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Minecraft 2

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by SIkye, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. SIkye

    SIkye Active Player Greenie

    So the developers of Hypixel is working on a game called Hytale & they have help/backing from Riot Games, the people behind League of Legends. And I have to say, it looks like everything Minecraft could be & more. Maybe the competition will force Mojang to do more things. Because it's ridiculous how it can take Mojang a year or more to make some different trapdoor designs or slab colors when a 14 year old modder can do it for free within a month. Anways to me this looks like Minecraft+ Cube World+ Own ideas. Hella potential.

    What do you guys think?
  2. DumbMutt

    DumbMutt New Fish Greenie

    Hypixel isnt 14, and I think it will be good if you are into that kind of stuff.
  3. SIkye

    SIkye Active Player Greenie

    Huh? I meant a random 14 year old modder can do those things for free but it took Mojang a year+ to do it
  4. Mojang have already made enough money to not do anything, most servers stick to 1.8 still. Whilst this game looks great I don't believe it will have the in depth commands minecraft has. This game looks aesthetically pleasing but I bet there are millions of bugs.
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  5. DumbMutt

    DumbMutt New Fish Greenie

    This game looks familiar. I smell a lawsuit
  6. They've already confirmed that players will have access to the same tools that Hypixel used to develop the game, which immediately outstrips all of vanilla minecraft.
  7. Not sure if i want to buy a game that's part of an organisation that's pay to win.
  8. SIkye

    SIkye Active Player Greenie

    If there is any hint of pay to win in Hytale I'm not gonna even be interested anymore lol
  9. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    Mc’s biggest problem is that it’s based on a quite sloppy architecture. In a way it’s genius, as it did everything it had to do in an effective way, nothing was very future proof. That’s why bedrock for example runs a lot better, it’s not ‘java’s’ fault but the underlying architecture. The devs have spent a lot of time fixing this to an extent (1.13 in particular with ‘infiniting the block data’), and they do a great job on it. Though forge already expanded the block ids *out of necessity* simply because having multiple mods would raise the amount of blocks very quickly. Forge’s approach is more or less a hack however, so MC can’t just go and use that, lest it fall apart in the future.

    So yes, a modder could make a million of blocks while mojang couldn’t, but that was a matter of architecture. For the longest time only one teammember was working on that particular issue (on and off), which may have been a questionable choice, but those things start to happen once you have a live game- you have to juggle ‘fresh content’ with ‘architecture’.

    And that’s why building a new game is easier than continuously maintaining one, it simply doesn’t have technical debt.

    Note that it’s a similar nature as MC- not sure you can make the base game PTW. (You can mostly sell expansion packs / updates, but with free modding I don’t see that happening). If anything they’re likely to make the money simply selling the game, unless they go with some wack subscription model, but I feel that’s improper for this type of game.

    I’m assuming you can singleplayer, and with the mention of community servers you can definitely run a local server- similar to MC. I don’t see a feasible way to implement anything PTW on a locally run world.

    We’ll have to see how much actual content the game has. There’s a lot of mobs and swords and all that stuff, but if that’s it I’m not entirely sure how lasting it will be. As with any game it depends heavily on the team and how they go forward, but from this single trailer I have to say it looks really, really good.
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  10. its the same game as Minecraft, but with better dungeons and enemies, and way more stuff you can do with scripting. I think I saw a top down shooter in there :) looks really fun. As ricky said I don't see how they could make It PTW, the only thing that will be PTW is 99% of the community servers :D
  11. picklesthecheeta

    picklesthecheeta Rarely in a pickle! Greenie

    time for minr to
    e x p a n d
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  12. They could sell addon packs for extra tools etc. I mean this is coming from a company that makes it's money selling ranks, kits etc. The trend of gaming these days leans heavily on making money off of in game products.
  13. SIkye

    SIkye Active Player Greenie

    It would be dumb, but I wouldn't care if they did, because I wouldn't play it for it's official server. I'd play it for the community ones. And they said we have full control over community ran servers, so those items could be disabled on them if they are being honest.
  14. I think its worth pointing out that a lot more goes into updates than just simply added a reskinned block. They have to plan out each update before they start work (whereas a modder would add whatever they feel like), and figure out whether it would fit the theme or even fit in the game at all. Then of course they have to prototype and test it and such. This is also not even more than half of the development kind, the other half is dedicated pretty much entirely to bug fixing (which is symptomatic of the way Minecraft was originally developed). They have to do all of this, while coordinating with their Bedrock counterpart studio in the USA. Bedrock also have more of a headache to deal with, since they need to make sure all of this runs well on not only computers and laptops, but phones, tablets, 3DS's, Switches, etc.

    That being said though I do think it would be good for Mojang to have some direct competition (Terraria doesn't count, and from what I have heard CubeWorld has only two updates - both of which were bugfixes only - since 2012). They won't be destroyed though, too large of an existing playerbase and brand recognition.

    Hypixel hasn't been pay to win since EULA was introduced 5 years ago. They've been compliant with it (unlike some other servers). I highly doubt that they're going to engage in stuff like selling addon packs for extra tools like you described. While they're business practices on the Minecraft server have been less than stellar, they still need to support themselves. They've said in the past that their revenue dropped to a third of what it used to be after EULA, I can see why they're trying to get the money they can. Not only do they have to pay for probably thousands of servers, they also need to pay the salaries for their developers (as well as try can fund this game - I hear it was self-funded at the beginning).

    I don't think they'll take the same approach in Hytale for a number of reasons. First, I don't think it will be free to play and would be pitched similarly to Minecraft (though that's just a guess, based off the other points). Second, with the level of modding capability they're promising, it would be extremely difficult for them to try and sell any in-game features that modders wouldn't instantly recreate and distribute for free. Thirdly, a combination of the fact that they have investors and are not crowdfunding / self-financing, the feeling that this seems to be a passion project from Hypixel and Rezzus, and the considerable potential backlash from their community if they follow the AAA route.

    The general minecraft community seems to have thrown their support behind this, and I myself hope it succeeds (even if I am personally not interested in it when it launches). If it does, it would be a significant step forward for Minecraft developers and the game as a whole, proving that their is potential to expand outside of the game (maybe even for us :p).
  15. SIkye

    SIkye Active Player Greenie

    But with how huge Mojang is, they could do small updates in-between that is just for textures, like the trapdoor redesigns, wood redesigns etc. Other games that are smaller than Mojang and on multiple platforms still do small updates. It's like somebody else said tho (I forget if it was you or or ricky) Mojang doesn't, because they know they don't have to. They don't have to bother with a lot of things in general when they really have no competition in the genre they are. So even if I don't end up liking this, this Hytale, it's a very good thing for the minecraft community in general, because Mojang may try harder if it finally gets competition.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  16. They said during a panel during Minecon this year that there is a lot of overhead when it comes to releasing updates, which is they said why they don't do it more often. Probably because of the cross-continent thing, marketing, etc.
  17. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    That’s for bedrock, java edition is already ‘releasing’ weekly. In that sense they’re doing what you ask for sikye, except that they’re never guaranteeing stability.

    Though it was nice when notch originally developed the game, you’d have random updates (sometimes weekly (secret friday’s :,)) where some small stuff was added. But yeah, I’m not sure what the mentality is.

    I think the reason the textures take so long for example is because they more or less really want to be sure it’s solid for most players. (But it’s been ‘out’ for a while now).

    What I noticed is how different the ocean is compared to other biomes. Notice that underwater there are a plethora of different textures, fish, blocks, shapes, even animations. When this released I would expect them to do similar things to well... caves or other biomes, now that they have an actual texturer on the team and infinite blocks... but instead they go for villages. Maybe we’ll see those things later on, but hytale seemingly does them out of the box. They might not have village raids, but well, I foresee those things only be fun for the first few times and then become a bother.

    I guess there was a minecon vote for what biome to update next, but at this rate we’re 10 years further before they’re all on the same level.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  18. SIkye

    SIkye Active Player Greenie

  19. The amount of people jumping on this saying this will be better than MC, even in it's technical aspects, disappoints me. There have been dozens, and I mean dozens, of games that looked very much like what Hytale promises, with a premise very similar to MC, but fall completely flat on their face when it actually comes out. I say we wait and see what it's actually like and hold off on all the s---ting on Mojang. Let's not forget the No Man's Sky disaster, regardless of how different it is from Hytale. Though there are many exceptions, most massive open-world sandbox games from non-AAA devs don't do well due to the company's limited budget clashing with the enormous scope of what's promised. I don't think we should even begin to expect that this will outdo Minecraft in its technical aspects in any way that we could call it a 'Minecraft 2'. If somehow it does, then great, but a simple look at history and at the people and money behind the game says otherwise.
  20. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    But this game has a tremendous amount of money, and also an existing player base (in some sense), in contrast to most indie developers.

    It is backed by Hypixel, one of the most successful minecraft servers (dunno how much they make but it should be a large amount). Additionally they’re being invested in by Riot Games.

    While there’s definitely a good chance it’ll fall flat, it is much more promising to look at than most other minecraft clones.

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