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Minr, we need to talk


Active Player
Jan 4, 2014
o/ all,

As I'm sure many of you are aware, there's been a lot of PMs and Skype Messages flying around recently between a number of different parties about minigames, minigame hubs and general growth on the server and in which direction this is leading us. There seems to be a myriad of contrasting opinions and it seems to be splitting people up and causing arguments all over the place. I'd suggest that we all talk about it here, as a community, rather than through the tangle of threads that we're currently discussing it over.

I have my own opinion but I'll save it for now and see where we get with this.


Nov 5, 2013
Okay then.

My view on this is that we:
a) don't need a new minigame hub.
b) don't need more generic non-automatic minigames
c) really want minigames so much, we focus on original ones, not PVP/Walls/etc I can find on any number of servers with just one simple Google search.

I don't see what was wrong with the old minigame hub at the bottom of FFA. I specifically remember @jagman77 and I left enough room for at least 4 more games in the current state, and agreed it can be redone if needed. Making a new one just for the sake of making a new one is...silly. If I can remind you, "Free For All" does not say "Maps", meaning that it isn't entirely map oriented, hence the minigame bottom.

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but half of what we have requires either a mod or an op to run. Some of these (like CTF) haven't been run in over a year. What is the point in making a separate hub for things we aren't using anymore? Someone told me that it would be better if we had minigames exclusively just like we do with events. Again, if it would be better, why are we needing a hub?

If we want minigames so badly, why don't we focus on things more original, things you won't find anywhere else? I can type a few words in Google search and I will get thousands of results about minigames like The Walls, PVP and Spleef. Why not focus a bit more on, again, original things instead of providing what everyone else can provide?

That would be all for now.


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
My thoughts:

While I can appreciate tge effort that went in to providing space for minigames in the ffa hub, I personally don't think they belong there because they are not awarding points.

I think a seperate hub for minigames is a good idea because:
  1. It allows the space on ffa to be used for future maps
  2. It makes it easier to organize an event by having a separate area for people to congregate.
  3. It gives us somewhere to put warps to the already existing minigames hiding all over the server that can be expanded independently from ffa.
Thoughts on new minigames:

It's very easy to say "if you're going to make a minigame, at least make an original one", but very difficult to come up with a unique idea. Sure, you can go on any of a number of servers dedicated to minigames and have all this neat automation, but you also have to deal with those communities. What if you're just looking for a quick break from either running or building courses? Personally, I'd rather ask if anyone in the server at that moment is interested in a game than switching servers and dealing with people who are violating every rule and getting away with it because they are friends with the owners irl.

Op requirement thoughts:

As I have stated on other occasions, it is possible to make nearly every one on the minigames able to run without ops. In some cases, you don't even need command blocks. The reason I have not worked on building examples is because I already have several projects on my plate that need to be finished (Vares Sert, Sra repairs and expansions, nether subway, the walls of Vren Kriven, and two secret projects I can only work on when people who always tp to me aren't on) as well as checking in on potential cheating in courses when ncp hits go out of normal latency range.


Nov 2, 2013
I'm actually working on some plugins that would make automatic minigames (just for fun, and i need to learn coding anyways!). If they work 100% correctly, I'd be happy to give them to someone who can put them on a minr server for minigames :)