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Mafia General Rules and Tips

Discussion in 'Minr Mafia' started by TheForgottenUser, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. The Ten Commandments of Mafia

    *Please only post here if you have questions or wish to Host. I copied this over from the old forums.*

    Rule #1

    You need a forum account to play. This is a forum game, and you must sign up here.

    Rule #2
    You need to be active when you play. Please do not sign up if you are not going to be committed to playing.

    Rule #3
    Play to win, whether this is for yourself or for your team. Don't go self-sacrificing unless you think it will actually benefit your Faction somehow.

    Rule #4
    Do not share a screenshot of a PM from me or any other host.

    Rule #5
    Dead players and non-participants may not talk until the game is finished. You can say a goodbye, but if you learned anything important or had a new idea, you may not share it in the thread.

    Rule #6
    Do not take anything personally here. It's a game that involves lots of manipulation and lying.

    Rule #7
    All players need to use common sense. Duh.

    Rule #8
    You may contact other players for advice on the game so long as they do not post, but realize they don't have to give an honest answer.

    Rule #9
    No Meta-ing. This means you can't kill people over what happened during a previous round.

    Rule #10
    Have Fun! It's a game.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2014
  2. Beginners Guide
    How do I join?
    Presuming that sign-ups are open, post in the most recent Mafia Thread and indicate that you wish to play.

    What is a lynch?
    A Lynch Vote is something any and all players may do. Essentially, you may kill off a player as a group during the Day. If you suspect somebody of being an enemy, you may vote to kill them by typing:
    *Vote Username.
    Please do not bandwagon. This means you simply vote for people without reason. You should truly only vote to lynch if there is supporting logic. Otherwise, it may end up harming you badly. When a player is killed, their Role is revealed. You may vote for nobody.

    How are Roles decided?

    How do I "win"?
    I tentatively say win, as this game includes a lot of teamwork. You will probably not win, but your team might. The goal is to try and help your team as much as possible. Although strategies vary, the goal is to kill off the other factions. I leave it to you to decide how to do that. It's a strategy game after all.

    Remember to follow the specific rules each host puts in their thread. If something on here contradicts it, then theirs takes precedence.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2014
  3. Host Guide

    First off, if you're hosting, thank you very, very much. Mafia is a great game, but it can take a lot of time to do all the planning, sending moves, and keeping track of who is killing who. I'm going to include some tips below to help out members who plans on hosting a Round. If previous hosts have anything they'd like to add to this, feel free to PM me and tell me what to add, or simply change it yourself if you're a mod+.
    Tips for Game Creation
    1. Remember to plan for any number of members to play. Don't have your game set up so only a certain number of players can join.
    2. Try to make it so the factions are somewhat even.
    3. Include a wide variety of roles. It's not much fun when half of the players can't do anything but talk. Having more roles also makes the game more difficult and interesting to watch/play. Remember though, that the more roles and factions you include, the harder it becomes to keep control of. I suggest making only 2-3 Factions. Avoid adding useless roles.
    4. Be creative. There's nothing worse than the common setup.
    5. Try to make it so there are a few of each role. This helps the mafia from being killed off in a "everyone-claim their role" scenario.
    6. Explain everything as thoroughly as possible BEFORE the game starts.
    7. One thing I have found out very recently is that it's a good idea to personalize the starter PM's you send. This both makes the players feel important (yey) and prevents the players from sharing your messages, as you can't tell if they made the message up or not.
    Tips for During the Game
    1. Stay organized. I cannot stress this enough.
    2. Stay unbiased. Don't start favoring someone all of a sudden.
    3. Unless it was pre-planned, don't do anything crazy like randomly killing off players. It's a strategy game after all.
    4. Remember to stick to your commitments. If you say you'll be updating every day, update everyday. If you can't, give plenty of forewarning to the participants and apologize.
    5. If your game involves bunches of text, include pictures to balance it out.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2014

  4. *If you wish to sign up for hosting, please post below indicating the fact. I will PM you when the game above you ends to confirm that you will be hosting the next game. Should you not confirm, the next person in line takes your spot. According to my notes, the following is a list of the Hosting Schedule. If you wish to host, please indicate so below. Each round has a link on it.*
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2015
  5. creeperTNTman198

    creeperTNTman198 Lord of the Creepers Greenie

  6. Zatharel

    Zatharel The Lion Op Board

    I might try hosting, but considering how busy I am, if I'm hosting, I'd probably want to do it during summer vacation. (Possibly from a luxurious hotel, *hopes*)
  7. Zatharel

    Zatharel The Lion Op Board

    Definitely interested in hosting game 9.
  8. Srentiln

    Srentiln minr op since Nov 2011 Op

    I would like to host another round, but I'm not setting which one in stone. I'm going to fix the code and try an automated round again. This time, I will be making it MUCH more basic and work on making the system embeddable so that it's accessed in the thread rather than on a separate site.
  9. If you can't host in the order presented, I just let the next person go before you. I ask you every time until you CAN host.

    And don't worry about the coding. Since these games last an average of 2-3 weeks, you have a few months to do the coding before you're up anyways.
  10. I've switched creep's game and my game due to the fact that I'm not going to be around to host mine. I'm heading to Italy and Ireland for Spring Break. He's already aware of the matter and has agreed to swap me. That also means I'm not going to be able to play MM7. :(
  11. Zatharel

    Zatharel The Lion Op Board

    Oh well, have a nice time in Italy and Ireland!
  12. Srentiln

    Srentiln minr op since Nov 2011 Op

    When in Ireland, try to avoid getting in any fights between the Catholics and Protestant :p
  13. Zatharel

    Zatharel The Lion Op Board

    uh, heck. I'm orthodox, does that mean I should never go to Ireland? =p
  14. I'm not heading anywhere near the border or the big cities, so I should be good. If not, I always have my Dad with me who knows how to use multiple firearms and had almost no reaction to the Tear Gas Training in basic.
  15. yeroc424

    yeroc424 Scrum Master Op Board

  16. Srentiln

    Srentiln minr op since Nov 2011 Op

    Are we allowed to request to the host to be on one side or the other?
  17. Sorry, what?
  18. Srentiln

    Srentiln minr op since Nov 2011 Op

    Well, let's say that in a future round I specifically wish to play as either mafia or innocent, is it within the rules to make that request to whomever is hosting that round?
  19. Nope. That's one rule I won't budge on. It has to be random.

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