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TOP 55 Maze point scorers of all time!


Oct 26, 2013
So today i took the painstaking task of going through the top 55 UUID's of the 27500 entries we have!
Yes that means over 27500 people have completed at least 1 map on Zero post maze point system. Quite an accomplishment.

On this list it's safe to assume admin and possibly mod points are incorrect due to setting up mazes etc!

Here are the top 55 congratulations to those who have made this list, what an incredible accomplishment!


Link to full spreadsheet of UUID's

AJDJ 9047
C_dric 666
Minty1111 587
Rmanimal 586
rickyboy320 566
MinecraftMan8 549
SleeknFoxy 538
henniboy321 509
Bananbulle 503
Zatharel 481
pieceofcheese87 472
andershma 453
Mario_Blue 444
magicdem0n11 422
Freakworld 412
Red_Eyed_Cat 411
Gravebound 351
AtomicAdam0 339
CreepaShadowz 339
SpookyBE 334
Greenberry35 328
Dexstroy 327
1900JPinoy 321
DistinctFreedom 311
agwR0CKS 310
chunkyboy12 305
PhosphatePO4 303
awkward_hamster 302
nerpco 287
rebplane 276
salster31 273
zdemon98 263
ReshiramPlaysPVP 261
Crafter237 260
FrogTheFabulous 260
robochicken1001 241
DavidMonzter 238
halex44 237
alex_r02 234
OMGItsMetalGear 234
ElectroUnderwear 233
BobTheBlob2001 228
simonr02 222
Thefettestpig 212
lBlowable 208
_Benjymon_ 206
TheGreatGoldini 202
MT_Hairy_Hindu 201
FartyPhartFast 198
Sir_Pineapples 195
Torturing 191
Tacopizza7 189
Megamonkey696969 186
Alpharita 178
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Old Green
Nov 2, 2013
25th, also about half of those points were from mazes alone. I tried to complete them all but fell short at snowstorm. Curse you aj!


Omnipotent Bat Overlord
Jun 20, 2014
3rd all time! All aboard the train for 2nd place! Pretty sure rmanimal should be first place like zath said, since he is the only non-staff above MinecraftMan8


Oct 26, 2013
I would love to write a script pulling this data and listing it on a website, but unfortunately my capabilities are limited when it comes to this. It' would also be great to intergrate a similar feature with timings.