Minr Mafia XXVIII: Winter Wonderland

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New Fish
Oct 19, 2021
Mrs Claus emerges from behind the wooden doors. “The Boss will see you now”, she says with a wink. The Chief Elf takes a deep breath – it’s their first year on the job, and Santa has only just woken up from his slumber. The elf enters the office and gets ready to hear exciting tales from the big guy – stories of jolly sleigh rides and merry snowball fights and warm cups of hot cocoa by the fire. But in place of a smile is a deep frown on Santa’s face – something has gone horribly wrong.

“Friend”, Santa says as the Chief Elf takes a seat, “As you know, this year you’re in charge of keeping order in the workshop. Normally, this is an easy task – hell, our last Chief Elf spent most of last year in the lounge stuffing his face with mince pies! But this year, I’m afraid things won’t be so straightforward”.

The elf gasped – they were not prepared for this.

Santa continued, “I’ve been warned of a group of so-called “Mean Elves”. These pesky troublemakers are trying to put us out of business by disrupting our supply line – I knew I shouldn’t be importing all that oil from Norway!” He nearly slammed the table with his fist, but caught himself – he is Santa, after all. He sat up in his chair and readjusted his wolly hat. “What I need from you”, he began, “is to find these rebels and stop them from ruining Christmas. I’d do it myself, but I’m too old for this kind of malarkey. Besides, you could use the practice – maybe something like this will give you the confidence you need to lead”. The Chief Elf sat up and tried to mimic the face of a calm and composed officer, but it was no use. They were scared shitless. “Off you go”, said Santa, smiling that endearing grin of his. “We’re all counting on you”.

With that, the Chief Elf stumbled out of the office. They waited for the doors to slam shut behind them before they set off, half-walk, half-crawl, to their cabin at the back of the factory. After what felt like hours, the elf collapsed onto their bed and stuck their face deep into the pillow. “What have I gotten myself into”, they cried. “Where do I even begin?”

To be continued...

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Ho ho hello!

Welcome to Minr Mafia XXVIII: Winter Wonderland! Myself and 0l are excited to share what we've been working on! In this post we'll go over the basics of the rules and setup, and give you folks an opportunity to sign up (the rules will be in the discord server, so don't worry about learning everything just yet).


As this is a Minr Mafia game, all Minr Mafia rules apply. They can be found here. In addition, we ask that you:

1. Avoid personal attacks or bigotry.
2. Don't edit or delete any messages unless to fix language/grammar mistakes (trust me, we'll know).
3. Only discuss the game in this server's text channels (no discussing the game in voice chat WHATSOEVER).
4. Don't quote private messages from the hosts (paraphrasing is allowed).
5. Don't forget to submit your votes/actions/letters!
6. Have a merry ol' time. :)

Setup Info

If you've never played mafia before, we recommend playing through this short guide. Our setup has many similarities and a few differences compared to past Minr Mafia games, which I'll go over now:

As per usual, this will be a game of an informed minority versus an uninformed majority.

1. Nice Elves are the town faction. They make up the majority of players and are not told who else is in their faction. To win, this faction must eliminate all roles that oppose them.
2. Mean Elves are the mafia faction. They are a small minority of players that begin the game knowing who each other are and have their own private text channel. To win, this faction must eliminate all roles that oppose them.
3. Selfish Elves are neutral. They have no faction, and their win conditions vary from role to role.

Each player will be assigned a role, and each role includes an alignment (faction) and ability. A vague and inspecific role list will be released this weekend.

This game alternates between two phases (if you find the names confusing just think of it as a normal day/night cycle).

1. The Work Phase (day) lasts 24 hours. During this phase, players can communicate over work, write a letter, and fire one player.
2. The Leisure Phase (night) also lasts 24 hours. During this phase, elves are free to roam around and do whatever they need to do. All text chats with the exception of the Mean Elf chat are closed, and players must submit their abilities.
3. All actions/votes/letters are locked in every phase at 7PM GMT and we'll try to make an announcement and start the next phase at 8PM GMT.


So... Santa's Workshop® has run into some financial difficulties, and we might need to lay off some elves. This is of course a troubling topic, and in order to make it fair, we have decided to put this up to a vote! Every work phase, you have the opportunity to fire one elf (the fired elves aren't lynched, that wouldn't be in the holiday spirit ;))

1. At the start of the work phase, every player's vote is placed on themselves.
2. Players can move their votes at any time. However, this change will be logged (i.e. other people can see everyone you've voted for) and they cannot vote for no-one (it's a must-lynch system, at first).

Private Messages
This game uses an original "post office" mechanic.

1. Discord DMs are strictly disallowed.
2. A letter is a message addressed to a single player, and although everyone can write letters, you can only write them during the work phase, and you can only write one per work phase.
3. Each player has a text channel within the server, accessible only by them, where they can write letters. These letters are delivered by us, and are not delivered until the start of the next work phase. Think of it like an actual post office, where letters are delivered every morning.
4. Every leisure phase, the evil Mail Elf (the only role we're confirming will be in the game) is given a list of every letter sent, including the sender and recipient, but not the contents. They can choose to open and read the contents of one of the letters. The opened letter is delivered to its target, and the target is not informed it has been opened.
5. Every leisure phase, each player is given a list of all letters sent to them so far. The list contains the sender and phase sent, but not the contents. Each player can choose to open just one of the letters sent to them. They will receive the full contents of the letter the next work phase. Letters stack up, so you can open a letter you ignored one phase the next work phase if you'd like.

The game ends when a faction or neutral role has eliminated all opposition from the game, or when such a victory is inevitable.


1. The game will begin on Wednesday, December 1st (one week from today).
2. Sign-up is open to all ranks.
3. The game will be run over a Discord server, so you must have a Discord account to play. The invite link will be posted here this weekend.
4. To sign up, just comment below.
5. Sign-ups end on Monday, November 29th. This is so that we have time to assign roles.
6. We aim to accomodate everybody, but we may close sign-ups early if we get too many players.

Participants (will be updated over time)
1. KittyCatElite
2. MarvelFamily
3. Bilou1688
4. Scylite
5. MarstaVidar
6. emmdrews
7. ilovenons
8. Soker
9. _Moosebean0_
10. BTJRedwing
11. LendKaru
12. BurgerSlayin
13. SouFodao
14. thepookabear
15. Buckley06
16. LittleBluBlazer/CaptainGhoul
17. Zatharel
18. BoomerAangD10
19. FrananaSplits
20. BigChunkyBois
21. ElectroUnderwear

22. DahliaSirena
23. Luckylukecraft
24. TunaSurprise
25. TheGloryThief
26. SnakeCrumble
27. Visuumii
28. DarkHawkEyes

We hope you folks'll enjoy playing the game as much as we did making it!
I’m in


going outside is for casuals
Jul 27, 2019

We’ve received far more sign-ups than we ever dreamed possible, thanks so much for the support! Originally, we figured we would close sign-ups if we got past 30, but clearly there’s enough demand that we’d be leaving too many people out in the cold (get it? it’s the North Pole?).

Our solution is simple: we will either run:

ONE really big game, where everyone who signed up gets to play.
TWO normal-sized games, splitting the sign-ups evenly among them.

There is a poll at the top of this thread, and everyone who signed up is invited to vote. The poll will close on Monday, in line with sign-ups.

Sign-ups are still open! If you’re interested, put your name down!


going outside is for casuals
Jul 27, 2019

There’s still 17 people who signed up for this game who haven’t voted in the poll! Please make sure to get your vote in - the poll doesn’t close until Monday but the earlier we get a clear consensus the quicker we’re able to adapt everything to suit the result!

We’ll be opening access to our Discord server tonight - we’ll post a link in this thread and DM it to all participants (if you get a friend request from myself or 0l make sure to accept it, we don’t bite :)).


going outside is for casuals
Jul 27, 2019

Our elf-cellent discord server is ready! Join using the link below. If you haven't signed up, you're free to join and spectate!

Sign-ups are still open. If you're interested, put your name down!