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Event Minr Easter Egg Hunt!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hex, Apr 19, 2019.

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  1. Hex

    Hex Board Man Op Board

    Hey everybody! It's event time!

    The Minr Bunny has gone and laid a bunch of eggs all over the server! This just won't do. We can't have a rogue bunny running around, causing mayhem in the streets. We've gotta go clean up those eggs!

    Starting this Sunday, April 21st, there will be an egg hunt happening on the server! You'll be able to go hunt for those colorful and fancy easter eggs with your friends to win cool cosmetic rewards and to clean up Minr.

    How will it work?
    Well, easter eggs will be hidden throughout all of the spawns that the server has ever had, from the original TNT spawn up to the current FFA spawn. Your job will be to scavenge all of these spawns and find all of the eggs! You'll be able to access all of the spawns through the event hub. Check back there Easter day!

    What will you get?
    Well, for finding a lot of eggs, you will unlock the Eggscellent title.
    For finding nearly all of the eggs, you will be able to access a special trail.
    Finally, the first person to find all of the eggs will be awarded the title of "The Eggman". Exciting, isn't it?

    This event will start on the 21st, and it will run for between a few days and a week, so don't fret if you can't show up on the first day. I hope to see all of you searching for the eggs!

    It kind of goes without saying, but for greens+, DO NOT rocket or call or use any sort of movement commands. Aside from that, have fun!

    Edit: The egg amount to get the Eggscellent title has been lowered significantly.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
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  2. Big_Big_So_Big

    Big_Big_So_Big The Birdwatcher Greenie

  3. djnysted

    djnysted DJ the DJ Greenie

    this event
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  4. Hex

    Hex Board Man Op Board

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  5. Hex

    Hex Board Man Op Board

    The event will conclude on Wednesday, May 1. You have until then to find any remaining eggs to get any rewards that you would like. I will be showing everyone where all of the eggs are after the event has concluded. Have fun :)
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  6. Hex

    Hex Board Man Op Board

    Thanks to everyone for participating! There were 343 total eggs hidden across 10 different spawns. 10IQ was the only person to find them all. Hope you all enjoyed the event!
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  7. It was definitely a fun event, searching in spawns rather than in maps was a nice and refreshing change (as well as a fun history/nostalgia tour).
    I would suggest to not modify spawns in future (such as adding barrier paths, etc) as it felt kinda cheap.
    Other than that, good job! Thanks for hosting.
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