Minr's Geoguessr Tournament

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Dec 11, 2020
02/08/2021: Gamemode poll merged with the sign up poll
02/08/2021: Added a poll to vote for the gamemode
02/08/2021: Creation of this thread
Hello everyone, Thogin here.
Today, in this new thread, I present to you: *drum roll* a brand new event about Geoguessr!
It will work as followed:

Placement rounds:
We are going to use the Battle Royale system, 5 to 9 players at a time.
* Vote for the gamemode down bellow *
These players will be randomly chosen between all the contestants.
Every round will give you points. For example, finishing first could give 5 points, second could give 4 points, etc..
The number of placement rounds will be determined when I'll get the number of contestants.

The players with the most points will then compete for the first place.
To determine who is the winner, it will be the first player who wins 2 games.

This event will happen on the 5-6-7 of march

To participate, please respond to this form.
I will then add you to this list:

- Thogin (host)
- MeisterXehanort
- ilovenons
- BTJRedwing
- pieceofcheese
- KittyCatElite
- Dobby728
- Schylah
- Bilou1688

- thepookabear
- Jaabus
- TheGloryThief
- DarkHawkEyes
- Tiguy1688
- JadeArianwen
- duckle
(If 24 hours has passed and you're still not on this list, please PM me)

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Nothing! Only the host needs a pro account.

Q: When can I sign up?
A: You can sign up right now, up to 1 week before the event (It might be full before that).

Q: I made a mistake in the poll, can I fix it?
A: Yes, ask Thogin#1665 on discord.

Q: Is googling allowed?
A: No, the point of this tournament is to only use your knowledge.

Q: Can I join even though I have a different time zone?
A: Yes, I tried to include everyone, from morning to evening (in EST time).

Please PM me if you have a question about the game.
Information will be added/modified until the start so watch the update section at the top from time to time.
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