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    Welcome to one of the oldest Minecraft servers and communities in the world! Zero.minr.org dates back over 13 years and has been consistently providing endless hours of fun and excitement for players from all over the globe. With an uptime of 99%, you can count on us to be here for you whenever you're in the mood for some challenging minecraft parkour, puzzles and mazes.

    Our server is home to over 600+ challenges, each designed to keep you engaged and entertained for months on end. These challenges have been created, tested and curated by our green membership community, who are true experts in all things challenges! Our community is made up of some of the most dedicated and skilled players, who have completed our Hardcore set of challenges and continue to create new and innovative experiences for our server.

    At our core, we are strongly committed to fair play and against any form of pay-to-win features. We have been privately funded since our inception, which has allowed us to provide a level playing field for all our players, free of any hidden advantages. This dedication to fair play has resulted in a thriving community where everyone has a chance to excel and showcase their skills.

    So why not join us and become a part of something truly special? Who knows, you may even have what it takes to create a challenge that will remain on our server for years to come. Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer to the game, we look forward to welcoming you to our server.

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What are your favourite moments on Zero?


Well-Known Player
Oct 26, 2017

Getting the Elusive Green Rank in 2017: After taking roughly a four year hiatus from minr, and playing countless hours of Factions I was bored. I remembered back to the many hours me and KimbosIPA spent raging playing Aquarium in 2013. At the time for this rotation this was the 3rd hardcore map. At the time it felt practically impossible. When we typed in the server IP much to our suprise the server was still up and running. Soon we got blue rank and began HC. Hardcore was a breeze this time around and it only took us two weeks as opposed to the two total weeks it probably took us to give up on aquarium. Beating hardcore with Kimbo is by far one of the best experiences i've had on minr and I wouldn't trade the memories for anything.
Finally beating Aquarium: This one doesn't need to be explained in terrible amounts of detail, this was the first red map I had ever beaten and it was important because It made me realize I just had to put time and effort and I could beat tough maps.
Publishing my first map after two years being green: When I first got green I thought building was lickity split and thought I could pump something out in 2 weeks and it would be a decent build. WRONG. I failed miserably, and along with that went my passion for building as well as passion for minr. I felt more than a bit embarassed and took another 8 month hiatus from minr. Getting back to minr was a whole lotta fun and I'm glad I got bored of hypixel and decided to come back and test my building skills.

There are alot more great experiences to come! Hope to share em with all of you!


Bird Enthusiast
Mar 2, 2019
Being tricked by Gravebound that I had done something wrong. When I spoke to oppose, my name was green. This was 2 weeks after completing hardcore, and to say I was ecstatic is an understatement.

Another amazing moment was getting Blazeville published. I had looked through the board applications and noticed how many maps didn’t pass, and I was worried Blazeville would meet the same fate. I’m so glad it passed, rather easily, even.

Completing my first red map (not counting MYTH), CodSimulator20XX, felt so amazing. I saw the “Big_Big_So_Big completed CodSimulator20XX!” In chat, and it made me feel so proud of myself.

I hope I’ll be able to make more memories on this amazing server. I am still yet to complete a black map, and I’m sure I’ll be super excited once I do.


It's all good
Apr 10, 2016
Meeting amazing friends, IRL minr meetups, beating RSR, dying on the cobalt transition in IR, beating HC (a longgggggg time ago), and meeting new players as they join the community! Can't believe it's been 9 years, absolutely crazy! Excited for all the future memories to come. Love you guys <3


Flower Queen ⛅️
Nov 8, 2018
I would have to say beating hardcore after being stuck on corrupt for months was pretty great. Having my first map I made with Red published was also pretty great. Also, meeting DJ and being his friend and now his girlfriend is pretty amazing <3
Also all the friends I have made on this server, thankful for all the friendships I have made c:


May 13, 2015
- Playing through HC (Viemort and Sra hold a special place in my heart because they were such an excellent time in there)
- Playing through 154, Outpost, and Breaking Free 2 (154 was quite a few years ago so I got bamboozled by nearly every section)
- Participating in the Ninja Warrior events, especially the one that I clutched a win in
- Glod Tower
- Finishing Grid Hopper with the great help of Spol and Yeroc, and winning Mazecomp with it (thanks to you again, rman, for putting the entire competition on hold just for me)

- Completing the Chronological Map List no
- Finally getting to participate in a Purple Coin event after missing all 3 past years involuntarily


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
1) When checkpoints were first being tested
2) Building my first map and it being included in the maps to get build rights
3) learning redstone from Soarer
4) watching the server evolve from a survival server with a map system to filter out the griefers to what it is now


Nov 5, 2013
  1. Doing Soarer's Door Maze in HC with thefattestpig only to find out where the exit is after she logs off. Then, beating Jiga's in under a minute somehow.
  2. The first few editions of TAR. Extremely fun and probably won't be matched by any other TAR any time soon tbh.
  3. TGR Cup (not sure that was the name) - lots of fun and interaction with others that I just don't see in events anymore.
  4. The day Serene was released after months of work, and then the day Inaros was released. Positive reactions all around.
  5. My promotion to op. I was told to get on by rick and I waited for a bit then for some reason went afk. When I got back, I noticed Aj had logged on and said hello, waited for me to come back for a bit, and then decide to just promote me while I'm afk. I came back to a yellow name, lol.
  6. All of my building experiences with Mr_Destructo69 and magicdem0n11, even though most of the stuff we built never got published. It was extremely fun and I really miss them.
  7. Building maps while annoying ricky and sky for worldedit because I was a lazy ass who couldn't place three blocks by himself.
  8. Long talks with Grave and collaborating on Inaros and TBK.
  9. Collaborating with Spol for a lot of maps, including TBK. I might have been a bit of an asshole during that time, I am sorry.
  10. Building a stage in Outpost with henni, only to keep deciding to add another stage until eventually we said "fuck it this is the last stage and that's that".


New Fish
Mar 25, 2020
Finally finding out what the sign said on the floating hardcore in the previous spawn of minr (even though it just said checkpoint) and beating Spectrum.

Oh yeah- and completing my first co-op map, then doing soul link challenges with someone else. Sadly, they don't come online anymore (I think.
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shut up and drive drive drive drive drive drive
Jul 15, 2022
It's been a year! (And i guess i'll put something in this thread as it's been inactive since before i joined)
- Beating CMC in hardcore
- Getting greened
- Playing co-op maps with oGarfield
- Getting my first map (
Nocturne) on board!!


Prima Luce
Sep 5, 2021
- Beating Hardcore
- Getting greened
- Beating Odyssey after dying repeatedly for awhile.
- Beating GBA, B16, and COM