believes it would be a good challenge, they will add it. If you are concerned about the calculated C-Points, don’t worry! Staff will likely review it and make any slight adjustments to the points prior to it being added.

Updating Challenges:

After a new challenge has been added, an op will send an update message informing the community of such within this thread. If a challenge is altered or removed, due to a map being pulled or denommed, an update will be posted to this thread. Note, if a challenge has its C-Points altered due to a Reward Proposal, there will not be an update here.

Current Challenge Precedent:

Check out the thread here for the most recent challenge update; including new challenges, removed challenges, edited challenges, new challenge precedents, and more: Click Here

Thank you everyone, we hope to see many new challenges added to the server!


Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020
Update - June 12th, 2021

Added Challenges:

- The City of Nightmares - 135 C-Points
- Idyllic - 25 C-Points
- Casual Saunter - 90 C-Points

Additional Notes:
- Oculus has been removed from FFA for changes. Oculi and insane4 have been temporarily removed until Oculus returns to FFA. Completions and times will not be wiped upon the challenges' return. Friends of the Void will be added once Oculus returns to FFA.

Thanks for the suggestions y'all!