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Minr Mafia XXXI: The Elections

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Apr 21, 2020
It's a bright, shining day in Skyloft City, and the citizens are gathering together for one of the most important times of the year: the election of the new mayor of Skyloft City! However, not everything is as it seems at this particular election. A group of highly skilled mafia agents has infiltrated the election among the citizens and will stop at nothing to get the election rigged in their favor. With no other options, the city police force has also sent a group of their own agents into the election as undercover agents in the hope that they can stop the election being rigged before it's too late.

Welcome to Minr Mafia XXXI: The Elections!

Getting to host mafia is a huge honor for me, and I plan to make the best game possible! Time to go over some game information real quick:

Rules of the Game:

- DMs can be freely created at any point during the day phase of the game. However, you will have to talk to me before opening any DMs with other players(or at least add me to any DMs you open with other players).
- Directly quoting information from me is ILLEGAL and will result in heavy ingame penalties or removal from the game. Taking any screenshots of information that isn't public is also illegal, however paraphrasing is fine.
- Inactive players on teams can have their actions controlled by other players.
- If you're alive, please don't talk to any dead people or spectators about anything within the game!
- All normal mafia rules apply, find them here: https://forums.minr.org/threads/mafia-general-rules-and-tips.318/

Setup Information:

- The game will be split into 72 hours cycles, with 48 hours dedicated to the day phase and 24 to the night phase. During the first 24 hours of the day cycle, players will vote for up to 2 people to stand trial, and during the second 24 hours, players will decide whether to lynch one or neither of the players on trial.
- Voting will be completely public and changeable at any time. There will also be other votes throughout the course of the game other than the lynch vote, be aware!
- The role list will be closed. Mafia players will be provided with a list of their team's roles but no other roles.
- Events will happen over the course of the game that will change things within the game, be ready!

Signing Up:

Signing up is easy! Just reply below in this forum to be added to the game. This has an open amount of players, meaning room for everyone! Signups will remain open until the end of Sunday in my timezone, upon which the game will start shortly after. I ask that you do not sign up for the game if you aren't going to be at least decently active within the game.

The game will take place entirely at the discord server created for it, here's an invite! Even if you're not planning on playing, you can join and spectate the game(which quite honestly is fun as well, or so I hear).


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May 12, 2022
Les go time to combine my 3 favourite things: minr, mafia, and a shitload of new dms


May 29, 2022
Hello esteemed Minr community member Anrein, also known as MarvelFamily. I would like to be added to this round of Minr Mafia please.
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