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Escape into Zero using Recursion

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May 29, 2020
(I found this a few weeks ago, but I came back to speedrunning recursion recently so I thought I would post about this). The problem is that the end prompt entry which is meant to teleport you to the end sign room only sets your co-ordinates but keeps you in the world you are currently in. Since recursion is built in Theta, by joining a map built in Zero with the final prompt active, and then typing in the answer, you get teleported to the co-ordinates of the end sign room but in Zero instead of Theta. Normally this wouldn't be a problem since a player in adventure mode would die of fall damage, but the co-ordinates of the end sign are above an ocean, so you fall to the ground without taking any damage. This effectively allows any player to be able to explore Zero freely, which is probably bad and should be fixed. This can be fixed easy by adding "Theta" to the teleport command, so you stay in theta regardless of where you teleport from.


Actually not that lucky
Sep 28, 2014
What worries me even more at the moment is whether Recursion is not the only map where this problem can be used to explore Zero freely. I'm gonna have a look myself tomorrow.


Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
We've been patching that type of bug for ages, only new maps should have such vulnerablilties.


A Very Blobby Blob, That Happens To Be Called Bob.
Feb 1, 2014
Okay so I found this similar principle can happen in breaking free 2. If at the end of the map you flip the lever but then click the redstone torch and finish the map, you get teleported to spawn but then the script from flipping the lever will still trigger and you'll get teleported around a bunch but still end up in theta. This probably also needs patching.


off the rails!!
Jul 26, 2019
Just wanted to add on that, though the teleport now sends people to theta coordinates, joining a map like bzv2 sends to you theta nether and allows you to escape into theta nether above bedrock.
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The Anti-Navigationalist
Oct 29, 2017
Fixed Recursion - the script should only run now if the player is in Theta. Same with bf2 - the script now won't let you skip the cutscene if it's currently activated. Patched, hopefully.
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