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Name Origins


Birb Master
Mar 2, 2019
One thing I often notice about gamers are their odd usernames. This, of course, applies to Minecraft as well. Here, you can post the origin of your username.

I’ll start.

I actually get quite a few comments on my username. Many have assumed it’s a reference to... something, but it’s actually much different. When I was young, probably around my fourth grade year, I was writing comic books with my brother. We created a character known as “the bad guy,” who had just had his life saved by the main characters and was now trying to shoot them for some reason.
In this comic world, there are things known as potions. They come in many types, and the bad guy was obsessed with “big potions.” These potions increase the size of the person who ingests it. At one point in the story, the bad guy has a ton of what he believes to be big potions, but are actually filled with water. While drinking, he speaks the line: Big, Big, So Big! The bad guy was renamed to Big soon after.

EDIT: Realized I double posted :3
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New Fish
Aug 5, 2019
I was 8 when I made the username ( origins in Minecraft actually ) it combines the 2 shows I watched and liked most at the time: Power Rangers Samurai and Star Trek: The next Generation, which has a character called Worf ( a Klingon and security officer) in it.


Finally figured out how to change this thing.
May 23, 2019
I was playing super monkey ball as a kid and you only get three letters to enter your name so I shortened my to das. The sull got attached later when das was taken for usernames, so I added more of my name getting sulldas.


Well-Known Player
Apr 13, 2017
I thought of how cats are like ninjas(sneak around/jump high) when brainstorming a new name so I decided on the name Ninja_Cat_. I believe NinjaCat was already taken at the time.

Cats are the best ninjas after all :)


May 13, 2015
(Late-2012) Charles102801 — Just my first name and birthday.
(Feb. 7, 2015) The_Fire_Ghoul — Unsatisfied with my previous name, I wanted something "cooler". This is based on the skin I had at the time and still do to this day. It resembles some sort of fiery ghost-like entity, so that's what I came up with.
(May 29 2019) _Fire_ — I was pretty lucky to acquire this OG-looking name, as 8 other people have had it, apparently. Wanting similar to but simpler than "The_Fire_Ghoul", I just randomly tested "_Fire_" on the availability checker and it happened to be open, so I changed it, not knowing that this had just become available a couple months ago.


Board Grandpa
Jul 26, 2016
Used to be hexagonvoid for reasons I have since forgotten. The hex part was always the important one to me, so I changed my name to TheHexer when name changing rolled around because people usually called me Hexa or Hexagon and I wanted them to call me Hex. It worked fairly well.

Fun fact my identity for a while was an enderman in a fedora (a skin I made for myself). It was very not good.


Lord of the Creepers
Nov 2, 2013
Many people think that the 198 is supposed to be my birth year, but it didn’t fit. These people are fools @NoSi. My brother made his Minecraft account before me, and wanted to be blazeman because he thought blazes were cool. However, that was taken, so it gave him the random numbers 198 and he put them in to become blazeman198. When I made my account, I liked explosions so I went with the explodey things in MC, and then did the same format as my brother. I’ve considered changing my name over the years to null_string or some variant of that, which is what I go by in most other games, but I’ve become so ingrained in this community as creeperTNTman198 that I’ll never change away from that name.
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going outside is for casuals
Jul 27, 2019
Jon isn’t my real name, but I like the sound of it and I thought it would work fine as an internet nickname. Bimblesticks is an insult from the Of Mice and Men movie that I took a liking to.
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Cake at Stake...
Jan 4, 2019
I'm a fan of the BFDI series, so that's the first part. I got 5346 by typing random letters in the middle of the keyboard, and I catch on with it.
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Rarely in a pickle!
Oct 7, 2016
I was on my way to get a stuffed white tiger just like my brother. I was so excited. I was going to get a tiger and name him ... "pickles" yeah that's the name! pickles the tiger! But then I saw these stuffed cheetahs and oh my god they were cute. So I get a stuffed cheetah and name it pickles. Years later, I'm playing this game Realm of the Mad God, and my default name is "Rilr." After a lot of time and attatchment to that name I decide on the custom name "Rilrcheeta" (10 letter limit) after testing the feature with the name "awthcheeta" (short for aw the cheetah!). This morphs into the 16 characters picklesthecheeta when I decide i wanna try out the hip new game minecraft (untrue i was actually playing on my friends' acount at the time but after begging i finally got my own!) Now last january I had that account stolen, and pooka bought me a new one <3. I've gotten very close to the name picklesthecheeta after all these years, so i bash my head on the keyboard and thought it'd be such a meme to bastardize my name into pockleshetcheeto.


Actually not that lucky
Sep 28, 2014
My name is not... about me being lucky. Really, there was this one comic I used to read a lot when I was still young and it was pretty well-known in the Netherlands and Belgium. The comic was called "Lucky Luke". Once people caught on that my name was Luke, I received the nickname Lucky Luke, because… I'm not sure, to be honest. Perhaps because there weren't many people named Luke in the Netherlands (since it's a English/British name), who knows. Since we're playing in Minecraft, I just added 'craft' to it and I guess the name rolled pretty well.



Kitty #2
Apr 12, 2014
As a kid, I drew an anime character named Sakamoto from Nichijou, he was my favourite black cat. I added the colour red onto the eyes because black cats with red eyes looks intimidating and cool. I do believe the curse from the black cats who walked past people would give them bad luck, and I felt like I brought my bad luck on anyone. It made me realized that I AM a black cat.


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