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Rules regarding discord


Oct 26, 2013
It's been brought to my attention that there was some excessive use of bad language last night on discord during tar.

So i'd like to layout some ground rules regarding discord.

Discord was introduced for a trial and to bring the community closer together as well as keep in contact with some of our less active players that don't have enough time on their hands. So far the trial has gone really well and it's clear the community like this new system. We are generally a mature server an allow swearing to some extent as long as it's not aimed directly at other players, however when it comes to discord voice chat i want to narrow down that swearing should be kept minimal as many of our players may be using speakers when using this discord voice chat. I think it's safe to say that parents of some of our players would highly disapprove of the bad language being used.

The rules.

  • No spamming - We are looking at incorporating zero server chat to discord. This will give people the chance to talk to players in game but may also create spam in game, i intend to make general discussion the default chat in zero to avoid pointless discussion in zero.
  • Keep swearing to a minimum - Be aware of your surroundings some people are offended by profanity and realistically there is no need for it. I plan on creating more voice channels soon so if you are playing a game with a friend alone on a separate channel sure go for your life when swearing but please keep swearing to a minimum in main chat and main voice channels.
  • No bullying, trolling or being rude to any players - This is a big one we expect a maturity from our green membership, you part represent the server so being rude to other players is a big no.
  • Keep caps to a minimum - Self explanatory.
  • Do not post URL's to disturbing or pornographic content
  • No giving answers away - Discord chat is logged, do not help other players with answers for zero.
  • Have a problem with a player? Report them using the forum report system - Do not engage if a player is being nasty or rude, report them using the forum report system and a mod/op will deal with the situation. Ops/Mods if you need a log contact me.
  • Feel free to invite your friends to our discord.
  • Do not create a duplicate account to imitate an op or a mod or any other player for that matter.
  • Please change your nickname to suit your in game name. (Right click name then change nickname)

If you think a certain channel should be added suggest it here :)
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Oct 26, 2013
A few things in relation to these rules.

Players seem to think that these rules do not stand in voice chat.

Over the past couple of weeks people have joked about suicide, kidnapping and told other players to kill themselves whilst this may have been seen as a joke we have a duty to ensure that this is a safe environment for all of our players. This is a gaming community and discord is meant for a link with that gaming community.

If we deem that there are any future serious threats of suicide or any other extreme law breaking threats and/or cyber-bullying which may harm other people or yourselves it will be taken seriously. Your IP will be traced to your location and your details will be handed to your local authorities to be dealt with in accordance with them. Your actions may end up with the police at your front door, if you make such threats.

If you are feeling down, being bullied and contemplating doing something drastic we urge you to contact the necessary authorities.

Suicide Prevention America
Help and support groups in the UK
Suicide Prevention Canada

Lifeline Australia

If in doubt google suicide prevention and talk to someone, they CAN help.

We ask that all players remain vigilante regarding the rules we have set, if you need to contact staff use the report form, take screenshots if necessary. Or in more urgent matters please contact them directly on discord.


The 28th Doctor.
Oct 27, 2013
Your IP will be traced to your location and your details will be handed to your local authorities to be dealt with in accordance with them. Your actions may end up with the police at your front door, if you make such threats.


The best user.
Oct 27, 2013
*goes down to his knees and puts his hands behind his head*

E: okay idk why this was disliked but this was jokingly referring to the fact that it said the ip of violators would be reported to authorities
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minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
The issue is probably that this is a VERY serious matter towards which joking is not looked well upon, freak.

This should go without saying, but the fact that chillers post had to be made shows otherwise. Whether you are on the minecraft server or not, ALL of the minr rules apply when using the services that are made available to the community. it will never be a case where it is "just voice chat".