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Every Minr Map


CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015
Moderator Edit - This has been replace with a spreadsheet here!

Below is a list of every Map that Zero.Minr.Org has to offer. I plan to be constantly updating this when needed.
I have given a short description for every map here.
Please only rate these post, Try not to reply.

FFA Maps:
Pure Parkour:

Old Level 2 (By: Scionozion):
Take a journey through a giant piece of TNT and explore what it was like in the days before sprint.
Dusty Dunes (By: Zombiekiler1001):
Parkour into the dust and sand of the old west, and avenge your old horse!
Kave Quest (By: CreepaShadowz):
Jump into a and try to find El Creepo in the kave.
(By: Zatharel):
Climb up a building and get to the heart at the end.
Mine Tech
(By: Minty1111):
Go into a long adventure to your interview at Mine Tech. Be careful, Ice caves and traffic lie ahead.
Wool Town
(By: Zatharel):
Journ into a town made entirely of wool to get back home.
The Royal Theft (By: Crazan21):
Become a thief in a broken down kingdom and jump to the castle!
New Year's Eve (By: Minr):
Countdown to the new year and jump to see the fireworks.
Sky Parkour
(By: RomanTheEvil):
Jump through the sky in a floating castle.
Doodle Jump
(By: Causland):
Rocket through the air from platform to platform.
Winter Fun
(By: 1900JPinnoy):
Jump in a winter wonderland and make it to the end.
(By: Pinnoy & Piece)
Parkour through a village of mushrooms, try not to fall!
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CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015
Space Mission (By: Eagg2112)
Find out what is mining out planets and prepare for your mission to space.
Mob Parkour 2.0
(By: IanAnth66)
Jump to and from giant mobs, inside and out of them.
(By: Kaddekes):
Go up an icey path and confront a giant demon.
Barn Mania
(By: Spontida10):
Jump high! In a barn with stables and lots of hay.
Dropping 2
(By: JkJkelly1):
Drop into a map with trees, planets, and cities alike.
Rubix Cube
(By: JkJkelly1):
Climb ladders around an intense real life puzzle game.
Metal Harbor
(By: Inexplicit):
Parkour around a harbor to get to a rocket!
Tetris Parkour
Climb up an old arcade game to reach the top.
(By: Caus & Datacat):
Swing from vine to vine in a jungle!
(By: Ajdaneau):
Jump through the rubble of the old Mineco Building.
(By: Zatharel):
Parkour through an old castle overtaken by water.
(By: Reb & Agw):
Jump on the big balls and escape this hellish gameshow recreation.
Giant Minecraft
(By: lilritchie):
Climb up a witch and through a sheep in this massive minecraft world.
Vil Bo (By: Henniboy321):
Parkour through a village unlike any other.
The Wheel
(By: 1900JPinnoy):
Go through the flooded remains of a carnival.
(By: Ian & Benji):
Play as a piece of a board game in the recreation of the game Candyland.
Snow Fort
(By: Itay51998):
Jump in a multi-roomed fort of snow.
JP's Pyramids
(By: 1900JPinnoy):
Parkour into a desert and go into the pyramid.
The Bad Ending
(By: Kampfsoke2000):
Parkour in a hellish version of the airship.
Wool Endless
(By: Morgan_Ladimore):
Jump from wool to wool in this seemingly endless parkour.
Four Seasons
(By: Pottermon)
Go through the four main seasons of the year in one sitting.
Mesa Canyon
(By: Lomour):
Parkour in a canyon of red sand and leafless trees.
(By: Ian, Ben, Piece):
Save a town from the notorius purple and save the day!
Xmas Parkour
(By: Kampfsoke2000):
It's Christmas! Go through the town jump by jump.
Rock Sport
(By: MrSnerp):
Rock climb up intense hills before making a dive.
(By: Ricky & Sky):
Eat Chicken and Climb up to the top of a sky scraper.
(By: DanSant):
Parkour in a town made of wood, and jump from house to house.
The Portal (By: DistinctMadness):
Jump in an intense parkour that you happen to wake up in.
(By: Zatharel)
Parkour in litteral hell in this extreme map.
Monkey Trumpets (By: PacksOfPages):
In this arcade like jumpcourse, get multiple points and win!
In this remix of the original, jump in a multi-level map in what seems to be a volcano


CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015
Mixed Parkour:
My First Survival (By: Mr_Destructo69):
Go through what Mr_D's first survival was like.
Minco (By: void42):
In this classic map, climb up the Mineco building.
Lava Parkour (By: Drahmee):
Pick the right path while jump from a lava-flooded town.
Albatross Park (By: PacksOfPages):
Jump through a maze then into the sky like a bird.
Monster Mash (By: Minr)
Go through a Halloween-like map made by Minr.
Pharaoh's Tomb (By:Ajarmstrong):
Jump then run through a maze to get to the tomb.
Wooly Creeper (By: Pieceofcheese):
Go inside a creeper and see what it has.
Pirate Cave (By: Spontida10):
Jump and steal the pirate's treasure in a cave.
Winter Tide (By: Corygolfanatic):
Parkour on snowflakes, and go inside a snowman in this winter themed map.
Jko-op (By: JkJkelly1):
Play with a friend and figure out the secrets of this co-op map.
Frosty City (By: Piece & Eagg):
Jump around a city in the winter time.
Fusion Parkour (By: Piece & Eagg):
Parkour through mixed biomes and strange terrain.
Prison Brea(By: JkJkelly1):
Break out of a dangerous prison.
Gideon's Place (By: PacksOfPages):
Guess your way through a confusing parkour to the end.
Demonic(By: Packs & Kenad):
Go through a water maze to get to some demonic parkour.
HumongousFungus (By: Halex44):
Jump inside of a mushroom that is fairly big in size.
Collaborative (By: Neo3dc):
Parkour in a map created by many people across the MINR community.
Shunned Keep (By: Silver8888):
Jump up a tower to get to the maze at the top.
Queen's Nest(By: Larsdepaauw1):
Go through a town infested with the queen's blocks.
Asylum (By: Neo3dc):
Go through a horror-like maze in the Asylum.
Hel (By: Zatharel):
Jump around in a map based off of mythology.
The Descent (By: MT_hairy_Hindu)
Go down through mazes and parkour.
The Management (By: JkJkelly1)
Jump and run through a map filled with traps.
Park School (By: Causland):
Escape the school by doing parkour!
Danger Zone (By: Eagg1221)
In this dangerous map, jump through traps and get out.
Mario Parkour (By: Nuffie & Joe):
Parkour through a map that is inspired by the hit Nintendo game Mario.
Creeper Temple (By: Awesomedavis121):
Find your way out of the temple.
Traffic (By: SebBlocked):
Jump over cars on an insane road.
Sky Castle (By: KingDragon123):
Find your way to the vault of the castle in the sky.


CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015
Wretched Earth(By: Halex44):
Parkour out of earth and into the end!
Hell2Heaven (By: NettesWeib2011):
Jump in a map where up is down and down is up.
Prismarine Green (By: PieceOfCheese):
Find your way through underwater parkour and invisible mazes.
Skylands (By: Mathwiz592):
Get the grandmas in a floating island parkour.
Night Light (By: PieceOfCheese):
Light Up the Night and Jump across the sky of a dark city.
Minion Rush (By: Magicdem0m11):
Get to the top of a giant minion!
Pixel Parkour (By: Chadcoakley):
Parkour across ladders on pixel art and go through a pokeball maze.
End of World (By: Kaddekes):
Get to the top of a kingdom in the end.
Atari (By: PieceOfCheese):
Play through different classic games of the Atari System.
Chess Game (By: Mathwiz592):
Choose carefully where you go as you jump from piece to piece.
ShinyRedApples (By: Red_Eyed_Cat)
Take leaps from apple to apple and watch out for worms!
Tower Parkour (By: LTgre):
Choose which way is right in a pick of 3 other towers.
Planets (By: 1900JPinnoy):
Starting at earth, jump to the planets, including the sun.
CodSimulatorXXX(By: SleeknFoxy)
Find your Call of Duty copy in the layers of Scubl0rd.
Trek (By: Rman & Mario):
Ajourn to the nether to find the precious nether rack.
Cake Quake (By: IanAnth & Neo):
Go through the deadliest cake there is.
Memories (By: Piece & Ian):
Go through time in one of MINRS most extensive maps.
Pure Maze:
Leaf Maze(By: Nuffie1000):
In this simple maze, go up into the leaves.
Fire & Ice(By: Scooter388)
Walk through this hot and cold maze.
Zara's Dark Maze(By: Zaraza107):
Go down layer by layer in the dark.
Original Level 1(By: Scion & C_dric)
Try out one of MINR's first maze.
The Gallery(By: Zatharel):
Leap through the paintings of this art gallery to find the end.
The Test(By: 1900JPinnoy):
Learn how people react in mazes.
Village(By: Zatharel):
Go through a skeleton infested village and get out!
3D Maze(By: Scudz):
Find your way through an intense maze that goes both up and down.
Storm(By: Zatharel):
Go through this beautiful purple maze.
Slowpoke Maze(By: JkJkelly):
It doesnt matter how fast you are, this maze WILL slow you down.
Spectrum(By: PieceOfCheese):
Find your way up a very unique maze, and cool maze.
Quick Time(By: CreepaShadowz):
With limited time, you must make your way through all mazes.
Day & Night(By: Megamonkey69696):
Enter the door maze in which you won't know what time you can get out.
Mr.D's Maze(By: Mr_Destructo69):
Go up an insane maze made by Mr.D.
Tower Prowl(By: PieceOfCheese):
In this maze, find the way out of the many towers that stand.
Pearl(By: Zombiekiler1001):
Throw the ender pearls through each level of this maze.
Satyrs(By: Kadekkes):
Discover the path through this icey maze.


CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015
Mixed Mazes
Halls of Infinity(By: Zatharel):
These halls seem to repeat themselves a lot.
Joe's Lab(By: Joeincoolland):
Find the way through the lab.
Rise(By Zatharel & AwkwardHamster)
(Will Return)
Deranged(By: Johnschoonover):
Find a way out of this unorthadox brick maze.
Simon's Funhouse(By: Simonr02):
In this clown like maze, find the way out of the funhouse!
Kmaze(By: Kampfsoke2000):
It's Kamp's maze, can you get out?
Wool Warriors(By: Bobochicken):
Get out of the wool maze then scale the parkour.
The Story(By: Magic & Zath):
In the library holds mazes, go through them in the story.
Pistomatic 2.0(By: Eagg2112):
Find the exact path in a piston maze.
The Face(By: Packs & Kenad):
Don't get too trolled when you enter this maze.
Xrm's Labyrinth(By: Xrm4):
Find the way to the end of the labyrinth.
Soar's Door Maze(By: Soarer):
Weave in and out of the iron doors in a maze you wont forget.
Holes(By: Bstrey):
Find which hole leads to the right ending.
Pandemonium(By: Zatharel):
In this crazy map, find which teleporter leads the right way.
The Nether Lab(By: Corygolfanitic):
Find a way out of the nether maze.
Freezerburn(By: PieceOfCheese):
From cold to hot this maze will keep you guessing which way to go.
Distortion(By: Ajdj123321):
This maze is sure to keep you confused and distorted.


CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015
Pure Puzzle:
Tulip Among(By: Zatharel):
In this simple puzzle, the tulip is among the grass.
Paradox(By: Soarer & Jonall):
Don't get too confused in this paradoxical map.
Divergence(By: Zatharel)
Keep track of things in this strange map.
Departure(By: Zath & Freak)
Are you going to leave? You better in this unique map.
DPTB(By: Zombiekiler1001)
(Currently out of order)
Brother Therapy(By: AgwR0CKS):
In this co-op map, work with a friend to solve the puzzle.
Detention(By: PieceOfCheese):
Get out of detention!
NIghtmare Button(By: PacksofPages):
This is the sequel to the original map "Button Button".
Button Button(By: PacksofPages):
Find the correct buttons to press in order to win!
Meanie Greenie(By: PacksofPages)
A map in which is green and mean :D.
Trapapalooza(By: Pax, Ken, Aj):
Get out of the puzzle that is riddled with endless traps.
Tosion(By: PacksofPages):
Solve this maze and get out of Torsion.
Vares Sert(By: Srentiln)
In this extensive puzzle, prepare to get confused, and angry.
Mixed Puzzle:
Kraze Vil(By: Henniboy321):
Get through this confusing at times and fun puzzle.
Elusion(By: Scionozion)
A very interesting puzzle with very interesting solutions.
Emerald of Time(By: Zath & Friends):
Another Zath map, this time a puzzle about an emerald!
Eternity(By: Zatharel)
An interesting puzzle!
Lapiz Plaza(By: Ricky & Skyerzz)
Climb up the seemingly endless tower and then to parkour.
Teddy's Xmas(By: Packs & Kenad):
Save Christmas by getting the broken toy out of Santa's bag!
Detention 2(By: PacksofPages)
Get out of detention!!! (Again!) This time it is more hard.
Mint's Trials(By: Minty1111)
Go through the 20 trials that minty has laid out.


CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015
FFA+ Maps:


FunkyTown (By: PacksofPages):
Take a ride through the funkiest town and see what is causing the Buzz.
Breaking Free(By: Minty1111):
Break out of an old prison.
UNDO(By: Ajdj123321):
Jump to fix the server that has gotten messed up.
Hell Parkour(By: Soarer & KerrodPage)
Jump across an old map in a really devilish setting.
Treedom(By: Oceanpeace15):
Climb the giant tree and get to the top!
The Great Races I and II(By: PacksofPages):
Race a buddy through these classic maps.
The Great Race III(1900JPinnoy):
In this redux of the TGR series, race a friend through new places and unique settings.
The World Tour's(By: Ian & Piece):
Tour the world through all the different biomes!
Biome Pakour(By: Chad, LT, det75):
Jump around in some of the different biomes.
Mob Parkour(By: Drahmee & Scion):
Parkour through a dark city filled with mobs and make sure to choose carefully.
Construction(By: MrSnerp)
Parkour up a tower that is currently under construction.
Chaos(By: Kaddekes):
Take a leap then up an insane parkour/maze web.
Aqueous(By: Yeroc242)
Jump around a watery hell, and make sure not to fall in!
MYTH(By: PieceOfCheese):
Explore the ruins of an underground temple.
Big Egyptian(By: Packs, Aj, & Ken):
Parkour in the giant egyptian pyramid, but watch out for pillars.
Palmtree Panic(By: Yeroc424):
Jump around what looks like a Sonic Game.


CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015
Chillers' Door Maze(By: Chillers & Kasias):
Pick the right door in this MINR classic.
The Coke Can(By: Skyerzz):
Get through the can of coke, and see what is at the end.
Troll Kingdom(By: Kaddekes):
Find out the correct path in this massive cave/kingdom.
154(By: Kaddekes):
Not everything in this maze is as simple as it seems.
Mirrored(By PieceOfCheese):
Take a walk around a monochrome maze and don't get confused.
Aquarium(By: RomanTheEvil):
Make your way through a true underwater hell.
Telepads(By: Pottermon):
Teleport from place to place, level to level.
Woolly Mammoth(By: Kaddekes):
Walk into this truly massive wool maze, and see a mammoth too!
Snowstorm(By: Ajdj123321)
Get back to your village after being lost in a storm.
Shri Tra Savern(By: Srentiln)
Test your luck in a truly difficult maze that will fit to your choices.

Retro Runners(By: 1900JPinnoy):
Find the path across bowers castle.
Find the path through green hills zone.
Find the way through the pacman maze, then onto parkour!
A map similar to "Button Button," and a cool puzzle.


CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015
Voodoo(By: Corygolfanatic):
A business trip turned wrong, as you cling on to life.
Pocketz Stadium(By: MrP0cketz):
Search the stadium to win this puzzle!
Iron Door(By: Yeroc424):
Meet a random set of puzzles everytime you play this map.
Block Party(Packs, Yeroc & Others)
Escape the Parents and watch the fireworks with your friends!
Project Siera(By: MrSnerp):
Get to the space shuttle before it leaves without you!
Solstice(By: PacksofPages):
Save the princess through a magical dungeon filled with traps.
Congo(By: PacksofPages):
Learn to live after an airplane crash.
Ghidora Manor(By: Minr):
Figure out the clues behind the mysterious manor.
Minecorp(By: PacksofPages):
Explore the Minecorp office and figure out the clues.
Sanitarium(By: PacksofPages):
The story of a lost man with a hazy memory.
Minas Tirith(By: Nickman, Kadd, Donaldini, and Balloo):
Take a journey into a town from a fictional book.
SRA(By: Srentiln):
An adventure will awaite while you journey next to an ancient building.
Doom-ed(By: PacksofPages):
Make you way across 6 levels inspired by the doom series.


CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015

Skytop Labyrinth
(AKA Original Level 1)
(By: C_dric and Scionozion)

Lava Parkour
(By: Drahmee)

Pre-Sprint Mob Parkour
(By: Drahmee, HatterTheMad, Scionozion)

Chillers Door Maze
(By: Chillers & Kasias)

Clay Maze
(By: Jigabot & C_dric):
The last map in every HC.

>Current HardCore Maps
>Current Board Maps
>All Valley Maps

Every month i will update the thread <3

I borrowed some of the Descriptions from FFA+. Also some maps have very vague descriptions because they are hard to expain.

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CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015
Before you complain about how cramped this is, you have to realize that the forums only take a certain amount of charaters per reply. So, it was that, or A LOT of replies :p.


Oct 26, 2013
Before you complain about how cramped this is, you have to realize that the forums only take a certain amount of charaters per reply. So, it was that, or A LOT of replies :p.
@Zombie i'd recommend making a spreadsheet of this and either uploading it to the forum or google drive and linking it :) The date will be more user friendly then.


Nov 5, 2013
@Zombie i'd recommend making a spreadsheet of this and either uploading it to the forum or google drive and linking it :) The date will be more user friendly then.
Or just finish the existing one by adding in the map types. I'm referring to the one on the Ops drive I made a while back. @Ajdj would need to grant access though.


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
first though upon seeing the thread contents:

Taste the rainbow

I'm with chill. If your goal is to provide a public list, either an MS Excel or Google Spreadsheets table would be a better format to use than forum posts.


Nov 5, 2013
Not too keen to make start and end coodinates public :)
Doesn't have to be included then. I only had those fields because I used a template of the old lists. Either way it doesn't have to be that specific sheet, but I thought it would be much easier to copy from that rather than to spend so much time making his own.


CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015
@Chillers @Srentiln @Zatharel I could make one on Exel fairly easily, but what way do you guys want them sorted :p. It could be:
  • Map Type (Maze, Pakour, or Puzzle)
  • Map Difficulty
  • Alphabetically
I'm probably missing a few more types of ways to sort them, but what one is best?


Nov 5, 2013
Not too keen to make start and end coodinates public :)
Actually now that I've looked, the end coordinates aren't even written there. I don't really see a particular reason why the start coords should be hidden.


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
If people know where the end point, there is a higher chance they will think, "well, I'll just use a no-clipper" or something similar. There are also some open-air maps where knowing the end point plus a fly hack would be a tempting combination.

As to sorting, it's really hard to sort the maps since so many of them are not one specific map type. The easiest thing to do (in my opinion) is to follow the sorting of the FFA ship and the FFA+ area. I would go farther and sub-sort the categories by difficulty and then alphabetically.