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Suggestion Yearly Challenge Assortments

Discussion in 'The Helpdesk' started by The_Fire_Ghoul, May 12, 2019.

  1. The_Fire_Ghoul

    The_Fire_Ghoul Minr Wiki Writer Greenie

    When I first made my "Minr Map Dating" thread (which I retitled to "Complete Chronological Map List"), I didn't think getting estimates would be hard if I simply asked the right people. I was wrong, so I began to dig on my own, not knowing what I was getting myself into. At first it seemed hopeless to me because there were no easy resources with lots of map dates. But I got help from the right people, namely AJ, who was generous enough to grant me access to some very useful resources. Then there was Piece, who had just happened to have kept track of all his map releases throughout the years, which still amazes me. Thank you both once again for helping me immensely.
    But there was still a ton of digging I needed to do. It took a long, long time, but after ~100 hours of exhausting every single possible place that I know of could have had clues over and organizing tons of data, I got enough info to make solid estimates for nearly all of the maps I could be confident on. I'm glad I stuck with this and followed through, and am also glad to hear the chronological list has already been a big help to the staff.

    Now I'd like to ask to have the original request I made back in January fulfilled, now that I've gone and done the task myself of compiling a chronological list of every map. I thought the 2017 Assortment challenge was really neat, so I think one for every year would be great for continuity. Regarding my list, the order of the maps is definitely inaccurate, but the time periods I know aren't.

    Here is the complete chronological list, for reference on the order.

    I've went ahead and totaled up what the rewards ought to be (total FFA points + 50%, rounded to to a multiple of 25 for large numbers)

    2010 Assortment
    Total FFA Points: 12
    Suggested Reward: 20

    2011 Assortment
    Total FFA Points: 101
    Suggested Reward: 150

    2012 Assortment
    Total FFA Points: ~396
    Suggested Reward: 600

    2013 Assortment
    Total FFA Points: ~415
    Suggested Reward: 625

    2014 Assortment
    Total FFA Points: 103
    Suggested Reward: 150

    2015 Assortment
    Total FFA Points: 186
    Suggested Reward: 300

    2016 Assortment
    Total FFA Points: 199
    Suggested Reward: 300

    2018 Assortment
    Total FFA Points: ~211
    Suggested Reward: 325
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  2. The_Fire_Ghoul

    The_Fire_Ghoul Minr Wiki Writer Greenie

    Thank you @rebplane !

    To those of you who will take these challenges on, have fun watching Minecraft and Minr evolve! Just keep in mind that some creators went back and updated their maps aesthetically, notable examples being Chillers’ Door Maze and Four Seasons. I went by the maps’ original publish time period unless the map had a complete overhaul, like with ANHUR and Pandemonium, so breaks like that will be seen occasionally.

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