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Event Minr Puzzle Competition 2020 - bigger area, better prizes and the best puzzles ever!


The Anti-Navigationalist
Oct 29, 2017
Some questions that just came up:

1. If we're working with a judge and place in the top 3, what happens to FFA+ decors? Do they get moved down a place, similarly to prizes? If so, let's say a judge's map places first. Would the second place map then get the first place decor, and so on?

2. When judging a judge's map, who will stand in as the fifth judge? Will you be taking an average of the other judges' scores? Scaling the point system to account for the missing judge? Something else?

3. As of right now, the point system isn't fully clear. Is it just the highest number of points earned (adding the scores of all 5 judges) or the highest overall average of points?

4. Will judges be included in the official rankings (as prizes will be bumped down a place anyways)? If they are, what sort of distinction will be made between maps that have judge contributors and maps that don't? Will places just be duplicated? If not, how will judge maps be factored in? Or will you just do a separate list?


Resident Sleeper
Apr 30, 2017
We've realised that a few things have been a little unclear, so I'm going to clarify some new things that have changed and old things that remain the same.
- In terms of how maps created by judges will be judged, this is what will happen: the remaining judges will judge the map as normal and their scores will be averaged as normal, except there will only be 4 scores to average instead of 5. This should have no effect on potential placing.
- The final score a map receives is the average of each judge's individual score. (i.e. if each judge gave the map the following scores: 10, 11, 9, 12, 10 then the final score would be 10.4).
- Maps created by judges will not be included in the final ranking. They will be put in a separate column/list. (i.e. there will be the 'A-List' of maps made by non-judges and a 'B-List' which exclusively includes the maps by judges).
- Maps will not automatically go into FFA+ based on the score/ranking. Instead, if a map is voted in during the next ballot, its box will feature a special sign indicating its placement in the competition.
I hope this clears things up a bit!
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Good Little Chemist Boy
Nov 5, 2013
Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will no longer be able to judge this competition. However, I will still be supplying the prizes, albeit through Hex.

Good luck to the competitors and the other judges.
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