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Shortcuts Uberfun list 1

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Jan 19, 2015
We seriously need a subforum for shortcut reporting...

1. Atari-
You can easily do 1/2 of pong room by sprintjumping from the entrance to one of the black wool blocks in mid-air.
2. Ghidora Manor-
A. You only need one, and one of any item, to get into the manor.
B. You can preset the door to the basement
C. You can skip the entirety of the Labyrinth by jumping on the indent in the wall and then onto the nether brick blocks, then fall down to where you want. Fig. 1 should explain better.
3. Wool Endless-
A. You can jump from the cyan wool ladder facing the iron bars to the 1st of the green ladder jumparounds, skipping green almost entirely. See Fig. 2
B. Through the Northern opening in the red wool structure, you can hit the checkpoint when sprinting from the blocks almost directly above the orange cp sign.
4. Wretched Earth-
A. This can be done either way. Set yourself on fire then damage boost in 2 ways:
I: On the roof of the 1st building, onto the fence not reachable via normal parkour. then logically onto the cobble wall. You can go up to the parkour before the wine cellar maze.
II: On the ground and to the west, vault over that set of fences, then come down into the final building set before the lab.
B. Before the guessing game building at the final set of buildings before the lab, run on the iron bars, up the trees, and head onto the middle and into the space with the strange mossy cobblestone.
5. Resource Parkour-
A. You can bring in potions
B. In snow, you can go as far south as possible to the quartz pk beacon of jump boost that activates. Then do a few jumps and onto the ice blocks.

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