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Gang Wars: A Mafia Spin-Off (Completed)

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May 13, 2015
... been a long time, huh?

Hello all! Originally I was going to host another version of Mafia, but couldn't make with anything I was happy with. Something I really liked, however, was a different sort of game I came up with which has Mafia-like elements but with a different core premise. That idea has been expounded upon and I've titled it "Gang Wars".

The basic premise is that instead of a large-majority "innocent" group trying to root out a much smaller "traitor" group, there's 4 evenly-divided teams, or "gangs", all trying to eliminate their target gang. As soon as one gang does this, the other 2 remaining groups lose too. It's a game I hope will emphasize strategy more in contrast to Mafia usually emphasizing deception. All of the mechanics and roles of this game can be found on
this document outlining everything.

- Though this isn't Mafia, basic conduct and sportsmanship rules for it still apply here. Be sure to keep in mind everything from the general rules and tips thread barring anything that doesn't apply mechanically to this game.
- Only discuss game-related stuff in groups PM with me in them. This shouldn't be as much a problem as it is in Mafia because most of the talk will happen in each team's group PM on Discord, but make sure to follow this still.
- When players are killed, their actions will still go through for that round.
- In the extremely unlikely event that two rival teams with one remaining player kill eachother at the same time, the game will continue with just the 2 remaining gangs.
- As stated in the document, certain roles will be excluded if certain playercount thresholds are not met and other ones duplicated if other, higher ones are.
- You don't get to choose which gang you'll be in—every player's alignment is assigned randomly.
- Whether or not the phases will last 24 or 48 hours is up to you guys. If you are going to signup for this game, please vote in
this poll for the length you'd prefer.

So, if you'd like to sign up, just say so below. Hope to see you plenty of you battling it out! This will close one week from now and the game will begin shortly afterwards.


1. thepookabear
2. Gravebound
3. ajs626
4. Ninja_Cat_
5. Pieceofcheese87
6. rmanimal
7. Chromonik
8. luckylukecraft
9. Moist_Towelette_
10. Yanny
11. UltraOmiga
12. floris
13. MarvelFamily
14. BTJRedwing
15. picklesthecheeta
16. _Trains_
17. Shpeckly
18. Schylah
19. Zatharel
20. icetoaurn
21. JonBimblesticks
22. Bobtheblob
23. Repacharge
24. rebplane
25. creeperTNTman198
26. CreepaShadowz
27. Big
28. IanAnth66
29. swimmy1212
30. ZCorsaire
31. Dobby728
32. Newcake
33. Pixiface
34. Felidae_
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