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[Suggestion] Shadowbans


Sep 17, 2020
I suggest that there would be a new type of punishment - a shadowban. The user is technically banned from the server, but it is not apparent.
What would a shadowban do:
- Prevent chat messages from being sent to the server, but still display them in the chat for the shadowbanned user.
- Do not submit ANY completion times to the server.
- There "magically" becomes a server error while trying to join HC.
- Points accumulated during a shadowban will be shown in the point total for the user, but it will not unlock anything nor actually becomes logged for others.
- All lobbies and maps will "somehow" be empty.

This is so people just don't hop on an alt when they see "banned".


Sep 21, 2020
What's with you and being obsessed with bans?
Anyway, I hope your suggestion isn't implemented. Shadowbans are a tool for psychopathic admins who are incapable of putting themselves in the shoes of others. It might seem like a good idea, until one day you're the one getting shadowbanned. How would you feel if it felt like everyone is just ignoring you, especially when you start asking people what's wrong with HC?
If you're worried about the use of an alt account, that's what IP bans are for.


Bird Enthusiast
Mar 2, 2019
I wasn't going to comment on this, but I have another reason why traditional bans are a much better idea.

Imagine spending hours; heck, days, on a red difficulty parkour map. You are extremely proud of your accomplishment, and happily click the end sign. However, the "Player completed (Map name here)!" chat message doesn't pop up. Even worse, your completion isn't even recorded, thus, all the time you spent was for naught. This would distress anyone.

Traditional bans are the way to go.

Plus, imagine blues who have been shadowbanned coming onto the forums and complaining about HC not working. How would we break the news to them?


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
While I understand you are looking to solve the issue of ban-bypass, this in not the way to go about it. A ban needs to be visible to everyone for two main reasons: 1) to show the community at large that the staff cares enough about the health of the community to actually enforce the rules, 2) to let the individual know that their actions were unacceptable and they need to correct their behavior if they want to be a member of the community.

This "shadow ban" concept just opens opportunity for distrust and corruption. How does the average player know the difference between it and a legitimate issue? What prevents a member of staff using it to try to sneakily deal with a grudge?

Implementation of such a system would destroy thus community. Against


New Fish
Mar 9, 2021
- Prevent chat messages from being sent to the server, but still display them in the chat for the shadowbanned user.
- There "magically" becomes a server error while trying to join HC.
- All lobbies and maps will "somehow" be empty.
I've never once seen a server issue / major glitch like these that you're describing. If I was to cheat on a server as great at this, it wouldn't be done lightly. Cheating and then this happening would be more than a little suspicious.

I'm not sure if the discussion is over but I just wanted to say this. :)