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Boring Turtle
Jan 5, 2014
Heyyy, I'm bored almost all the time. Lol. Booooored :p I'm at school right now lol
What do you guys do when you're bored?


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
my list:
  • weave chainmaille
  • draw
  • look at image sites (sixpenceee, cheezburger, etc.)
  • play a game (ESO, Minecraft, Lords of the Realm 2, etc.)
  • look for work (90% of my time currently since my last job went bye bye)
  • watch youtube videos
  • teach myself programming (know basic HTML, a bit of javascript, PHP, am functional in C++, and still struggling to get used to CSS since the formatting tags were disabled in the newer versions of HTML...)
  • paintball (Pokes @PacksofPages)
  • numerous other things that are hard to remember when you're sick


Old Green
Nov 2, 2013
My turn:
  • Learn html. Taking a class in school but it doesn't teach everything
  • Physics extra work. Class is hard if you don't learn on your own, but something is very rewarding about thinking a problem all the way through.
  • Check various websites (twitter, minr, youtube channel)
  • Play games (when I actually have a computer to do it)
  • Search for computer parts for my future dream computer
  • Edit videos for said channel
  • Talk about random shiz with strangers online


New Fish
Dec 18, 2015
Oooh I'm good at this.

- In school I either zone out and daydream, zone out and doodle, or completely ignore the teacher and just read a book.
- If I'm alone I'll lip sync to music and pretend I can actually sing.
- Spend hours writing out every last detail about a fictional universe and never do anything with it.
- Tumblr is the cure to boredum. Scientifically proven. Definitely.
- Watch the videos that have built up in my miles long Watch Later playlist on YouTube.
- Cry.
- Use grid paper to make plans for a Minecraft house I will NEVER build.
- Read every story in the LNM sub-reddit.
- Think about what I would do if I could read minds.

I have defeated boredum. You are welcome. ◉‿◉