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Zero Railway


Occupation: Farmer
Oct 26, 2015
I'm planning for a railway in the Nether which would make Zero easier to transit. Placing portals 1000 blocks apart would make every spot in Zero be within 500 blocks of one, but would require about 500 portals, plus 150,000 rails in the Nether. Obviously this would require a whole lot of teamwork, and also placing of the rails via WorldEdit.

The best I've come up with for a rail system is a circular design which would require travel on one or two tracks from X, depending on destination. The system could be designed as a dual rail line for travel in both directions, linking all portals in Zero with each other, but requiring as many as three transfers.

The only issue I've come across thus far is that the player would have to pay attention to jump off at the right spot and retrieve their cart manually, otherwise the number of portals passed (and rail switches clicked) to get to a distant location on some rail lines would number in the dozens.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



Tinkering boomer
Oct 26, 2013
- If i remember correctly the bottom 10-15 layers of the Nether are reserved / protected for the old railway system.
It might be a good idea to reuse that region to prevent damaging existing builds when building the new subway tracks.

- It reminds me that i've build a railway grid concept where each intersection calculates the shortest way to your destination (E, W, N of S).
At the stations, you just need to program a button for each destination that will add the destination coords to a player variable.
But as it uses scriptblocks, it might not be vanilla enough for zero anymore :?



minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
As c stated, the bottom layers of the nether are reserved for a netherail. The system still functions, and has been in continued construction (mostly just making the rail tunnels look better), however the use of warps made it's growth very difficult. If you would like to take over the work on it, I'd be happy to show you what I've done and how things work and render assistance where/when I am able.

One thing to keep in mind with it as well, is that the nether portals will always choose to link up with existing portals rather than creating their own. The best way to force them to work properly is to build the overworld frame, then build and activate the portal from the nether side.