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Rick Rolling


Old Green
Nov 2, 2013
So, me and forgot (mainly forgot) have been ricking rolling people. and i wanted to start a thread that shows whenever you do it successfully. OH and when you do, post a pic
Lemme start it off


Custom title
Oct 26, 2013
I remember doing this YEARS ago.

Only because you guys are wonderful, I went back and did it to my engineering friends on a university-hosted forum.
To view the page, just click "Read only" and type the password "guest". They only require the password so you can't get to the section on project ideas and patents.
I'm so proud I could fool them so easily, got at least five people already XD


Nov 2, 2013
Allright so I never have really understood the concept of this whole rickrolling. Its basically just sending a video to someone, and if they watch it, what is a natural occurrence of curiosity, you somehow pranked them? Why that?

I once was gonna prank my friend like this though, cause at that time period, everyone seemed to do it at my school, so why shouldn't I? I send him the link, he watched it, and so my first rick-roll victim came into existence. I was proud back then, but as i look back at it, What was my intention?

I used to give multiple people the link to that video, and watch them all rage because they watched it. Looking back now, I shouldn't have done that, since I actually don't really like people raging. But hey, i was young and didn't know that much back then.

Now i know you will all think that it is cool and fun to rickroll people, but i still cant figure out whats the whole intention of it. Its just a song people?

My friends gave up rickrolling people at one time, because they didn't see the fun of it anymore, or it simply was forgotten. I never asked cause i didn't want to remind them of the whole song, maybe they thought i was rickrolling them again.

Starting then, i never rickrolled a single person in my life anymore. I totally grew over it, until i saw this thread. I really don't like people raging, but i believe that if you perform a good rickroll, they can laugh about it as well.

So, i was gonna go to some chatroullette based website to try and prank people, but i came to the conclusion i actually hate those sites. So i went back to youtube to randomly watch video's again. But i wanted to prank someone, so i kept thinking of a way, and I kept trying to prank people.

While trying, I let them fool me instead most of the time. I cant really say how many times I've been rickrolled instead. I came to the conclusion I'm not that great in rickrolling at all. But i kept thinking, cause there had to be a way

And most of you will probably think that it wouldn't be that hard to rickroll people. Its just sending them a link, 90% chance they click on it! But unfortunately, it was a bit more difficult for me, so I had a hard time rickrolling people.

I actually was down, dissapointed, and a bit humiliated that i could not accomplish to rickroll any people. I kept trying, and kept failing.. And kept being rickrolled myself. But I'm not that kind of person who just leaves it at that, no, I must find someone i could rickroll!

And indeed, I never thought i would manage to do so, but I finally managed to find a way to rickroll people, without them suspecting to be rickrolled. And i tried it, but still, I failed. This was very frustrating for me, since i tried so hard without any success.

Now, i was gonna try again. But this time something big, something unexpected! I was going to push the video directly in front of their eyes! If i only could find a way to enter their computer and let it pop up... But that seemed to surreal to do, so i got rid of that idea.

It feels i run around in circles now. Try to rickroll someone, and fail. Think of a better plan, and fail again. Get rid of some plans, try again, and get rickrolled myself. I Have to be able to rickroll someone.. don't I?

I once turned around in wolly mammoth, my beloved HC4 course. And, i should expected it from kadd, I got rickrolled. With signs, in a map. What a giant troll that was. Well, this was around my lowest point. I got rickrolled by an inanimate object. And i myself cant rickroll anyone it seems.

For this story, and only a part of all my failures listed, I tried to do something nice though. I wanted to let you all see how i tried and failed every single time again. I sure hope it did work, and you see the struggle i had to get through.

I've seen a desert. And actually, it seemed quite nice there. No people around, No-one who can ever rickroll you! unless camels suddenly can talk and sing. But still, it wasn't what i was looking for. I could never rickroll anyone else there could i? So i left back home, and i tried my best to rickroll at least one person again. Even though i still do not see why you should do it, and whats the problem with the song.

I now hope you read this whole text. If you did, you have seen me attempt and fail a lot. There is one time i succeeded to do it though. And if you are really curious of how i did it and where, The only thing left to do now is to read the 4th word of every paragraph.


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
Never been a victim of rick rolling. People almost always give away a hint that they are lying about what a video is. And if they don't say what it is, I don't click.