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Minr Mafia - Dimensions

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Nov 3, 2013
Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that myself, along with three others, have discovered the roles of 4 mafia. Let me explain why we've waited this long to start the massacre.

I am Sherlock Holmes, the detective. Each night, I've role-checked one player. The catch is, I don't get their alignment, only their Character, what that character is from, and their power. Through using this role, I not only uncovered suspects, but allies.

Our first team member is Prince Zuko, who can freeze the day into two day cycles just like there were two nights recently. We will be using this power at the end of this phase to initiate three days to lynch the mafia.

Our second team member is Link, the Vigilante, who can kill one person in the game. He will also be using this power shortly.

And finally, we have John Egbert... who is a bit of an enigma, currently.


Let me first give you some evidence so you trust my little group. On the second night, I checked DistinctMadness. He came up as Sakuya Izayoi, from Touhou, with the power of Cryo. After some research, we found that in Touhou, a bullet-hell game, Sakuya Izayoi is a well-dressed maid and antagonist with the powers to freeze time. When was time frozen in this game? WHEN THERE WERE THREE NIGHTS.

Don't believe me? Let me direct your attention to Freak's update post the same night:
"Oh no, I've seen this before. You should prepare for a ridiculous amount of bullets flying at us from somewhere...", some fancy-clothed girl said.

This is a clear reference to both Touhou's gameplay and Sakuya's character, which we know to be Distinct.

However, Distinct has already used his power, and is fairly useless to the mafia currently. So let's kill the Godfather, BobtheBlob, also known as the Joker from Batman, with the power of "Godfather/Bulletproof".

TL;DR: #vote BobtheBlob

Oh, and you should probably also be aware of the people who will convince you against voting for Bob, the other mafia:

Rmanimal: Mario, with the power of communist (A reference to the Game Theory episode where Mario is evil, insane, and a communist.)

Nahfackler is: Meta Knight, with the power of Vanisher.

And of course Distinct, who I mentioned above. Checkmate.


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Jan 4, 2014
Agreed with the fact that we need to see an inactivity penalty. It's the same 2/3 people talking in thread whilst the "elite group" of experienced players win the game in private without involving everyone.


Not a Peon
Nov 3, 2013
I genuinely apologize for that. We wanted to be able to use our powers in order to catch the mafia when they least expected it, and this seemed like the best plan to do so.

We're not "elite players" of any sort. Creeper2685 was in our group, and he's a recent player. There was no bias for when a user started playing mafia. We just simply checked random players and hoped we could find allies, and those we found happened to have powers that could work together, under the circumstances that we find enough mafia to kill them all in one big phase.

To be fair, none of the people in our current group were approached by anyone else. We were the ones who went to people and tried to establish connections in the hope that we could get as many innocents as possible in one single coalition. We took plenty of chances in order to include as many people as possible, but you can't always leap into something uninformed and unprepared.

5 out of the 16 players were in our alliance. 7 of the 16 were mafia or clown. 1 innocent died the night we checked them. I'd say we did a pretty good job, only missing 3 people.
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Omnipotent Bat Overlord
Jun 20, 2014
I guess I'd have to trust what you say, blie, if we want to survive and win the game against the mafia.

#vote BobtheBlob


Elite parkourist / MOTW coordinator
Jan 19, 2015
#Vote BobTheBlob
Why do you guys think mario is evil, I'm an innocent!


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Oct 27, 2013
Vote Tally:

BobtheBlob: 6 (Blie, Halex, Sleek, rman, nahfackler, Zath)

Just over 5 hours left!


A Very Blobby Blob, That Happens To Be Called Bob.
Feb 1, 2014
Well, it appears I'm a bit stumped here, let me say I have NOTHING to do with the others, nah,rman and distinct.


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Oct 27, 2013

"This party didn't go quite as planned. It's not as fun as I'd thought it'd be."

"It's people like you... they are way too serious."

"They want revenge on everyone and everything."

"It blinds people. They think they have plans when really all they do is betray themselves."

"Do you want to know how I got these scars? It's because of people like you. HAHAHAHAHA!"

"Shut the fuck up you stupid clown."



Almost the entire town was up. They agreed on who had to die. Their strategy was finally paying off.

This would be the fall of the godfather.

But strangely enough, when they appeared where they'd tracked him down, all they found was a dead person.

A dead clown.

"Oh fuck, we got the wrong Godfather!", somebody shouted.


Vote Tally:

Bobtheblob: 6

Bobtheblob has died! He was (click to expand):

You are The Joker, the famous villain from the Batman series of Comic Books and whatnot. You are a very mysterious villain, because your goals are never quite clear, neither is your heritage.
In this game, you are the Godfather/Bulletproof of the 'Clowns' 3P, which means you have control over your teammates actions, what you say will stand over anything your teammates mightve picked as actions themselves etc. However, you will show up as this on cop/detective checks as well, so be prepared. You can also evade a death once in the game.

Role: The Joker
Series: Batman
Alignment: Clowns
Power: Godfather/Bulletproof

The Clowns have lost!

*clapping sounds*

It came from behind us. I had a very bad feeling about this. Like usual, I guess, but this time it was really bad.

Like a premonitive feeling of being about to die.

"You couldn't guess how right you are."

Four people appeared behind us.

A maid.
A janitor.
A mexican knight.

a dog.

"So I guess we've won then.", the Janitor said.

"Piece of Cake. I'm not even mad that I didn't get to clean anything. At least that way I cannot get trolled by Beginners again, I'm telling you."

"Okay, are you finished?", the maid said. "I need to get back to Gensokyo and have a random tea party with everyone. Besides that, I think it's about time I throw away this fake brown hair wig."

"Si.", the knight said. "Now I can finally get back to face the Star Warrior!"

"Who're-a-you talking to, eh?", some italian looking guy from the crowd said.

"The devil himself."

"Whoa, seriously?"


And with a swift movement he killed the person.


rmanimal has died in Endgame! He was (click to expand):

You are Mario, the people's heroic plumber! That's right, in this game, you have come to the realization that all fan theories about you are true which makes you a communist!
In order to manifest your marxist ideals in this game, you have control over the day's voting tally once in the game, and you can reset it so all players have equal votes, which basically nullifies the vote tally for that day!

Role: Mario
Series: Super Mario Bros.
Alignment: Innocent
Power: Communist

"You guys are right. It's about time we won. Especially because we dispatched of all serious threats that early in the game. We didn't even have any kind of opposition! Hah!"

The four people began laughing.

Suddenly, someone stormed at them.

"Not like this. I will end you right now! RAAAAAH!"

He did some weird martial-arts-styled moves. However, he was shot before anything happened.


IanAnth has died in Endgame! He was (click to expand):

You are Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation (or simply Zuko), from the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. While your goals in the series may seem a little... evil at points, you have chosen to join the innocents in this game!
You can use your Fire Bending powers at a day phase to create yet another day phase which will take place immediately after the one you use this power in, but you can only do this once in the game!

Role: Zuko
Series: Avatar - The Last Airbender
Alignment: Innocent
Power: Pyro

"Okay, according to my informations, there should be two more 'players' left.", the Janitor said.

"Idk, most of the time I get the feeling like I'm just a person in a webcomic that's pretending to be a point-and-click game and theres also a mouse sometimes, so I don't exactly feel like I'm the player an-"

"Shut up.", the maid said.

Suddenly, a portrait of her flashed before everyones eyes and patterns of bullets began flying towards the fellow who just spoke up.

"Well, at least the Clowns are dead. Fuck Clowns tbh."


Zatharel has died in Endgame! He was (click to expand):

You are John Egbert, also known as ectoBiologist, from the webcomic Homestuck. You are stuck in your house, being assaulted by your dad (more or less), while you're waiting for your beta copy of the famed online game "Sburb" to arrive. And summarizing anything else of the hilriously complex plot of Homestuck would blow away the length of this rolecard completely. Also, you don't like clowns. And they're everywhere in your house.
Because of the very confusing nature of your source material, it is currently unknown what role you have! Sorry!

Role: John Egbert
Series: Homestuck
Alignment: Innocents
Power: ???
He actually was the Loudmouth/Granny. Every time somebody visited him, which only happened once in-game, the visitor would be announced in the thread. If a Clown ever visited him, they would've died.


The best user.
Oct 27, 2013
"Okay, fine, I surrender!"

The last remaining Innocent stood at a cliff which suddenly appeared.

And he jumped.

"Oh, nobody would give up that easily. He probably just faked his death, let's go down there and shoot him already.", the dog commanded.

At the bottom, the Detective was just preparing to scoot off, when the hit squad appeared.

"Ugh, this is why I hate people."


Blie4 has died in Endgame! He was (click to expand):

You are Sherlock Holmes, the world's only consulting detective! More accurately, his 2010 BBC incarnation.
Your role is quite simple, you are the Detective. However, as opposed to regular detectiv/cop checks, you will only be given a characters name and their role, not their alignment. While it should be pretty obvious most of the time who belongs to which alignment, watch out for false friends!

Role: Sherlock Holmes
Series: Sherlock
Alignment: Innocent
Power: Detective

"It really was that simple, huh?"

"I've finally reached closure."

"Ever since that day..."

"The day my friends betrayed me after I gave them everything, including betraying myself and the people who had faith in me before them."

"The day the cycle ended."

"The day I threw away my existence and became the troll I was meant to be!"

"It was a long road, it required some insane time-travelling/teleporting, but we've managed to dispose of everything which could come close to being a threat."

"This is the end of the story."

"You have lost."


The lights went out. Darkness reigns in the multiverse.

Evil has won at last.


The remaining players:

DistinctMadness as Sakuya Izayoi (click to expand):

You are Sakuya Izayoi, a character from the Touhou series. You have starred as the maid of the main villain, Remilia Scarlet, in the game Touhou 06: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, and also as a playable character in some other games of the series. You have found a new master now, however, which has led you into this mess of a game.
You have the power Cryo. As a Cryo, you can create an artificial night phase once in the game (this can only be used during a night phase and affects the day phase directly after that).

Role: Sakuya Izayoi
Series: Touhou
Alignment: Mafia
Power: Cryo

SleeknFoxy as The Janitor (click to expand):

You are The Janitor, a true master of your job! You appear in the sitcom Scrubs, and you are mostly seen antagonizing the series' protagonist, JD. You are also a very mysterious person, because your real name isn't even revealed during most of the series!
Of course your power is the Janitor as well. Once in the game, you can clean up behind your team's nightkill and it will not be revealed which role they had upon dying (only who died will be made public)!

Role: The Janitor
Series: Scrubs
Alignment: Mafia
Power: Janitor

nahfackler as Meta Knight (click to expand):

You are Meta Knight, the mysterious warrior from the Kirby series! You command a giant airship called the 'Halberd', and you're also infamous for being absolutely OP in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Your power is Vanisher. You can make a person 'vanish' during the following day phase every 2 night phases, and they will neither be allowed to talk nor vote in the game thread/anywhere else that day. (Unless they have some sort of immunity against it.)

Role: Meta Knight
Series: Kirby
Alignment: Mafia
Power: Vanisher


halex44 as Himself! (click to expand):

Yes, you are yourself, Halex44. After famously fucking up everything in the last round you have finally found your ultimate purpose in life, which is to fuck up everything even more. Also you are still salty because of how your "teammates" killed you at the end of Minr Mafia 6.
You are the Godfather, which means you have control over your teammates actions and the nightkills, what you say will stand over anything your teammates mightve picked as actions themselves etc. You will still appear as Link, the Innocent Time Traveller on cop checks and the like, however.

Role: Halex44
Series: Zero.Minr.Org
Alignment: Mafia
Power: Godfather
The Innocents have lost!

The Mafia has won the game!

Thank you for playing!!!





The best user.
Oct 27, 2013
If I havent't completely miscounted this, the final standing was 4-4 Innocent-Mafia (before it was 4 - 1 - 4 with Bob as the last remaining clown), which means the Mafia has fulfilled the win condition of equalling the amount of remaining players.

Also Ian was silenced (vanished, by the meta knight role) this last phase which is why he didn't participate in case you were wondering


Not a Peon
Nov 3, 2013
Well, that didn't turn out quite as I expected.

How our plan failed: The godfather we killed wasn't mafia, and Ian was silenced so he couldn't use the three-day power.

The biggest flaw: when we checked Halex, he appeared as Link the Time Traveler. Halex explained this to us as a reference to when he was the vigilante in Freak's previous game, and so we trusted him. Ultimately, that was our true undoing, as Halex was the one doing most of the planning in our group. (He was the Godfather.)

Either way, this was a very fun game, even if we failed pretty bad. Again, I apologize for not including other people in our group, but when you have a secret mafia in it, it's pretty hard to gain control. >.>

Nonetheless, great game, and I look forward to hosting the next game, Minr Mafia 17: The Infinity Maze!


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Oct 27, 2013
As you can see in the Clown QT, I've been experimenting a lot with their playstyle. This is why I put some imo more capable players in that party, because you needed to have a strategic approach to come out on top.

The Innocents were decided with a lot of counter-roles which were intended to be used to heavily manipulate the game in their favor, however this would've required teaming up, so I tried to make that part harder by nerfing the cop/detective role, leaving the clown party in the darkness at the beginning, and including some false friends.

One of the biggest ones was rman's role (Mario). The way that came to be (Innocent Communist), was basically that it was the last remnant of the "original" version of this game that I have developed in 2014. In it, a team of Innocent Communists (each with their own characters and roles as well), would have had to take down a team of Capitalists infiltrating their ranks. I've also considered putting in a third party, the NSA, as an insititution manipulating everyone from behind the scenes. There were too many flaws with the inital setup I've developed, so I've eventually dropped it, however, some elements including the Mario role and the 3P have carried over from that.

The idea to make this a direct sequel to MM6 was mostly spontaneous. Along with that, I also came up with the idea to put halex as himself into the game as a sorta ultimate troll to everyone. Most of the story was then also made up on the getgo cycling around individual characters (as you've probably noticed). That's also how I made that Endgame post: I used up remaining ideas for "player died" posts that I had and mixed them together with actual player deaths.

Now something on the roles themselves:

Meta Knight was put into the game because I made a joke from this video
in the OP and then I had to pull through with it. It was kinda not what I wanted to have, but I tagged along with the idea.

I also had to put someone from Touhou in, although the way I've set the OP up with that edited Ninja Gaiden .gif, this was a pretty hard task to do. Eventually, I just put Sakuya in because I had a good idea on how to use her (as a one-shot power turning a day phase into a night phase), and explained the rest as I went along.

As a counter to Sakuya I put Zuko in. I actually had him in the game before but I didn't give him a role yet. It kinda fit to give him a role called "Pyro" (which I believe was in my last game as well, although I don't remember if it worked the same way there), because of Firebending and it directly countered Sakuya because it turned a Night Phase into a Day Phase.

This caused some kind of drama in this phase because of how Ian (Zuko) got silenced by the Mafia when he wanted to use his power, and the way I've put it it wasn't clear if this also meant he wasn't going to be able to use his power. I actually however unintentionally did clarify this in the Mafia QT OP, so he wouldn't have gotten to use his power, if the game hadn't ended in this phase.

Dr. House was in the game for the simple reason that I needed a doctor role (figured innocents would need more support than just the Bodyguard), and I couldn't take anyone from Scrubs because I already couldn't resist to put the Janitor from that in (also fit because there's a role just called that, which didn't even come to use though). I've never actually watched a whole lot of that show (House MD) xD

John Cena being a Bodyguard was the best thing I could've come up with. Couldn't resist the "You can't see me" reference here either so I had to put him in.

I originally had a whole lot of anime charcters in the setup which were all scrapped due to the fact that I couldn't find roles for them and not enough players.

The Clown 3P was supposed to be one of the perks for gaining a specific amount of players mentioned in the OP, however, I found the idea to be that good that I just included it anyway despite the fact that I think the original limit I set for that wasn't even met.

John Egbert was on the verge of being scrapped too, however, with the inclusion of the Clown 3P it suddenly all fell into place: I've included him as a counter for that entire party, additionally, a Loudmouth because he needed a bit of a more useful power also against the mafia, so he's more valuable to the innocents. Of course, he (Zatharel) couldn't know that those were his powers, so I've ended up not explaining his powers to him and explaining that with Homestuck being a fucking complicated mess.

The innocents did a good job at deducting information, actually. However they ran into one of the the two traps they could've run into (Halex), the other one being the Mario role (which is a trap theyve nearly stepped into as well), and this is what ultimately ended their game like Blie correctly pointed out above.

Some other roles just fell into place, I included Phoenix Wright because I played a whole Mafia game which had story bits with those gifs I had in one of my posts before, and the opportunity was too nice to pass up.

I was literally lmaoing when I came up with Ronald McDonald for the Clown Party.

Originally, Dimentio from the game Super Paper Mario was planned for the Clown Party, however, this was scrapped due to the fact that I found 8 anti-town players too be too many.

I wanted to include independant roles as well, however, they fell victim to the player limit as well.

One of them was Herobrine from Minecraft as a Serial Killer (this would've probably replaced the Clowns 3P because else there wouldve been too many deaths), and the other one which was more a consideration was Varrick from Legend of Korra as an inventor (kinda like what Piece could do in my last game, give out various items). The reason for that last one was that I just got done watching that while I was writing the concept for this game and I really love that character xD Also another point against him, and Dimentio for that matter, was that I already had characters from their franchises (Mario, Zuko).

I think that's about it.

The Mafia did a great job at pretty much disabling the Clown Party early on, so they didn't get a chance at forming teams with any innocents/the mafia party (yes, the clowns teaming up with the mafia party while giving them a fake win condition was one of the scenarios ive planned for). Idk, I really think the clown party couldve been a serious threat, I had to somehow cut back on nightkills though, which was how the whole magic thing was developed. The Innocents in this game were, as I've already stated above, heavily reliant on Teamwork to stand a chance against these two threats, but then they wouldve had all the counters and majority at votes. The mafia had a lot of one-shot powers as well, so ive actually considered them to be the weakest party before the game started xD (with the only major perk being nightkills, and the QT)

GG everyone, well played! And stay tuned for the next mafia game(s)!
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