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Minr, I need your help!


Nov 2, 2013
I'm making my own gamemode (and if it works correctly, I plan on putting it on a server). The gamemode is called "The Challenger" and it works a bit like simon says. Here's what i mean:

There are 10 players when the game starts. Each player gets 5 random "tasks" in their hotbar, which they have unlocked in the lobby. They can select one of these tasks, and then select a toughness level (1-5) for that task as well. Each player does this once, so the game will consist of 10 "task" minigames which players have to execute as good/quick as possible. The first place gets e.g. 5 points, 2nd gets 4, 3rd 3 and everyone else who has done the task succesfully gets 1 point. at the end of all 10 rounds, the player with the most points wins.

Now, I need more idea's for tasks. I know MINR is very creative, So i tought you guys could maybe help me with this! If any of you have good (or bad, i want to hear them all!) ideas for "tasks" , large or small, please post them here to help :)

Examples of tasks (ive already got these):
Craft an item
Kill as many mobs as possible in X seconds
True or False questionnaire
One Shot(you get 1 snowball, which will have a 3 second cooldown. Kill the other players instantly by shooting the snowball at them, and dont get shot!)
SkyFall - fall through "hoops" made out of blocks
Lava Throw(throw other players in lava with a knockback item)

Thanks in advance!


Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
EnderPearl toss - Throw enderpearl(s) to different platforms, through hoops, stuff like that.


The Greenest Green?
Apr 29, 2014
  • How about survive the longest against zombies. I found what looked to be a minecraft remake of the COD Zombies map nacht der untoten. I think it's located by doodle jump. So what if people had a bow and arrow with infinity and a stone or iron sword and the person who survived the longest would get the 5 points and so on.
  • Maybe complete 1 blue map and one green. Or maybe 2 blue maps.
  • Horse racing could be fun also. Maybe make people race through a course you make and then assign points based on how people finish.
  • This one is kind of out there but maybe have people race around and collect supplies and then the winner is the person who bakes a cake first.
  • Make some parkour over the void and when you fall you return to the beginning of the pk. First to reach the end gets the most points.
  • Each player has one wool in their inv, the floor they're standing on is all different color wool. The wool in their inv changes colors and they have to stand on that color wool. If they don't reach that color wool quick enough all the other color wool disappear and they fall into the void. Then the floor returns and the wool in the players inv changes to a different color. Make it so the time to reach the right color wool gets faster and faster. (Side note: the wool in people's inv all has to change to the same color.)
  • A fishing game where whoever catches the most fish in X amount of time wins. This might be a little too slow tho.
  • If you haven't seen the new banners, they're very customizable so maybe have one banner that everyone has to copy.


A Very Blobby Blob, That Happens To Be Called Bob.
Feb 1, 2014
Everyone gets a fishing rod, they have to pull pigs into their pit and most pigs in the pit wins.


Jan 19, 2015
Xrun: Make people go through a course with a speed effect
Button guesser: Have a wall of buttons, whoever can find the right one(s) first
Item Shelves: Make a "shelf" of items, in which you must select the right ones required to smelt, craft, brew, etc. for your item
Adventure: Search the map for a "thing" (button, item, etc.)
Bingo Classic: Just have bingo in MC
Bingo Survival: Thrust them into a small survival box where they must get 5 in a row of randomly selected blocks first
Build it! Guess: The map has a structure already made, the players must deduce what it is
Tag: You've probably seen this, but you must tag a person, if you're it before time ends you're eliminated. Last standing wins
Sandbox treasure: Break into a sand box and get the most treasure in a time limit
Spleef/TntSpleef: Old classics, but thought I'd mention
Ghastball: Have an arena, which ghasts fire at you. You can break the ground too, but don't fall into the lava at the bottom. Last alive wins
MiniMaze: Does this really need an explanation?
Minefield: You must escape zombies whilst being within a dangerous area
Hangman: Whoever can guess the word first wins. Turn based


Nov 2, 2013
Everyone gets a fishing rod, they have to pull pigs into their pit and most pigs in the pit wins.
This has actually been done exactely (hypixel party games 1 iirc), I'm trying my utter best to not copy stuff exactely from other servers :)


always in a Gouda mood
Oct 28, 2013
Did you want minecraft related tasks in general or also things related to the server? I would like to see something like this but only with FFA/FFA+ maps. I've always enjoyed racing maps with others.


Nov 2, 2013
Did you want minecraft related tasks in general or also things related to the server? I would like to see something like this but only with FFA/FFA+ maps. I've always enjoyed racing maps with others.
Im actually making this plugin as a stand-alone project, so Im looking for minecraft related tasks in general (anything that can be done with a plugin basically). Its not meant to be for the zero server, but really as something not related. the reason I asked here tough, is because this is the best community I know of, and has crazy good ideas :)