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Minr Mafia 33: Minr Madness

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Still Alive
Mar 26, 2016
Whistle Blows Hey everybody, it’s your favorite announcer, omnipotent nonbinary Jim Nantz! We have an exciting month of basketball ahead, as it’s March Madness!!!!!! This year, Minr U is looking to finally win it all, with both metrics and the eye test placing them as a favorite over all other teams. It has the potential to be even sweeter, as Minr’s Athletic Director Biff Blitzer, was part of their first ever team. Now blah blah blah blah blah…


Biff Blitzer: “Oh man, this’ll finally be the year huh; I’ll cry a singular tear of joy for the first time in my life if we win it all; and just think, those losers at…

Underpaid Graduate Assistant: “Sir, sir!!!! I have bad news”

BB: “What!? Don’t keep me waiting”

UGA: “Our rivals sir, Hypixel State, are still enraged we were picked to be in the tournament over us; you remember how they said our hubris will be our downfall?”

BB: “Yeah, but I just took it as the words of a bunch of sore losers”

UGA: “Well, they put words into actions; they’ve infiltrated the program”

BB: “In English kid”

UGA: “A group of Hypixel State players are now on our team, and are planning on sabotaging us at the moment when we’re about to win it all”

BB: My G-d…

Well Minrians, seems like this could be trouble; you better hope you root out the Hypixelers before the national championship, or even worse, before Hypixel becomes Minr’s team and ousts the coach :( I hope you all make the team, but before that, the legally required NCAA Rulebook:

General Rules
  1. Most general rules can be found here: https://forums.minr.org/threads/mafia-general-rules-and-tips.318/
  2. Right now there's a soft-cap of about 30 players, but if there's a lot of demand, I can potentially adjust that number. You can sign up either here or in the discord (though I'd prefer in the discord to make it easier for me to track).
  3. If you want to spectate, you can also say that here or in the discord
  4. Sign-ups close March 21st at 5 PM EDT; the game will begin the next day at 5 PM
  5. I’m usually awake from around 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM EDT on weekdays
  6. My classes, depending on the day, start as early as 8 AM and end as late as 1:30 PM; depending on the course/lesson that day, I may or may not be responsive during class time
  7. On weekends, I’ll generally be much more responsive
    • Basically, remember that I’M A SENIOR IN COLLEGE
  8. Feel free to ask questions
  9. If you're racist, sexist, transphobic, antisemitic, etc. that's an instant loss (and possible report)
  10. If you need me, @ me
  11. Protect trans kids
  • Roles will be assigned when sign-ups close. I will list a handful of role names when the game starts...
  • Game time: 24 hours; if you're chosen to play, or you're the head coach, you may not talk for the duration of the game; otherwise, the bleachers chat will be open
  • Training day: 24 hours; only campus and [redacted] chats will be open; at the end of the day, you may vote in the locker-room chat to kick one player off the team (most votes wins/loses).
    • If your role has an action, DM me by the end of the phase
  • Rest day: 24 hours; all chats are open; at the end of the day, you may vote in locker-room to kick one player off the team (most votes wins/loses).
    • If your role has an action, DM me by the end of the phase
  • If there's a tie in votes, it'll come down to a coin flip
Game Time
  • The head coach chooses 5 players they want to play in the next game (this takes place at the end of training or rest day). This is done through DM'ing me. This is not up to a vote. During the game phase, the coach and the 5 players cannot talk in any chat
  • There are penalties for the coach choosing Hypixel players to play...
Win Conditions
  • Minrians: You must expose all members of Hypixel before the national championship game
  • Hypixelians: You must get to the national championship game, or oust the head coach before then
    • The number of games before the national championship will be based on the number of people who end up playing

Discord: https://discord.gg/4ke5gpee
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