Happy 11th Anniversary Minr!

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Jul 26, 2016

Hey everyone! Today, Minr celebrates its eleventh birthday. This is an incredible milestone, and to celebrate, we've decided to do something we've never done before - we're opening up Zero, our original survival world, to the public! Starting Saturday, October 23rd at 6pm/18:00 UTC, our server will be open to the public for one week, until October 30th. Our world is one of the oldest in Minecraft, and one of the oldest server maps on the newest version of the game. Come check it out!

While exploring the map, you can sign your name on a wall near our spawn to become a part of our server's history, and you can complete a scavenger hunt to gain an exclusive Alpha Diamond Block hat. Our server is rich in history, and those of you that remember the original versions of the game will be sure to feel an incredible amount of nostalgia while exploring!
Check this thread for more information: https://forums.minr.org/threads/11th-anniversary-scavenger-hunt.5953/

If you miss your chance to explore our server, or if you want added context about old parts of the server, check out this video we made of a tour the staff team held!
It will premiere 50 minutes from when this message is posted.

Happy 11th Anniversary, Minr!
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