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  1. Hex

    Event Minr Easter Egg Hunt!

    Hey everybody! It's event time! The Minr Bunny has gone and laid a bunch of eggs all over the server! This just won't do. We can't have a rogue bunny running around, causing mayhem in the streets. We've gotta go clean up those eggs! Starting this Sunday, April 21st, there will be an egg hunt...
  2. rmanimal

    Map Catalog

    Right now I'm currently making a catalog of all maps on Zero.Minr.Org. This should help with catagorizing and keeping a record of all the maps. Feel free to help on speeding this up by posting your own map with its stats. #: 154 3D Maze 4 Corners Dojo A: Agni Albatross Park ANHUR: Reborn Apoco...
  3. Zombie

    Minr UHC 1

    WELCOME to the 1st Semi-Annual MINR UHC What is UHC? UHC is an acronym for "ULTRA HARD CORE." It is a game similar to the Hunger Games in which 10 players will be thrown into an arena to fight to the DEATH. However, unsimilar to the Hunger Games, UHC has no chests or deathmatch, instead, each...
  4. Zombie

    List of Things and Why

    Recently i made a rant about change, and after a discussion i'm going to make a legitamate list of things that could use something more, as well as some short reasons. Please note, i want the server to be the best it can, and im not doing this based off of personal disagreement with the server...
  5. skyerzz

    Minr, I need your help!

    I'm making my own gamemode (and if it works correctly, I plan on putting it on a server). The gamemode is called "The Challenger" and it works a bit like simon says. Here's what i mean: There are 10 players when the game starts. Each player gets 5 random "tasks" in their hotbar, which they have...
  6. Zombie

    What You Got for the Holidays.

    Im just making a quick thing, I don't care if u celebrate christmas or haunikah (Spelling sorry) or thanksgiving in december. That is another topic. Anyways, POST WHAT YOU GOT THIS YEAR FOR THE HOLIDAYS! What I Got: - New speaker - New Guitar - Guitar Hero Live - Some Underwear