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Minr Mafia - Dimensions

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Green #666
Nov 4, 2013
@SleeknFoxy Good Job heh w/ me and Electro.
I had my death sentences in coming regardless.
There was actually a part of me that thought sleek was mafia, but I ended up deciding against it while I was alive. The alarm bells really went off when I died the night after revealing my role, though. There was a reason I waited until day to tell him....

Also, has anyone realized that the way this ended is basically a parallel to Gaiden? The innocents thought they had the win, but halex screwed everything up (legitimately this time) and the mafia didn't lose a single player. What a coincidence.


Omnipotent Bat Overlord
Jun 20, 2014
The only successful lynch was the lynching of Bob, which ironically let the mafia win.
I didn't think that my rolepower was that useful, but there may have been various situations where it could have been used.

Well played everyone and see you in the next game!
Not open for further replies.