Wormhole Glitches


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Sep 28, 2021
I just recently started playing Wormhole, and I've never played it before, so I'm not 100% sure how the map is meant to be played, but I'm pretty sure there are some errors.

1. On my first playthrough, after reaching the end of the first checkpoint and entering the nether portal, I was teleported into a random place in the nether, a room about 4 blocks wide, and when I went back into the portal to go back, I teleported to the border of what I presume is the Theta world. I thought this might just be me, but after looking at the forums, it seems as though Moosebane2 also had the same glitch. This doesn't always happen though and seems to happen at random.

2. During the first checkpoint, there are lots of mushrooms, and touching them results in the text, "Shoot, I ran into some of the mushrooms", and I assume that something is meant to happen as a result, but nothing happens. This might not be an error, but just mentioning it.

3. In the second checkpoint, after killing the mobs, there is a Nether star on the wall, which I assume you are meant to right-click on, and collect or something, but nothing seems to work. I went and did all of the dialogue with all of the mobs multiple times, but it doesn't seem to work. Again, I've never completed the map so I'm not sure what the intended route is so it is possible I missed something and there is no error here.

I hope this helps to improve other people's experience on the server.
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Aug 29, 2015
Firstly, thank you for posting this! There are a lot of bugs that got left behind over time (and I really ought to do a rewrite of a lot of the scripts). Luckily (for me at least), these are all known issues. I'm sorry if they caused any trouble, I really just haven't gotten around to fixing them :')
I'll do a brief explanation and will hopefully get these fixed soon, time willing.

1.) The teleport script is in the portal, but the portal is also still a vanilla nether portal. So, it's possible that, with unlucky positioning, connection issues, or server lag, the teleport script will not activate, but the vanilla portal will, teleporting you into the nether instead of the next area. If I remember correctly, the room in the nether was constructed to stop players from escaping if/when this happened. To fix this I just need to extend the script to be a little in front of the portal, rather than in the portal blocks.

2.) This is not an error, just a slightly obscure way of telling the player "this has changed your fate" for the ending you get. Unfortunately I'm relatively certain the endings don't work correctly anyway right now (oops!) but nothing else is supposed to happen there.

3.) The nether star is positioned as the head of an invisible armor stand. The script is on the armor stand, and works as intended. However, due to hitboxes and a slight miscalculation, clicking where the nether star is doesn't necessarily click the armor stand. Instead, you have to click slightly below it. This has been an inconvenience for several people so far, sorry if it prevented you from progressing! I will replace the armor stand with an invisible item frame if I can get it positioned correctly; as a work-around in the meantime, just click lower (or stand on the star and click down).