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Name Origins


The Anti-Navigationalist
Oct 29, 2017
Bailey was the name of my dog and best friend! I had him for ten years (since I was eight) before he passed away this past May :' ). We were pretty inseparable, so I guess it seemed fitting to 12-year-old me. The 06 is arbitrary; I'm pretty sure I just thought it flowed nicely (the more time passes, the more people think that I was born in 2006, which is a little bit terrifying). The name stuck and I'm so used to people calling me Bailey that it's basically a second name to me - I doubt I'll ever change it. Plus, it's a nice way to remember my buddy <3.

Here are some extra photos <3



New Fish
Oct 6, 2019
My story is pretty lame :p/

When I was 12, I created my gamertag for Xbox, and since I was 12 it was the most atrocious thing imaginable. Constructed from my favorite words at the time, "epic" and "awesome", I added in some cool numbers and a snazzy "k" to create... 3p1kaw3som312.

Of course, being the hoarder that I am, I couldn't stand to get rid of it, so it followed me across the internet for years.

Until one day, one of my friends was playing TF2 with me, and he complained about my horrific name. Citing various reasons like ease of typing, interesting name-based interactions, and basic legiblity, he requested that I update my online persona.
"Well, what should I change it to?" I asked petulantly.
"I don't know, captain space cat or something!" He responded.

And thus, my name was born.


Active Player
Sep 28, 2017
Hello World!

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Git who?
<<<<<<<< HEAD
Git this joke over with.
Git on with the assignment!
>>>>>>>> master